1. What he is saying is they will support the republican candidate that is “Least” embarrassing to the party. It really doesn’t matter what policies they stand for.

    1. I understood that he was saying they will only continue and support candidates who are in tight races…

    2. @Faith is all that’s needed If they laghed at him, they must have thought Trump sent him. Trump was the biggest laughing target ever sent by the USA.

  2. Private schools aren’t necessarily better. Many don’t require teachers to have a degree in education!!! As Governor, shouldn’t you be FIXING the public schools?!?

    1. @Nitro still waiting for those lies you claim…..shouldn’t it be easy?
      Did you lose your critical thinking skills?

    2. Please dear madam, stay out of these politics, I am sure that you are awesome at other things but you have absolutely no idea what is wrong with the education system. Keep doing what you are good at and let others do what they are good at. We are trying to fix the education system and when I see comments like these I see another poorly educated public school graduate that has absolutely no idea what is happening, has happened or will happen with the trajectories of the current systems in place.

  3. He dancing around the questions about Trump he don’t talk him because he knows what will happen if he do. What are you scared of sir.🤷‍♀️🙄

  4. As someone who lives in Oregon and has long watched Arizona thinking that it’s mostly an unmitigated right-wing shitshow, please, Doug Ducey, don’t waste your money over here. Oregon is Oregon, and we want none of your bullshit.

    1. @codyor448 BUUUUULLSHIT!! .. I bet they`re all moving straight to Portland too huuuuuhh …..

  5. The Cult doesn’t care if they are being misled. The grift runs deep. And the “marks” love being fleeced by their Supreme Leader.

    1. President Lyndon B. Johnson once said, “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

  6. I stand with native Americans who have opposed the keystone pipeline from the beginning……. Why would you think it’s ok to violate their Tribal sovereignty? Haven’t we done enough horrible things throughout history to native Americans? Shame on people who support the keystone pipeline

    1. @Harold Moore you are completely dishonest. Google prices in Canada, UK, Australia, Japan. Gas is cheaper here.

  7. Do any of these fools ever answer a question they’ve been asked….without gaslighting the public? Nope!

    1. Exactly Joe!
      He didn’t answer anything and she didn’t catch on. She is not aggressive at all.

  8. No, Jan-6 is not decided by voters, like he first said, everybody that broke the law should be prosecuted. This includes action and inaction at the state levels too.

    1. Does that include the people who weren’t in the building and being detained illegally?
      Also what the people who stormed the capital building during the justice kavanaugh hearing and harassing members of Congress plus rioted through D.C.?

  9. And there goes Dana Bash AGAIN letting republicans avoid the question when she drills democrats for exact answers. I guess we know where she stands.

    1. It isn’t just Dana Bash. CNN is so concerned with continuing to have access to these Republican clowns, that they avoid challenging them beyond a superficial point.

  10. When discussing school vouchers “scholarships” in his words….how’d he keep a straight face?

    1. They say we’re here to solve take action abd solve problems on education that bull****.

      Public schools don’t need to have funding brought over to charter schools, they need more funding, smaller classroom sizes, higher teacher pay, more recess for all kids not just elementary students and the American education system needs to updates and improved to something different.

  11. So he believes that all governors should be Democrats? He did say a governor who supports the people. There is no republican in any stage of government that supports the people.

  12. Although this man seems to be on the up and up one question you have to ask the Republicans straight out is why can’t you answer a question directly with an answer instead of sidestepping every issue.

    1. He never answered why the public schools were failing. Maybe because he have 267 school districts in Maricopa County alone. Waisted public resources and bigger government.
      I get tired of elected officials doing nothing for the public and just for the high dollar lobbies. things like sensible gun laws, basic health care, government nominating drug prices and fix the power grid for the future.
      As for pro life. Need to care for the mother and child not just a fetus. Saying pro life and doing nothing to support them is hypocritical.

  13. REALLY sick of politicians who respond to direct yes or no questions with scripted talking points and word salad. If you don’t want to answer the question, have the stones to say so! We’ll know why you refuse to answer.

    1. @Dr. Karina N F how democracy is SUPPOSED to work, but it’s always about who has the money and controls the narrative.

    2. I’ve been spouting off about this for weeks. Any politician who can’t say ‘yes (or no), and I’ll tell you why’, has been in office too long.

  14. Massive fail Dana! You let him ramble on avoiding the actual questions. AZ has the 3rd worst education but you said nothing.

    1. @Rudolph Pieters stop being so naive her reputation proceeds her he knows who she is and how she conducts her interviews so there’s no need for her to show how nice she is. She needs to grill them and she didn’t pretty weak imo.

  15. Read Tim Miller’s “Why We Did It.” All Republicans care about is winning. Power. Because power equals profit these days

  16. He tap danced around every question she asked and she didn’t try to get a real answer. This is ridiculous . They will elect Jack the Ripper as long as they are Republicans. Sad

    1. I thought these were pretty straight answers. When an answer isn’t yes or no I appreciate some of the context.

  17. Why don’t reporters cut off these people mid-sentence and just say: “This is a yes or no question. Answer it.”? This dude didn’t answer ANYTHING she asked!

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