1. Except his situation maybe the result of repeated brain injuries. I have not heard of this being an excuse or issue for others in the GOP. There’s a history of winners in elections based purely on name recognition so he has a real chance.

    2. @Kathy Piazza Except his fundraising is far behind and his poll numbers are trending downward pretty badly. VOTE if you’re in GA nonetheless! But I think he’s going to lose by double digits or nearly double.

    3. Yeah, but the difference is, I’m not sure Herchel even knows what day of the week it is. He probably doesn’t remember the names of his children. That is scary. It should even scare Republican voters.

    4. @Dr. Seuss They should be praising him then! He is an exact representation of the type of Republican that they adore!

  1. Has he ever been evaluated for a TBI? Because he sounds like he has a serious one, or possibly CTE. The GOP doesn’t care what he knows, they care if he can bemanipulated into voting the way they want him to.

  2. You wouldn’t trust this guy with a house plant, but you’re going to vote him into the senate ?
    I question your sanity much more than his !

    1. @SNOOPY SNOOP #1 See the plant died because we sending all our sunlight and rain clouds overseas to China.

      The sun rises in China but we need to get our sun back to America so it can rise for Americans.


    1. Indeed. Not only is it nonsense, he sounds like he just realized our entire earth shares air. I don’t think it’s only head injury. 😕

  3. The GOP is just now getting concerned about this guy?? Being unable to tell the truth must be a prerequsite to being a Republican. BTW, for football players, C.T.E is real !

    1. @Gino Jones your pretty much on target. We didn’t want Biden, but anything was better than the traitor dotard. It was sweet seeing him loose. And it’s sweet seeing him still crying about it and we have a bonus of watching his whole life begin to crumble.

  4. What the Hell does Pro Football have to do with being a member of the United States Senate?
    Look at what happened when Trump was elected as President.

    1. Same thing as what being a pathologically lying, grifting, reality tv host has to do with being given the nuclear codes.

    2. It’s an extremely disturbing statement about how uneducated and simple minded many people are in the US. A vast majority of Trump supporters still think of him as a “successful businessman” despite his multiple bankruptcies.

  5. You mean the guy with secret kids, an extremely annoying publicly known child, and an inability to form complete rational sentences has a chance of losing in GA? Nah…. He’ll definitely win 🤣☠️

  6. If Georgia votes for Herschel Walker, then they definitely deserve whatever they get. That guy took too many hits to the helmet.

  7. As my grandmother used to say “he real dunce you hear” He can’t hold a candle to Raphael Warnock. It’s like night and day. One is articulate the other is a mumbling fool. He’s the best the Republicans have to offer in that part of the country🤦‍♂️

    1. My concern is that GOP voters resent intelligent people. They want to elect people who they would “have a beer with.” Competent, intelligent people anger them.

    2. Agreed. Warnock is a motivating speaker and charismatic. It’s night n day. How could GA be on the fence? I think these ‘polls’ r poop intended to stir us up.

  8. Apparently a person doesn’t need to be smart or educated to serve our Country.
    Makes me angry that it all comes down to money.
    It show how sick our Country truly is. So exhausted by all of it!

  9. I can’t believe we live in a country where this race is anything but a slam-dunk for Warnock. 🤦‍♂️

    1. Trump.has to spread the hate to the Africsn American community as well dear. . Spreading the love!!

  10. How sad is it in our country that this senate race between a man whom is articulate and intelligent , and an utter buffoon, can possibly still be up in the air. WTF?

  11. No,, no need to be alarmed, this guy is just another perfect example of the republican conservative mentalities. He exposes the truth of the republican conservative mentalities like a champion. Endorsed by Donald Trump himself.

    1. @Thou shalt not suffer a fascist to live correcting something when you know what it means is childish and petty grow up and to be fair its used so its probably a word, and certainly a short form of a word. Regardless it conveyed meaning correctly so its fine. If you struggle with new things, maybe the internet isn’t right for you yes that site seems sus

    2. @Thou shalt not suffer a fascist to live “Sus is not, however, at all new. In fact, its close relation suss, a verb used mostly in British English, has been in our dictionaries for decades. This suss, which is typically used with out, means “to figure out,” as in “sussing out whether they’re lying or not,” or “to inspect or investigate so as to gain more knowledge,” as in “sussing out the situation.” That word is based on suspect, and has been in use since at least the 1960s.” -Merriam Webster

  12. Doesn’t understand evolution. Doesn’t know how air works. This is what I have come to expect from the GOP. He makes Dan Quayle look like a Nobel Laureate.

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