GOP Continues Pushing Ukraine Conspiracy Theory | Morning Joe | MSNBC

GOP Continues Pushing Ukraine Conspiracy Theory | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Russia has run a long-standing operation to blame Ukraine for its own 2016 election interference, according to the NYT. Republicans have used similar talking points to defend Trump in impeachment proceedings. Aired on 11/25/19.
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GOP Continues Pushing Ukraine Conspiracy Theory | Morning Joe | MSNBC

77 Comments on "GOP Continues Pushing Ukraine Conspiracy Theory | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Trump is an infection.

  2. These are the folks who deny evolution & global warming. No surprise. What do you do when a large percentage of the electorate denies physical reality?

    • uh…that would be you.
      DT was dukly elected.
      He has never gone outside of his presidential powers.
      He has only done…what he was elected to do.
      And has done a great job in site of the wolves and hyenas.
      All these hoaxes are a part of the attempted coup detat.
      Lurching from outrage about one thing to another.
      Man, can you not SEE you are being played??

    • kristabella222 | November 25, 2019 at 1:51 PM | Reply

      And this is why Trump, who has no real ideology outside of “is it good for me”, chose to run as a Republican. He knew there was a base of people who already believe superstitious nonsense, who are easily conned, so they were perfect for his scam.

    • MSNBC Conspiracy Theory TV…

    • Steph J he was β€œdukly” elected!

    • Tyrone Camilleri | November 25, 2019 at 6:01 PM | Reply

      @chuck kistler … you appeal to Independent voters and rally the electorate to vote. You make sure voter suppression is avoided. Trump can only be defeated in an election. This impeachment will fail.

  3. Trump is cancer. Cancer doesn’t have to make sense.

  4. Trump is so stupid he doesn’t even know what a server is! Don’t need the server, just the harddrives!

    • @Grim Reefer I know what a cloud is. What’s your point?

    • Where are they then?

    • @Verruca Trump only knows what other idiots tell him or he makes the sht up. Trump has no idea what a server is, just a glorified workstation (computer). Unless you talking supercomputer. That is a totally different story. Supercomputers one large RAID. Big Linux lover here! The hll with the GUI, command line is best!

    • @Chris Ward In Trump’s mind!

    • @Grim Reefer He may not know or care what a server is – but he’s figured out that this ‘server’ thing can’t be produced for whatever reason, So he pretends it’s been hidden.

  5. The Republicans have become traitors to our country and our Constitution.

    • @NPC#8675309 14,000 lies and counting, windmills cause cancer, my dad was born in Germany, nobody in my campaign talked to any Russians, etc…. but your Russian president is telling the truth.

  6. Patrick Kennedy | November 25, 2019 at 11:41 AM | Reply

    That’s what the word is means: more LIES from the Liar-in-chief

    • Stefan Ionescu | November 25, 2019 at 6:30 PM | Reply

      @NPC#8675309 known facts and if o didn’t missed one none of them disputed and relevant.
      The claim for corruption related to Biden was the removal of Shokin. But this was done backed up with forsooth police department and most states of EU and not a dolly decision of Biden. It was demanded for a long time as he was corrupt.
      So what evidence do you have? That Daddy’s name Hepburn Hunter into that position? Morally not looking nice but nothing more.

      If you have any evidence for Trump claims found in that article hello Mr out and point me to it or i must assume you have nothing and just hopped to scare me with a long interesting but pointless article

    • How is Biden coping with talks of his investigation in the senate? Is he releasing all of his transcripts with Ukraine? Is he happy to testify to prove his innocence? Or is he going around threatening people?

    • Why 6 hours? Why withhold a billion in aid? Why the sudden change in urgency to get rid of the prosecutor, and why the sudden interest by Biden when his son was directly implicated? Is Biden himself implicated?

  7. SAD, USA Elementary school kids are betting money. On how many lies the President of the United States of America will tell during his speeches. National Disgrace. Lock him up today.

    • Ephesians 6:12 He hasn’t lied? Have you been paying attention? And you keep saying that Trump will win in 2020. Tell your friends and family to say it and get their friends to say it.

    • Ephesians 6:12 | November 25, 2019 at 9:05 PM | Reply

      @DynaMike Yep. You cannot prove that President Trump has lied about anything.

      On the other hand, Obama did. People in his own administration leaked that Obama knew he was lying when he promised us that we could keep our healthcare.

      Intent to deceive is paramount DynaMike. Intent is everything.

      And most of America loves Trump and we will win AGAIN in 2020. Eat your heart out.

    • #magachallenge !!

    • Ephesians 6:12 lol good job buddy.

    • @DynaMike
      There is one man in Washington DC standing in the way of the Globalists in the CIA of turning free Americans into slaves on the International plantation.
      His name is Donald J Trump.
      Here’s a question:
      Where are the 5 wealthiest counties in America? The ones surrounding Washington DC.

  8. I wonder how many trolls are going to claim fake news on this video.

  9. *these people are religious science deniers we can’t expect them not to be idiots*

  10. Jesus Christ The Most High God | November 25, 2019 at 11:44 AM | Reply

    How many Trump πŸ€ πŸ€ Rat’s
    Are in Prison & Going Very Soon

    • And more must go !

    • @chris bale Clapper lied,muellur lied,comey lied,clinton lied but flynn is the one in court,explain that.

    • @nutin butruth lol trumps own republican inspector general and barr led fbi cleared clinton of all criminal wrong doing. Explain that.

    • @chris bale Clinton testified under oath that she did not send or receive any classified e-mails.Comey testified under oath that Clinton did send and receive classified into on a personal server.Someone lied under oath.Clinton did not turn in 33,000 subpeanod e-mails.In fact,she bleach washed them and smashed them with a hammer.These are facts.Flynn misspoke or at best lied one time and is facing jail time.The reason nothing was done was because paul ryan would not start an inquiry.You can watch both comey and clinton on video testifying to what i am saying.My guess is that clinton paid off the right people or has dirt on them.You and i both know that people are rotting in jail for doing much less.I really don’t think any high profile government employees will pay for crimes committed.Case in point;The lead investigator of both “croossfire hurricane” (trump) and “mid-summer exam” (Clinton) text ed to the girl he was screwing behind his wife’s back “hillary should win 100,000,000 to 1 and you think he or the rest of the fbi were not biased towards clinton?

    • @nutin butruth not a single thing you said is based in Reality. Once again. Explain why trumps own people cleared Hillary. It was this year. Ag barr. Cleared hillary of all wrong doing and closed the case forever. Trumps guy.

  11. Hacking isnt an opinion . Facts arent opinions. God these republicans and their special snowflake feels

    • @Ephesians 6:12 you ever notice how when Republicans find a poll that they like, that it is somehow accurate. But all the others they don’t like are ‘fake news’
      If you think that a majority of people think it’s ok for a president to ask a foreign country to help him with his reelection campaign, then you are mistaken. I am referring to just that part of all of it, no one is saying that never happened.
      Then we have the president desperate to make people believe that what he was doing was just going after ‘corruption in ukraine’ even though the only two things he cared about helped him politically. The server this is just rediculous beyond belief to even think that the DNC server from 2016 is in ukraine’.
      The Biden nonsense takes five minutes to figure out Biden made that story up about demanding prosecutor fired in hours before he leaves, as the man was never there during that time. He made up a presidential looking story just like Hillary and being shot at while first lady. Biden carries out the presidents foreign policy and definitely does not control the imf. Uk corruption case that Ukraine prosecution helped to sabotage pre dates Biden. It’s amazing the guy running for president with the least amount of wealth is being attacked while the man with the most wealth is the first president to not release his taxes after promising to to the American people over and over and over. Then again Trump actually got his supporters to believe “lock her up” and he was going to bring the Clinton foundation to Justice. How’d that go? The only foundation that was brought to Justice was the corrupt Trump foundation that was shut down after found to be fraudulent. Lucky for Trump can’t be prosecuting for that fraud while president.
      Anyone that is stupid enough to fall for the lock her up con, the birther con , the build the wall and Mexico paying con, will undoubtedly fall for any conjob that Trump puts out of, like using a phone call where Trump says no quid pro quo on it as evidence that he did nothing wrong, while not telling you the callntook place when Congress found out. U actually believe that it’s normal when asked what do you want to say ‘i want no quid pro quo’. Those words are what u say after u get found out. Trump=long time Democrat, long time hillary and bill donor and supporter, and long time Clinton foundation donor.

    • Time for Crowdstrike to sue Trump, Rudy, Manafort, Kalimnick, and the Federal government for defamation, they are basically saying a computer company involved in computer security is the intelligence arm of a foreign government.

    • @myko freder someone should ask Trump if he even knows what a server is cause my guess is he has no clue.

  12. Apparently, the MAGA hats are all lined with tinfoil.

  13. It really does come crazier than this and if it wasn’t so seriously important, it would be a comedy

  14. Republicans will surely claim this to be β€œfake news” because they are living in a fake universe filled with lies created by fake Trump

  15. Donald Trump: _reality can be whatever I want_

    • Whenever you take Rev Al as some sort of excess, then you’ll fall for anything.
      This network is an abomination.
      All the info is WELL DOCUMENTED.
      Ukraine is involved, no matter WHAT Russia did.

    • @Steph J seems like you already have all the answers. Yet, here you are

    • Sounds a lot like Scientology. No wonder trumps RepubliCons have religious support.
      It’s all a cult.

  16. Conservatives don’t know what “server” means… stupid old basterds.

    • WWG1WGA !!! MAGA ain’t got no color !!!

    • @esj8341 of course Hillary knows about servers !!! Who do you think she had painting her toenails while Bill was smoking cigars with Lewinsky ??

    • @esj8341 don’t believe what you see or hear is your only moves. Did trump not say nyt is fake news yet when it’s something favourable there goes his minions using it as facts what a bunch of morons

    • @thom_svble hey Thom how is Moscow?? I hear it’s cold this time of the year. If Republicans had any worries they could of started enquiries they had both house and Senate. It’s not Democrats that are going to jail. Deny and deflect is a good tactic

  17. If we can’t believe our own security services, we are lost

  18. The Republicans in cahoots with Russia to ruin America.

    • Ephesians 6:12 | November 25, 2019 at 7:25 PM | Reply

      @nutin butruth
      Ya know……..two polls just gave Trump 34% of blacks approve of Trump. I think he got approx 7% in the election. Nice

    • @KB Peters they always knew America’s racial and ignorance problem could be exploited. they just had to wait until the culture deteriorated enough to reach the top levels.

    • @Darrin Myers Go back to FOX and your pretend Universe. Then again, your name is probably Vlad.

  19. The “R” designation Stands for Russian party. Has to be because Republicans at least claimed to be American!

  20. Ladies and Gentlemen The President Of The United States, Vladimir Putin.

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