GOP Election Misinformation Scheme Violates Federal Law: Voting Rights Attorney 1

GOP Election Misinformation Scheme Violates Federal Law: Voting Rights Attorney


Marc Elias, voting rights attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about why Americans can't rely on the courts to defend voting rights against Republican infringement indefinitely, and why he thinks the Arizona election misinformation operation is violating federal law.
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    1. @Borvo Likewise, my delusional friend. Except for you I wouldn’t call it an excercise in futility… it’s more like insanity.

    2. Yeah no accountability right, And by the way it’s both sides I’m neither. May the Lord show you the way.

    3. @Robert Jeffrey You know you need a photo ID to get into the Demoncratic National Committee Meeting. They must be a bunch of racists.

    1. @Milton Bradley I guess you forgot that part where LBJ was AGAINST IT WHOLE HEARTEDLY but then decided to sign it into law because he wanted the black people (he used the N word quite frequently according to at least 4 different biographies I’ve read over my lifetime) to vote Democrat for the next 200 years. It’s quite comical yet again, someone has tried using a point to settle their argument when it only supports mine. LBJ was a racist who wanted voters to elect him. Once the Democrats saw how readily they could manipulate the minority community into their bidding, it was downhill from there. Socialist programs like welfare came about and they pushed hard to take the black man out of his home. They told black and impoverished women that in order to receive assistance, they had to be living alone in the house without a man. I don’t know how old you are but you clearly have only HALF of the facts here and I suggest you go look up some info for yourself in what I’ve said.

    2. @heavyd777 Not suppression. There’s misinformation everywhere. So they worked hard to make sure that misinformation was dealt with.

    3. @Milton Bradley I do know it’s true because….. LBJ freely used the Nword all the time. Everyone knew it. I know there are more than 4 biographies on LBJ & I know the people who wrote them were his close friends or aides who knew him best. I think that’s way more credible than you here right now on a YouTube comment thread trying to, I dunno, outwit me? rflmao Seriously, you all need to get an education.

    4. @Tara Allsopp Dimwit having an education is EXACTLY how I know all of those details I listed. If you contest them, very easy to find out for yourself. And yes, LBJ tossed racial slurs around, maybe even a racist, but that does NOT change the fact that he signed that bill into law. And as I stated in my comment, even though passing equality rights was a good and noble thing to do, there is no denying that it was significantly politically motivated to attract a new voting block of 8-10% for the Dems. You think just because he may have been a racist that alters the reality of what happened? Are you daft?

    5. @Tara Allsopp I dunno which comment you wrote first, but refer to my other one about LBJ can be a racist AND have signed that bill AND have it be politically motivated AND for them all to be true. NOTHING I said was contrary to that. You are hinging on reality being wrong just because the guy who signed it was racist? Every single point I mentioned, happened, I even provided dates and names. You can watch documentaries about Goldwater’s nomination and Nixon’s Southern Strategy. You choose not to, whatever. Ignorance is a choice, you’re free to keep being so if you’re that dang-on proud of it.

    1. @John Ames I’d support that. I think an even stronger tech solution could be to start using modern encryption like SHA-256. It’d be impossible to change a single vote with that level of security (an authentic code for each vote that has a 1 in 2^256 odds of being hacked). For reference, the known universe contains 10^80 atoms.

    2. @Jared Moss Once we vote all these bums out of congress we can create a updated system that makes sense based on current technology.

    3. @LeRoy McDowellIV I’ll take your word for it, never heard that. There are people who do that because they are only interested in the president and may be first time voters but 400,000 seems like a lot to me.

    4. @Nancy Griffin The judges releasing the machines and ballots to these scammers should be charged with a federal crime.

    1. @Mean Bean Comedy I have no problem with using an ID to vote and I don’t think that most people do. What I find suspicious is shortening the voting hours to work day hours. Making it hard to vote by mail which has been going on for decades and Repubs and Dems both have won while that was happening so no need to change it.

    2. @Nancy Griffin how will it be harder to vote in the future? Please explain. And accusing people of having lost a few brain cells because they don’t agree with you is definitely not going to win people to your side.

    3. @Nancy Griffin vote by mail has not been going on for decades. Absentee ballots have been available, but you are required to request the ballot, and you must prove your identity. Mass distribution of unsolicited ballots occurred only in 2020 because of the pandemic. You need to understand the facts before you post.

    4. @Karl Urban Sorry about the brain cell comment. I had to go the dentist and I was in a bad mood. Should never write anything when you’re in a bad mood.
      So, depending on the state, doing away with ballot boxes (1 per county) makes it harder for people with less money (ie – they often have multiple jobs) to find the time to drive to that one box (see Texas).

      Changing the hours that the the polls are open to 9 to 5, when most people work, makes it harder for those in low paying jobs to get time off to vote. I, myself, have worked in jobs where they wouldn’t let you leave to vote.

      Georgia made it illegal to give anyone water while standing in line. Really? During the 2020 election there were people who stood in line for hours and hours. An elderly person may not be able to handle that kind of standing…of any color.

      It has been proposed to do away with Sunday voting, which is historically when many people of color vote after church. To me that is blatantly racist. How is doing away with voting after church going to make the voting process safer?

  1. I would ask do you ever get tired of spreading lies? That would however be a silly question. Every day you push a total lunatic left-wing agenda, seemingly uninterested in doing actual reporting and finding truth. It would be better for you to just call your self a satire or fictional adaptation of news. It’s no longer an agenda, a political difference, an opinion based network. You have slid completely into a full on propaganda arm. You might as well call yourself the MSNBC version of the Babylon Bee.

    1. The Lawfare goons ( Andrew Weisman) and Perkins Coie the eminent Hillary Clinton firm who purchased the Steele Dossier. Yeah let’s listen to these swamprats.

  2. Federal Law states that State Legislatures have the responsibility in establishing how delegates are appointed in a Presidential Election- Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution.

    1. About what? Just calling someone a liar solves nothing. Someone can be misinformed or the person hearing the truth won’t believe it. School me instead of being so disrespectful.


    3. @Savior Money The flags are red, white. With a crooked black cross in the center.
      All being wavied by the brown shirts in adoration for the orange Fuhrer.

    4. @Robert Hylton Yeah you’re definitely a media slave. I remember when people weren’t obedient government sheep.

    1. @Kelly Hill You should read the 14 characteristics of fascism.look it up . It might open your eyes as to what you people are doing.

    2. @B L Did I hurt your feelings by purposely misgendering Rachel Maddow or something? You don’t like what I said, so, I’m a fascist? Dude…… relax.

    3. @Eric Johnson you have to laugh at them…they put the word out on 4chan to dislike mob certain clips. This is the state of their pathetic lives. Check out an English documentary called ”Sleeping with the far right”….you won’t be disappointed…it is so pathetic and sad and funny at the same time. These losers scheme all day on how to troll and spread propaganda….David Duke is pals with this pathetic mother and son duo..embarrassing.

    4. @Eric Johnson If asking people to do as much as they would to buy tobacco, alcohol, or buy spray paint to vote for government representation is white supremacist, Then I only want whites in charge forever, and ever, and ever, and ever…
      Wake up! You’re a useful innocent for people who look at people as cattle to be managed.

    5. @Fletcher Christian If you want anyone to respond, you’re going to have to be coherent… no one understands what you’re trying to say. The EU/UK English “far right” is the USA “left”, so is it about Fascists, communists, and Marxists then? …
      Who is David Dukes mother and son? Who is David Duke?

    1. @Jackson Studer that you literally cannot prove … Fantasy voter fraud… Kinda seems like youre the fraud really.

    2. are you saying the Trumpers are the hunted now? Be specific cause the DEMS are ignoring what they are doing with the Audit and since they do not let both sides view it then there could be foul play and false evidence could be planted the argument goes both ways. Here is a thought it has been 4 weeks….they should have found something by now don’t you think if there was so much fraud as people claim there should be something .

    3. @B L oh i’m very sure if there was ANY suggestion of fraud, it would be blanket coverage on Fox and Republicans would be jumping over themselves to shout it out non more so than Agent Orange

  3. I just watch this to see what crazy crap they are peddling so I can get in the head of the few people left that believe it.

  4. This is the evil man that we all dispise as all Americans, he’s the reason there is more lies and more money being spent on this stupidity through misinformation.

  5. The truth is gonna come out, and those that pushed the lies will be held accountable. Left-wing media, we’re looking at you.

    1. @James Parker Lmao NONE of what Trump said is true. His literal 0 for 65 record in court says otherwise to your dumba$$ theory…..and most of those judges were republicans but they literally laughed him out of court for sheer incompetence, where proof is required.

    2. @B L Trump is not responsible. Unlike the left, the right believes in autonomy and that people are responsible for their own actions. We also understand that Capitol police let them in.

    3. @GreenBean44 GreenBean44 the cases were thrown out because of standing, not lack of merit. There is a huge difference. So the judges didn’t really laugh him out of court. And most of the 65 cases weren’t put forward by Trump, so you’re just not speaking factually here.

    4. @Karl Urban You obviously don’t know how the court system works. The dude lost 50+ cases in the lower courts from NO EVIDENCE….then Trump tries to do a go-around and go straight to SCOTUS…..THAT court case was also laughed out of court because of NO STANDING….. dude thought that because the judges were all repub that he’d win even with no case with NO evidence.

    5. @James Parker that was a great post. The uninformed and misinformed probably do not even know what you are talking about.

    1. Haha, this is the funniest post I’ve seen on YT.. I don’t which one is worse. Before or after..

  6. All credibility went out the window when they brought up Solzhenitsyn, a tool of capitalist imperialism, as a point in their favor

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