1. The GOP understands recessions very well .. since every GOP President since Nixon has ended their term with a economic downturn..

  2. What the Fed doesn’t seem to understand is that the majority of the inflation we are experiencing is due more to supply and demand issues and corporate greed. Raising interest rates can crash the economy – but, not stop the current inflation.

    1. @jefferee2002 It was even worse in 1982. But then, we were getting good returns on our savings accounts and certificates of deposit. Higher interest rates cut both ways.

    2. You do realize that Yellen does not control the Fed, don’t you? She is Sec. of the Treasury. Also, even if interest rates go up to 7%, it will only affect the little guy when he takes out a mortgage. It is big business who is complaining. Right now, interest rates are ridiculously low.

    3. Of course, Yellen does not control the Fed; decisions are made by the board of governors and then communicated by her. Interset rates now sit at 1.75%, up from one percent last quarter. The problem is the little man and his demands. The unemployment rate is 3.6%, meaning money is available for products and services. But, not enough of those are available, so what do you do to decrease demand in an already financially stable market that wants what it wants?

  3. I’m pretty sure I trust Sec Yellen over Gov Sununu on economic matters, the massive difference in experience and expertise is telling

    1. @Tsarina24 Honolulu Keep a record of everything you say, and start seeing how often you are wrong. That is, unless you say nothing interesting at all.
      Seeing your post, that checks out.

  4. How is the economy in his state going!!! These Republicans always talking about firing somebody but they didn’t try to find any those people that were in trumps administration like the former treasury secretary who benefited in his role at the cost of the American people

    1. @espy other countries new baby experiencing inflation global leave… But inflation is not a global problem… It’s domestic

  5. I love listening to Republican politicians talk as if they actually care about the American people. If they cared they’d be voting with the Democrats on bills they would help with the high cost of living. But every single time they vote against it

  6. *cringe* Hate his ‘gee, shucks’ response to the “are you going to run for President?” question. Tells us all we need to know – he’s a typical politician – always plotting, triangulating, sniffing the air and looking for a bigger slice.

  7. How can a governor be so wrong about everything about the economy that he says and then gives no solution to solve the problems.

    1. @JohnnyNosebleed and thinking that printing more green paper is the answer is just plain stoopid! FJB!

  8. So I’m going to go with Janet yellen being a good option to get us out of this solely by what any GOP governor has to say

    1. @Tsarina24 Honolulu I not only have the skills to find unbiased information, I also have the skills to find them worldwide in French, German, and in Arabic.

    1. raising taxes will lower inflation? I figure that would slow growth. of course I’m not an economist

  9. So he is just pointing to the Govt deficit for the economic challenges? What? Deficit spending is stimulative. Sometimes it’s necessary, such as in a once in a century pandemic. Never mind Trump spent more than Obama or Clinton.

  10. *It’s pretty simple… as the RICH GOT RICHER our Democracy became Weaker!*

    *”Deposit Money FOR JUSTICE – though.”*

  11. 🤣🤣🤣 I love how the Republican talking point is always the same. Let us tell you what you should be focused on and blame democrats. And most importantly ignore the colossal coup attempt that we as the Republican party collectively tried to pull off.
    We (GOP) want power at all cost so that we can do the bidding for Corporations and the richest among use. The GOP wants to maintain the Corporate centered economy that it began in the 80s.

    1. Aka…SPLIT. The GOP has at least 3 factions within the Party, and 2 of them are not for Democracy. We need a reset, vote blue in 22/24. In 7 years, no platform as a Party… that shows their ineptitude with a large sample size.

    2. Better than blaming people like me who wanted to work under the Obama administration but couldn’t find work. I hate being blamed just like the weather excuse.🙄🤦 Always someone else’s fault or just completely ignore it.

  12. They are :


    “Conform no longer with the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind.”

    The Holy Bible

  13. What’s amazing is the audacity of any Republican, after four monumental disastrous years of Trump, to offer advice on governing.

  14. Tapper failed to have this guy answer the question on inflation…

    He had NO answer to the inflation issue.

    1. @Ryan Elliott how would the US secretary of the treasury know how to give problems in other countries 🤔 he seems to insinuate that he knows better than the treasury does.

    2. To listen to John Sununu you would think that the high energy prices and the resulting inflation problem is uniquely American.

  15. Recessions aren’t that scary for my generation. I feel like half my life they’ve been saying we’re in a recession or on the verge. The “middle class” couldn’t live off a single income when I was a kid, we can’t do it now… Will our kids be able to? I doubt it.

    1. Generation X? Lol.. I agree with everything you said. My son was paying $1100mth for rent they upped it to $1700 absolutely ridiculous..

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  17. Jake’s face looks like he’s been interviewing insanity with a straight face for too long and has abandoned ALL hope. Or maybe a triple bean egg jalapeno breakfast burrito went bad. Who knows 🤷‍♂️

  18. Is Sununu for real? Doesn’t he know that Yellen left the FED way back Feb 03, 2018 and is now the Treasury Secretary. As the Treasury Secretary she really has no authority to actually set monetary policy. That power resides in the FED and Powell is the current FED chair. If the inflation is actually due to the FEDs monetary policy then the blame would be with Powell who was first appointed as chair by Trump.
    However, the root causes of the inflation (around the world) can be linked to a few sources that the FED actually has no control over.
    1) The world oil crash and depression of 2020. Most forget that the price of barrel of oil went negative in April of 2020 because the world had a massive excess of oil because OPEC nations could not agree on reduced production quotas and economic activity slowed due to the pandemic. As a result wells were shutdown and drilling halted with many companies going bankrupt. The US saw active drilling rigs plummet from over 1000 to fewer than 300 in a few months. It was the Trump Administration who helped the OPEC nations + Russia reach an agreement on new production quotas. After the world consumed the excess oil those tighter production quotas along with the reduced US production from the oil crash created an oil shortage; which increased the price of a barrel of oil. OPEC has recently announced an increase of the monopoly’s production quotas. Also, the US production is finally returning to the pre crash levels and active drilling rigs are continuing to increase. The price of a barrel of oil has been trending down for the past 6 to 8 weeks. The price of oil causes increased prices across the economy since everything depends on oil. (Food production, fertilizers, transporting goods,…)
    2) The pandemic that caused manufacturing, production and supply chain interruptions creating shortages throughout the world supply chains.

    If Sununu wants to blame Biden for anything; then he should blame him for one of the fastest economic recoveries and strongest job markets in the nation’s history. This in spite of continued disruptions to supply chains due to the ongoing pandemic. The end result is that the FED rate increases will have little to no impact on those root causes of the world’s inflation problem. In fact, the rate increases could actually increase inflation by making it more expensive and harder for companies to get loans to improve factories and machinery and increase production. The FED rate increases will also do nothing to improve the supply chains and remove the delays. Those increases will make it more expensive for the retailers to finance their inventories. Higher costs that will be passed on to consumers by increasing prices and resulting in increased inflation. Those higher FED rates could also cause some companies to reconsider building new production facilities in the US opting to suffer through the supply chain delays.
    Sununu is only fooling himself.

  19. To listen to John Sununu you would think that the high energy prices and the resulting inflation problem is uniquely American.

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