GOP 'Cruel And Irresponsible' For Letting Unemployment Benefits Lapse | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

GOP ‘Cruel And Irresponsible’ For Letting Unemployment Benefits Lapse | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) joins Ayman Mohyeldin as representatives from both parties attempt to form another COVID relief bill. Coon says while there has been "some progress" there's only a "50-50 chance" of a deal being struck this week. Aired on 08/06/2020.
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GOP 'Cruel And Irresponsible' For Letting Unemployment Benefits Lapse | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. We are going to turn into a third world country because our government totally botched the corona virus response. What could of been a small set back, turned into a 6 month destruction of our country.

    1. @TheBase1aransas
      Haiti? Surely, you mean Puerto Rico and the multi billion aid Trump withheld and then diverted, some into his own pockets.

    2. In the cold war the media separated the world into three categories, the first world was the US and its allies, the second world was the soviets and their allies, and the third world was those countries on neither side. USA cannot be a third world country because it is by definition part of the first world. Third world doesn’t have anything to do with economics or how functional the county is, it was just a way to categorize the different sides in the cold war. even if the USA economy collapsed and was just dirt and rocks it would still be the first world because that is the category referring to the USA an its allies. By definition can never be the third world since that refers to countries besides the USA and its allies and besides the soviet union and their allies.

    3. @Cscript
      The meaning of words often changes over time. The principal definition of ‘third world’ TODAY is:
      “The underdeveloped nations of the world, especially those with widespread poverty”.
      see – –

    4. @Marc F. Nielssen i get that, it just doesn’t make any sense, what does three or third have to do with economics or development. It changed because people incorrectly used it and now it has that meaning but it make zero sense when u think about it. “third world” what does that have to do with development. How does the number three or being in third relate to economic or poverty?

  2. Sorry but they’ve had 12 weeks to negotiate this. It’s just blatant negligence of their oaths of office.

    1. Keith Johnson Shelby 500GT, Trump has been fact checked on over 20,000 lies, again you seem to keep digging a deeper hole.

    2. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 that is your opinion and you are entitled to it but there is no comparing trump to Obama.

    3. John Edward, Mnuchin made his money on foreclosures, don’t care? They’re relishing the prospect.

    4. The House had passed the bill. McConnell’s job was to carry it into the Senate to be passed there. But he refused to do it. When he finally felt it was late enough for people to be in real distress, he passed it on to the GOP senate which, instead of just passing the bill as fast as possible, began trying to use their own delay, and resulting distress for the people, as a blackmail lever, so the Democrats would accept a milk-and-water version with lots of perks for individual republican’s pet lobby-groups (McConnells’ is the insurance lobby group who want not to have to pay out for medical claims). The GOP is trying to bankrupt some states for wholly political reasons – and only proven themselves bankrupt by any standard of ethics or Christian humanity. A shame for all time.

    5. Diane O’Donovan, the Republicans got most of the benefits for the corporations and Wall Street, through in the first package. The fact they waited until last week to address it, and them left on Thursday for a long weekend without passing a bill as the benefits for working families expired showed their contempt for their constituents. If this doesn’t register with their voters, nothing will.

    1. BatMadd I see the edit in your post. All political groups should be watched. I follow elected officials on I review the bills and see a lot of issues. They give the bills pretty names and people think they understand the bill by its name and two sentences. This is not the case. I recommend you follow your elected officials and leave the childish antics to the biased reporting on both sides. It’s amazing what you can find out.

    2. Chris B Yeah it’s really hard too because 1) not that many people pay attention to politics. I know until I was like 30, I was too impatient to see the details. And 2) the news (this is a whole topic we could go back & forth about forever) only summarizes so much. Depending on where you’re getting info, you might think Biden did something that trump was impeached for. Nasty little details being the difference between a narrative and the actual reality. I don’t know if this divide is getting worse or it always exists but is being exacerbated. And I was just thinking about how I myself am falling into this thing where I blanket call “them” bad. Means the trick I mentioned about getting us to fight one another is totally working. On me anyway. And what I was thinking was in politics, “getting back at enemies” or using levers of govt to attack individuals is a reactionary position. And we need people in govt who want to move forward without being angry about being burned in the past. Term limits would be nice. Right now, it feels for all the world like this crop of republicans (particularly tea party/freedom caucus) are still so upset that Obama was president that it informs everything they do. Like with healthcare.

    3. Chris B Does that makes sense what I’m saying? Instead of there being new, innovative ideas about how to lower healthcare costs and move forward from where we are now, we’re stuck in this cycle of trying to roll things back. And for people who have pre-existing conditions or simply can’t afford a healthcare plan, that notion is not only devastating but makes one constantly on edge without a way out. Dependent on the govt, as people on the right think of it. But there’s no other option for tens of millions of people. Wish I could be more brief in my posts here.

    4. BatMadd I think if we knew each other we would have great conversations. If people keep open minds like that we wouldn’t get played all of the time. Every single thing you posted makes sense regardless if I agree or not. You have reason behind you opinions and that is rare these days.

      When the ACA came out my health care costs went to about 20% the first year and an additional 30% the following year. 50% in two years is nothing to joke about. Keep in mind my company was decreasing coverage so the costs wouldn’t drive employees away.

      BTW it’s not really called Obama Care as it was sitting in a desk drawer for several years. The name was used so people could point fingers and say “You are bad for not supporting this legislation because you don’t like Obama you Ray-Cyst” It was a planned separator for the citizenry. Kind of like abortion and the 2nd. In previous administrations it was an inside joke. Kind of like the first one who says the other guy is going to take your social security away… I rolled my eyes at Trump when he said that.

    5. @Kath Hammett and you need help for your TDS. Yea, Democrats staged a failed impeachment when Trump attempted to reveal Bidens corruption. You parrots are ridiculous

    1. @Susan Farley That’s EXACTLY what they want to do, and half of America is COOL with that….and call themselves patriots. There WILL be a day of reckoning.

    2. @Raymond Tucker Jr it is hard to get someone to admit to something that their income depends upon them not admitting to know.

    3. @Bochaba Don the Con added $2T+ for his tax cut and another $2T in Covid corporate bailouts for his rich donors. The $3T is for workers and their families, safe elections, schools, testing, state government workers. Don the Con must be against it because he can’t find a way to skim something off the top for himself this time.

    4. @Glo Girl I think we would both agree that the current needs of the American people needs to be the ONLY consideration regarding a new “stimulus” package.

      As for exempting businesses from COVID liabilities: Imagine that you have a painful tooth ache. You need NEED your dentist to fix it; however, the dentist is afraid of getting sued by the his dental assistant, by other staff members, and by you. So, he is not will to get sued and declined to fix your tooth.

      Your statement that the GOP chose to ignore any negotiations is simply untrue. Consider WH press briefing @ 5 minute mark:

    1. Its a fight here in Kentucky these white people are something else here they see him as they friend smh….

    1. gigi schultz trump “made” his money by screwing over local contractors and workers. He’s a conman and you fell for the biggest con of all

    2. @gigi schultz Trump didn’t make his money. His father bankrolled him from the beginning. And even then he has been a failure. Trump has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy for his companies six times.

    3. @gigi schultz You don’t know what you are posting about. He was bankrolled by his father, and even then he took bankruptcy SIX times. This is the man ;you think is a financial genius. You need to read the book his Niece has written about him. It is entitled “Too Much And Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” Then if you still think he is a financial genus, then that is on you.

  3. the republlicans have no problem giving tax brake to the rich for some reason they have a big problem to take care of working class suprise

    1. Everyone pays taxes.. and all the people want is enough of that tax-money back to save their lives. You know in 2019, Trump handed so much of your money to the military that he could give back $100,00 per 3-person household if he’d just waited a couple of years longer before squandering it.

  4. “A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices”
    – George Orwell

    1. And the cult seems to think that because someone once put it in writing it somehow gives them permission.

  5. How does McConnel get away with refusing to do his job. He doesn’t show up, he leaves bills on his desk for months, or sometimes inevitably, he recused himself and just plain doesn’t participate. Vote him out. Worst senator ever.

    1. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500
      They don’t even ask themselves how Biden is the Democrat runner for President .
      He can’t put 2 sentences together !
      Biden > um Vote for me children love rubbing my leg hairs !!
      Or put you back in Chains.
      On and on.

    2. @Mainely
      Cruelety ?
      How about you hold a baby crying until it dies of hunger since Democrats believe in killing babies that went Full Term !
      It’s Evil and Domontic !
      22 Million 500 thousand Black babies died because of Abortion !!

    3. @Tyeler Nowell It’s clear that you are uninformed about at lease some religions. I pray that God will bless you with knowledge and wisdom if you are willing to seek it.

    4. @Darryl Howe There is no such thing as, “raciest”. Hey, I have a question. Why can’t you Trump-tards ever spell correctly?

    1. or you know…………….kentucky do us all a favor and make some turtle soup……………….surely there is at least one intelligent caring person in your state

    2. Unfortunately McConnell is ahead of McGrath by a pretty comfortable margin.
      That’s Kentucky for ya.

  6. So Mitch’s argument is that he needed to see 165,000 Americans die and 20 million go on unemployment to know how big a problem t’rump’s failed response was going to be?

    1. @s True but the House Dems passed their bill 11 weeks ago. Senate repubs could have started working on this a long time ago. But I guess they couldn’t be bothered.

    2. Haven”t we learned by now that Moscow Mitch cares about nobody but himself, and what he wants. He doesn’t care about the Americans that would die, as long as he has the power to do whatever his greedy little heart desires. Maybe this will encourage is constituents to get rid of Moscow Mitch.

    3. @M John Would this be a good time to mention that China Mitch got $56 million from his wife’s relatives as thanks for all the government contracts they’ve given to them over the years. I mean, if I were an “America First” Kentuckian, that won’t sit well with me.

  7. The most stupid mistake in the history of the country is Trump’s 45th appointment as President of America.

    1. Don’t blame Trump for this. He is certainly not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but he did not cause any of this. No other country was able to keep this virus out no matter what different approaches they took. It was inevitable that the virus would enter the country. The American people who refuse to follow simple instructions who continue to put their own lives and the lives around them in danger spreading this virus without any regard or respect for human life are doing far more damage than one man could ever do. The rioters who destroyed businesses (and the jobs for those that worked in them) in multiple different cities adding more unemployed to the already staggering list thanks to their out of control behavior. If you refuse to follow basic instructions and refuse to cooperate don’t then turn around and blame anyone else other than yourselves when things go south.

    2. @diane frady Yea well just try to PROVE IT TO ME if you have the balls and evidence rather than just a lame opinion devoid of facts & evidence – Adam Schiff lost that opinion based impeachment case if you haven’t heard yet!
      Try again Diane use reality and Facts please

    3. @diane frady Law has No Political Party Favorite! American Law is Based on equal Justice for all.
      The Presumption of Innocence.
      Burden of Proof Rests on the Prosecutors.
      Innocent Until Proven Guilty.
      Why did democrats change the definition of the meaning of Witness?
      Why did democrats not allow Trump any Legal Counsel of Representation?
      Why did democrats hold secret closed door hearings & not let the Republicans sit in?
      Why was Adam Schiff with holding exculpatory evidence ?
      Why was the argument democrats put forward against Trump based on Joe Biden being slandered because he was the democrat presidential candidate, when it was in Fact all about his Son Hunter Biden.
      Why is it democrats are so willing to turn their backs on the obvious criminality of Hunter Biden just because his Daddy is going to run for president?
      Just honest questions for you to think about.

  8. Wow … The amount of money that could have been saved by just handling this right in the FIRST PLACE!!!

    1. It all boils down to leaders who have lost all sense of caring for fellow human beings and filled with greed. Many have sold their souls to trump and their consciences are seared as a result.

    2. Trillions upon trillions.
      The GOP donor class are in for a bit of a trimming.
      But as usual , they will still be rich.

    3. That was the plan. Whenever there’s a major problem it takes money to solve. The worst the problem the more money is so call needed. That’s why they’re giving money to those who are not worthy of it and to the people who really needs it. Trust and believe their kickback is going to be handsome.

    4. RavenPoe, how would you have handle this in the first place?? You have no F^^king clue, do you??

  9. McConnell: spite blocking bills meant to improve Americans lives and stealing and wasting our tax dollars in the senate since 1984.

    1. In case you don’t know/have ignored: ”The Trump administration wants the next round of Coronavirus relief to include nearly half a billion dollars so they can redecorate the West Wing of the White House. That is an absurd amount of money and a completely illogical request at a time of need for this country”

    2. Margaret Nicol – yes this is for the benefit of Don the con because his hotel is on the block – so he will have FBI visitors paying to stay at his hotel for top dollar at tax payers expense , to raise the value of his property, so no other hotel can be built there to compete with his hotel – he’s made this part of the “relief” package. Don the con and his enabling cronies grifting as usual at the tax payers expense.

    3. McConnell doesn’t see America. He sees his commercial backers and his political party. They make his “us” and the American people are just “them” to him/. At least one GOP senator said he’d never agree to any bill that gave a cent more pandemic relief to the ordinary people. Really. Whose tax-money they think it is that they’re dealing with, I can’t imagine.

    1. @Julie Frazier The old kings and queens earned their crowns by riding into battle and leading the charge. Now picture Grump on a horse without laughing! Not so much the riding as the trying to get on it. 😀

    2. Yes we will. We always do. And we’re gonna give all the politicians a raise. And more vacation time. Why are they getting paid more then our warriors? I wonder how much Washington made when we started this whole thing

    3. @Onswa Brown You can’t really think that. It’s like sheep following one another and you don’t know why or question where you’re going. It’s scary anarchists like you are out there. You’ll do anything blindly. I think it’s time to grow up kid. I challenge you to learn outside CNN and MSNBC before you’re old enough to vote.

    4. @Rick James5678 um you are a Trump supporter? I take any and everything thing you cultiest people say and think with a grain of salt. You have no talking points or solutions. Just insults, name calling and evil acts of violence. You call me a sheep but you run behind trump and spit his bs. I haven’t quoted anything any Democrat has said. I speak from the soul and Im a people person. I don’t categorize people and dog them. That’s what you just did and will always do because you follow trump. You can’t think for yourself let along induct yourself in an intellectual conversation. So why even bother. November is coming and we the people will save you from yourself soon. The clock is ticking. Oh, we all will have security in the wake of you trump people after the election.

  10. Moscow Mitch, “The guy was sinking in the water and thrashing his hands, but we wanted to see if he was going to drown.”

  11. Trump’s only kid that is young enough to still be in grade school? Even HIS private school is going virtual!!!!!!!!!

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