1. This is a guy running on how he feels and not on coat tails. That’s someone to be respected win or lose. Good luck. Sending positive thoughts your way.

    1. @Steven Lear it’s a test .. if he wins then more re*tRump*licans will jump ship.. if he loses then …

    2. The problem is that the GOP base no longer wants a leader like this Michael Wood who seems willing to actually engage with reality and lead. They want spokespeople who will endorse and give a full throat-ed defense to what ever alternative-facts the GOP base wants to believe.

  2. Haven’t even watched the full video, but from the headline, this is the obvious, no-brainer path to even BEGIN redeeming the party.. Honestly, at this point, the entire party needs to be investigated, charged, replaced, and dipped in holy water to even be redeemed, but this a start.

    1. Dude he isn’t any good either, do you not realize the Republican Party was already really bad BEFORE Trump took over the party? He’s complaining democrats have gone too far to the left so he felt forced to vote for Trump. So he thinks it’s radical to make healthcare a human right, fight climate change and have the wealthy pay their fair share and that literal conspiracy theories and white supremacy is better?

    2. No wait..
      Are you just a played out sucker brainwashed off of democratic corporate beast system fake news?

    3. So..
      Did you watch the DC cops letting lucifers kids into the capital while Trump was still speaking a mile away….

    4. @Some One
      Its because they’re controlled by demons, most people u see, and that’s why can’t ever trust nothing, especially some decent looking arrogant serpent hag

    1. @William Drye … Family values can be shared by various ethnicities. The values of religious freedom can be shared by various ethnicities. Valuing human life over convenience is something that people from various racial backgrounds can do.

    2. All democrats serve the Antichrist, skidmark, tell us about record breaking democratic election fraud

  3. “88 percent support among republicans”. How about trying to win the support of the rest of the country whose help you need to win elections? The base is not enough.

    1. That would mean the other 12% would not sided with Republican whatsoever. That’s a good sign for the Democrats to win overall in general term.

  4. If Michael Wood wins, his opponents will accuse him of having stolen the election and storm his house.

    1. @Sean Breen
      Do you know how many veterans and active and inactive police were involved in the Republicans attack on Congress? As of then, veteran or not means nothing!

    2. @Matt Russillo What does illegals who violated their oath to protect this country have to do with Michael Wood, an honorable veteran, in the hypothetical situation of a mediocre wrestler trying to break down his doors only to be met with live ammunition?
      As for your question, no I don’t have an exact number on how many former Americans (who violated the oath to protect and serve, defend this country from threats both foreign and domestic) stormed the Capitol but two uncles, one a former DC Metro Cop and the other a FBI behavioral analysis agent, unfortunately knew a few of the active duty officers that were assaulted.

    3. @Immortal Asirpa Just like an insurrectionist beating a cop with a thin Blue line flag, or a KKK member burning across to support Christian values.

    4. @Noah T No, they’ll say he was Deep state, Liberal, Lefty Communist. (With ties to a pizza shop down at the local mall)

    1. Oh please tell us how many trump associates were convicted of felonies with more to come. Oh by the way no democrats either under trump and so far biden have been charged much less convicted of any crimes. Republicans are brain dead

    1. Agreed. He’s still pushing Republican fascism. But at least he’s not doing it in the orange traitor’s name. So… it’s a start.

    1. @My Pillow Guy Correct, in most countries liberal means centrist, they believe in a social safety net but still believe in free market capitalism. Liberal does not mean socialist. Liberal does not mean Marxist.

    1. @El Pichichi lmao the vast majority of Democrats aren’t even left. In other secular countries they’d be considered Republicans

    2. @Adam Taylor … I recommend watching the Zonation videos of a black conservative named Alfonzo Rachel.

    3. @Dobbys Boggart White guilt? Nobody else is responsible for your guilty feelings. Religious freedom? There is a reason why church and state are separate. Mothers murdering babies? Fake news.

  5. Happy to see some actual Republicans still out there.

    I used to be one, but the party is too far gone.

    1. @Philoctetes which is why I am unconvinced by this guy’s attempt to “break away from Trumpism”

    2. i used to be a republican. i’m not allowed anymore because i don’t hate gay people, think the rich should pay more taxes, we should get off fossil fuels as quickly as possible, and health care as a business model has failed.

      so now i vote democrat. proudly. the republican party, today, is the party of racists and uneducated morons, by and large.

    3. @Jokeleth KuruEisner Lets be honest, both parties are about power. The Democrats want DC & Puerto Rico to become States. Did you see the news out of Houston today where over 90 people were found trapped in a home. It’s a human smuggling story. Why do you think the national media is ignoring the story.

    4. @AT 1984 I don’t see what’s wrong with statehood for PR and DC. Also, I never said the left can do no wrong. They’re bad, and the right is worse.

  6. My favorite part is when they use the term
    “Aligned with Trump’s values”
    VALUES!!! Trump VALUES!!!

    1. @Howard Mulvihill that pisses me off too.
      Before he was elected he did that terrible stuff… Ruined many hard workers chances of getting a taste of the “good life” by dicking around so long, their boss’s company folds.. scoundrel.

  7. I’ve never seen Republicans literally attack their own Republicans before a midterm before. Democrats are so united in helping Americans right now. Thank you 81 million Americans.

    1. @Dobbys Boggart Yes is the answer you do not want to hear and yeah I hate Yankees too . Trump attacked the Fed Govt and woke the sleeping Giant . See all those illegals coming ? They all are going to be Democrats . See them all smug ? Their buying power of 70% of all goods can boycott any corporation into dust . They are growing every day in numbers and even though I hate it too yea they are united and will be for decades as they will stay in power as the majority population . Thank God they do not rule our GOP States and Cities …for now . And Trump ? Folded like a limp banana .

    2. @Big D They are not ‘Illegals’ they are people, men, women, children.. Babies. But it’s noticeable that your narrative gives them labels like they are objects. They are people.

  8. This is a guy running on how he feels and not on coat tails. That’s someone to be respected win or lose. Good luck. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  9. Well whatever direction do they go I guess they know what they’re doing and I guess they’re doing what is best for them

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