1. There is nothing more important than purging the GOP fascists from our government at every level. And, once they’re gone, the government can get on with doing the business of the people.

    1. @Kyle “I know you are, but what am I” is the retort of a nine year old child. Is that the best you can do?

    2. @TheDiamond2009 no Wikipedia? Aren’t you being a bit narrow minded? And biased? Why not provide some links to your preferred information sources?

  2. Everyday in America, there are people willfully undermining everything their ancestors and loved ones had fought and died for.

    1. @R. Stark he is your enemy not mine. His poll numbers went up because of his last two speeches. I say we need more Dark Brandon.

    1. @Aussie downunder Right! Cofevfe, hamburder, ketchup on the WH’s walls. Little hands handling a the smallest water bottle with little hands like a toddler.

  3. If I lose, you’ll never see me again.” Another lie, and Trump most disappointing one.

    1. @T Bone _”No person shall be elected to the office of the president more than twice.”_ If Trump won twice as the original guy claims he is not eligible to be elected again unless you want to throw out the Constitution, or it gets amended first.

    2. @Krümel Monster He’s implying (falsely) that Trump actually won the last election, and is going to win in 2024. No doubt, in Trump world, this facile little word play is considered witty, and sophisticated. To the rest of us, it’s just “meh”.

  4. I’ve always said, his mouth is his worst enemy. His lawyers, if they stay long enough. Just cant get him to shut up.

    1. It’s like in those action movies where the “evil genius” makes a huge mistake by wasting tons of time expositioning, thereby giving the good guys a chance to escape, etc.

  5. The thing is we already know his deal we already know his MO and his MO is to always say what he is doing, what his desires are, to blame the other side of doing it! He is always done that and we know it, so Trump we already have your MO

    1. @E DL Biden called threatening names toward the American people. Trump only said Biden and the people controlling him are a danger to our democracy. Trump doesn’t call the American people or threaten them in any way.

  6. Apparently,: Mr. Trump forgot why he was there, “It’s not the Trump Show.” Then again Donald can’t stand it when he is not the center of attention.

    1. @thumbob: Wrong again by the time Trump took office, we had been out of debt for 2 to 3 years, as a matter of fact the first thing 45 did was unlock the coffers and started spending the surplus. The ONLY 6hing Trump can claim is a tax reduction on the 1% that cost more than it ever made.

  7. While Trump was avoiding the draft I was serving in our armed forces. This ” man”spits on that service and everyone else that served by wanting to take the USA in an authoritarian direction. Protect the Constitution by ensuring he never regains control of the Whitehouse. Prison is where he belongs.

    1. Yes my husband was fighting in Vietnam and he has passed on … but I want to thank you and all Veterans for your service Sir

  8. “Likes of which no one has ever seen before.” Is the only quote he can use without looking at the teleprompter. Although I think he meant “level” lol

    1. When Trump is trying to read the telepromter it is like when the 4th grade teacher picks on the slow kid to read a couple of paragraphs and everyone in the class has to suffer through it.

    2. He’s got that other idiotic quote, “Nobody can believe all I’ve done.” that’s right, nobody can believe how moronically he betrayed the country.

  9. People ! That is the man, who just days ago was talking about ‘ lowering the heat’. A true self serving snake.

    1. Oh right. And the sippy cup gets up there looking like some evil dictator in a.cheesy movie and spews hate on half.of America. Great point.

    1. @James C that’s true, but a huge part of why he won is that not very many people like Hillary, and a lot of people figured they wouldn’t vote, because who would be stupid enough to vote for Trump? Well all those people learned their lesson and that’s why Trump lost in 2020. I think a lot of people aren’t a huge Biden fans, but it boils down to choosing the lesser of two evils.

    2. @Ape Like Thinking are you talking about Trump? Trump’s response to covid was laughable. Remember when he said the whole thing was a democratic hoax?

    1. Kind of well established after listening to that fool blabber on the last 60 years. No need to scream Narci-cyst anymore. We figured that out. thanks.

    2. Hmm did he really mean that? or did he want to try out his new hyphenated insult? Does not matter. He has burned all his paths out. Going to be a grease splattering good time watching that traitor squirm.

  10. “My Ex-Wife died, please send money.”
    “My Charity got shut down for fraud, please send money.”
    “I stole Classified Documents, please send money…”
    It never ends.

  11. “There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men.”—–Ludwig von Mises

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