GOP election official (who Trump fired) speaks to CNN 1

GOP election official (who Trump fired) speaks to CNN


Chris Krebs, the former US election security official who President Trump fired, speaks to CNN and reaffirms the security of the 2020 election.

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    1. @B woodward
      A moron that can’t prove ONE case telling any living organism to get educated is the biggest, most massive load of crap of the century!!
      Once you stop believing in space force, then you can tell someone to get “educated”!!!

    1. @MAGA Don That video you show is not hard evidence nor is it evidence of anything. People watch the video and then make up a story to go with it. A made up story is not evidence of anything.

      When you hear what is going on in the video by officials that watched the video you will understand. I will give you a link to the explanation of the video, if you still do not understand it means you need deprograming.

    2. @World Top Gun 352 You should fact check everything that the NEWS presents. Why would trump dedicate his first task in office to comfort veterans via overhauling their hospital in order for them to receive faster and quality care; Then turn and speak ill towards them? If the media says You’re a child smuggler, would You believe them? Now what about someone else? Would they believe that you are child smuggling though you aren’t? How would that make you feel, to be lied on, and destroyed via fake news?

    3. @MAGA Don It is you that fell for another conspiracy theory. You fraudsters don’t have any evidence that the election wasn’t done fairly and legally. Biden won 306 electoral votes and will be sworn in January 20 2021. Donald Trump will be vacating the Whitehouse on that date. TRUMP / UHAUL January 2021!!

    4. @World Top Gun 352 John McCain, to me helped Bush, Bush, Clinton, and Obama Sellout America to the Chinese… which is probably why POTUS Bashed McCain.

    1. @Colleen Mayes He actually said that??? OMG!! That is a CULT LEADER if I’ve ever heard of one it’s sad really

    2. @uppgrayyed First of all, I’m not gonna take seriously any article that cites this claim as evidence:

      “Dominion machines are derivatives of the machines created by Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, with the assistance of the Cubans, for the purpose of disrupting, or changing the outcomes of, elections in Latin America and elsewhere.”

      The truth is: Smartmatic, a software company, (not owned by Dominion at the time) worked with a Venezuelan software company, Bitza (never owned by Domion), on software used with Dominion machines in the 2004 Venezuelan election–sixteen years ago. The Venezuelan government (not Chavez or his family) owned a 28% share in Bitza. Again, software, not machines. Trump won Louisiana, Iowa, Missouri and Ohio. They all used Dominion machines. Every single vote cast in States that contracted Dominion for their election services, has a paper backup.

  1. CULT! These people are brainwashed completely. They are in a cult and don’t know it. It is such a damn shame. It’s sad, that’s what it is.

  2. I would like to see Mr. Krebs be rehired for his job. He is competent, capable and honest. I hope Pres. Elect will consider him.

    1. Hay, chapter 11 concast CNN, we all decent normal Americans brought the fact news to help for the almost bankruptcy fakenews concast CNN….
      1. Recently, so many suburban democrat people are sick of election fraud radical DEMOCRAT human trashes so that blue states are turn to RED WAVE even CALIFORNIA, NEW NORK, and VIRGINIA !!!
      2. Americans are starting get rid of FACEBOOK, TWEETER beacuse theyare involved with CCP-CHINISE GOVERNMENT!!!
      Aa a matter fact, the global Facebook CEO married CCP-CHINESE UGLY WOMAN who works the Chinese government secretly….
      3. There are too fast growing president Trump supporters NOT only America, but also, people in the world too….
      The most important reason is that democracy country people are fear to CCP-CHINA takes over their countries ….
      People think that the President TRUMP is the last hope who can save the FREEDOM of DEMOCRACY COUNTRIES FROM THE SOCIALISM COMMUNIST!!!!!

    1. Not a hero, a patriot. He did what was expected of him by the position. If doing your job (with integrity, I’ll give him that) is considered heroic, then the bar is way too low… If the expectation could be that he’d choose to break the law, we’re in a seriously bad place.

  3. A good man who stood up for the integrity of our elections should not have lost his job for his honesty.

    1. @J P Oh, stop being be so diplomatic! You of course meant “Giuliani slurred to the judge …” Many moons have passed since anything remotely intelligible erupted out of Rudy’s mouth.

    1. Lesson #1: Just because someone is mad they lost and claims the vote was rigged, does NOT mean the vote was rigged.

    1. @Anna to this day I still dont understand the gop mentality with all the crap the gop does to the public and these people still follow blindly is just a shame

    2. @Arnold Fossman liberals are sheeple too but the major difference is the conservatives want a world that was, which in actuality never really existed while liberals are try to make a world that would become but the problem is the pace they move at is too rapid for many so the conservatives drag their feet only making it harder for everyone to move forward.also.the liberals are pushing forward too many things at once which scares the conservatives which brings everything to an grinding halt. There is no perfect plan or even feasible at this point because half of the country refuses to leave the past and the other part is to far in the future

    1. Step 2: Replace those people exclusively with people who blindly and fanatically follow you and are part of your own team.

      Got that part down too.

    2. @Matte Whyte lmao your mental gymnastics are really impressive, don’t strain yourself while grasping at straws

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    3. Just wait until February, when the Republican’s start screaming about the deficit and unemployment rate. They’ll point the finger directly at Biden, just like they did Obama, and act melodramatically appalled at the numbers. Absolutely up-in-arms, and shouting! Glossing over the fact that they were 100% complicit in what got us in this hole. Snakes, the lot of them.

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