GOP Blocks Voting Bill Saying It Was 'Written By The Devil' 1

GOP Blocks Voting Bill Saying It Was ‘Written By The Devil’


Republicans in the Senate all voted to block debate on a voting rights bill that had support from every Senate Democrat. GOP Sen. Mike Lee said the bill was 'written in hell by the devil.' MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Sam Stein, Jonathan Lemire, and Cynthia Alksne. 
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    1. @Marc Lewis Au contraire. That was in the 1850’s. You just woke up or something?. Grab a cup of java and check out all the new stuff going down in this 21st century. We got cars now. And airplanes, and telephones without wires and videos from Mars, and, and………………………

    2. Actually the “Devil” pulled a “Trump”. “I don’t know him. I heard he looks like a baby Cheto”

    1. If shady right-wingers get to block the people that vote for the Democrats from ever vote again then the Democrats will not only lose power forever, but our country is over! No longer would there ever be any law to help the middle class or the poor. Every law is 100% designed to help the rich get richer and in every aspect of life! Our country would then be finished!

    2. @Grand Wonder : Everything is always in a state of flux and transition. The numbers tell Republicans quite clearly that without their constant gerrymandering and obstruction they are the ones who will struggle to attain power which explains the voter restriction moves they are undertaking across the country. Look at what a pathetic mob they are today. No policy platform being articulated. Peddling the most ridiculous conspiracy rubbish and supporting an inveterate liar who has been twice impeached, and is the subject of two grand jury’s being seated and over thirty state, federal and civil investigations and law suits. Republicans have no magic cement that can make their preferences or influence endure for long. Sure, McConnell has been packing the benches with judges but that hasn’t done Trump much good. We are a nation of laws and so far the judiciary has held its ground. Revolutions, civil wars, assassinations and the like happen all over the world including here. They are less likely when government is composed of intelligent people working collectively for the common good with respect to the constitution, law and willing to negotiate voter concerns constructively and openly. What we are seeing now is dangerous. I agree, your concerns are legitimate, but I also have confidence that a growing majority of Americans are aware of the threat and will not support what we are seeing from the far right.

    3. @hpqz hpqz, I hope you are right, but I don’t think the Republicans would ever do the right thing and allow a fair election to go on again once they have total power! They are too corrupt to do that and they don’t care about doing what is best for the country. If they care about the country they wouldn’t work exclusively for the rich and try to pass every law they could to hold the middle class and the poor back, and they wouldn’t be a Republican in the first place!

      Judging by the way every single one of them have lied over and over again in our faces, even despite video footages that show they are lying, I don’t see them doing anything that could benefit the majority of the population! The only way we might be able to fight against right-wing fascism once they have taken over our country is if we do what the French did and that is take over the government by force! However, that could only happen if we have a sympathetic military that allows us to do it.

  1. When even Mitchcan barely phone in his lame excuse knowing how dumb it sounds…you just know the GQP is getting desperate.

    1. GQP: “We demand voter ID!”

      Dems: “Okay.”

      GQP: “Wait… wut?”

      Dems: “Sure, every citizen needs an ID to vote. It’s a good idea. We’ll also make sure that every citizen can get a voting ID for FREE.”

      GQP: “But then how are we supposed to stop minorities and poor people voting?! That’s unconstitutional!”

    1. How could he be turtles do not have teeth! He is just flat out lying to try to give more power to his ultra wealthy donors and screw the common man.

    1. Moscow Mitch is the highest of the high in the hypocrisy department and the absolute pinnacle of contradicting double-talk.

    2. How’s the irony? “A solution in search of a problem” is exactly what they’re doing in the states.

    3. @The Truth Hurts You! lol, it’s pretty funny how you comment on everything. You’re so triggered

  2. Wait, so they think an actual piece of legislation is written by a fictional villan? Is the entire GOP living in fantasy land?

    1. Why are republicans always changing and pushing NEW voting laws in multiple States?
      That’s All they do… and Cut Taxes for the rich.

    2. The blatant disregard and neglect for his own “home” State of Kentucky is truly fascinating and an obvious Red-Flag that should sound the alarms in any person of sound mind/judgement?

    3. Apologies, I almost forgot, it’s Kentucky and there he still is and here the Country is still, still stuck with him.

  3. If the Federal government has no role in state’s elections then why did they pass the voter rights act in 65?

    1. Yeah, explain to me how is it that the federal government should have no role in making decisions in regard to election rules when these right-wing hypocrites are running for federal jobs when they run for office within the federal government? Isn’t being a president of the USA or a federal Senator mean that you are working for the federal government as well as getting paid with federal money? It’s those shady right-wingers that try to spin an angle that running for governmental positions within the federal government should be handled by their states, which is ludicrous!

      The federal government of every single country in the entire world make election rules and regulations its duty except in the USA where we have shady right-wingers that try to take that power away from the federal government in order to rig the elections their way by using their states to rig the outcomes of the elections their way! Right-wingers were the ones that invented that idea, nobody else agreed with it!

    2. @Grand Wonder I think you misunderstand. No one said there shouldn’t be a federal government. They just don’t believe federal government should interfere in state elections. And they’re right. That’s what the founding fathers intended for this country. That’s why the country is split up into 50 states, instead of being one state like other countries.

    3. @Eric Staples The founding fathers also believed anyone who wasn’t a landed white shouldn’t “interfere” in elections. Many of the founder’s principles remain true and relevant, but many have not. The world has changed more than they could imagine.

    4. @Eric Staples Eric, what was the old Voting Rights Act/Law of 1965 about then? Seventeen Founders owned people so assuming they were perfect all of the time seem wrong to me.

    5. @Eric Staples I agree, everyone should have a state ID, from birth, so we can be monitored better

    1. @Willy Bones I’m not familiar with things he’s written but I think I can confidently say he’s never done anything he didn’t directly benefit from.

    1. @Richard Taylor Ask the guy that Mike Lee claims wrote the bill – he knows more about Mitch’s future than anyone.

    1. @Kevin Turner Exactly what Republikans are doing at the state level. They will be able to decide what votes count and which votes don’t count. Throw in gerrymandering the Republiklan party is going to determine who gets into office.

    2. @Jeff Zahn You are 100% WRONG! I work every state election in my state and NEITHER party decides on what votes do and do not get counted. Election laws in GA and Texas are NOT as strict as Vermont, California, NY, etc. People need to actually read and understand how election laws work and stop listening to the news media and the party trying to make the rules allowing illegals to vote and not requiring a picture ID

    3. @Jabo Jabo um, if you actually worked elections, you know illegals cant vote
      I HAVE worked in several states as a polling official, if you name is not in the book, you get a provisional vote, which is kept separate

    4. @Jabo Jabo How exactly do “illegals” currently make it through the registration process to vote? Any restrictions based around “solutions in search of a problem” as Mitch puts it are just a bad faith argument.

  4. Where’s that recommendation for a criminal investigation into Elaine that was sent to the DOJ?

    1. Especially knowing his connection to Russian billionaires who saved his state with their business dealings. He is being paid to lead the party to demise.

    2. @Suzan Robinson Also is he not establishing a religion , by basing his decision on a law on a fictional character in religious book called Bible ?
      Barna 2009 Most American Christians Do Not Believe that Satan or the Holy Spirit Exist
      The standard 2015 African religions do not have satan … based on the fact that there is no words in African languages that fits the definition of a devil .

  5. The GOP and Putin both know the practical truth about politics.
    You can’t steal the country’s wealth if you’re not in permanent power.

    1. well said. It’s really simple and sadly, Corporate Dems just can’t believe they are party to that because we’re so nice and compassionate, pteh!

    1. @Shelly JB no one. Let’s rip them all, Democrats and Republican, out of their seats and put a new group in place who will actually work for the people they represent instead of rich people who want to enslave us all.

  6. I would have thought the self confessed “Grim Reaper” of the US Senate would just *LOVE* a bill written by the devil…

    1. To see Mike Lee call HR1 the work of the Devil proves he is a FAKE CHRISTIAN/MORMAN. He is in league with the personification of SATAN on earth, Donald J. Trump.

    1. @The Truth Hurts You! Vote red and have the lowest paying jobs in America! Southern red Republican states has the lowest paying jobs in America. Having the lowest paying jobs in America only benefits Corporate America does absolutely nothing for working class Americans!

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