1. It a shame that Gov Hutchinson has to talk sense into leading figures in the party. Don’t they know how bad this looks when you’re defending bad behavior and on top of that encouraging violence against law enforcement when they don’t even know all of the facts.

  2. This guy reminds me of the good old days when political and legal discussion did not resemble a soap opera or reality tv show.

    1. @DPB1947 ok, I see your point. But in the end we have a country with many folks and split agendas in many ways. So civil discourse and give and take is what is needed. No one idea for our counties success can prevail , we all have to compromise based on our laws and constitution. But having said that! I agree, many unqualified folks in Lincoln’s party these days.

  3. Hard to picture the Gov as a GOP Republican. he was well-spoken with no conspiracy nonsense and one of the best republican interviews I’ve seen this year.

    1. @Factual_Opinion ok then. If men have no responsibility or accountability, then shut up, give us our rights to do as we please with our bodies. Sex with men, women, masterbation, and the choice to be pregnant, or not. Just like anything else, if I’m responsible, and accountable, and no one else, then the decision is mine, and mine alone.

    1. Only here in central Arkansas do we have sense 😂. Both the north and south are 100% far right. So that’s on them. This is the first time I’ve ever heard him say sensible things

  4. Did he say he wants to extend the Democrats ‘Medicaid’ to cover the extra mothers anticipated from non-abortions? The irony…….

    1. They’re just like Young Earth Creationists attacking evolution.
      “Here is the evidence of evolution”
      “But what about the gaps?”
      “Here is the evidence that fills those gaps.”
      “But what about the gaps between those gaps?!”
      And round and round we go….

  5. A respectable Republican voice who is far more reasonable than I’ve heard in a long time from that side. Someone who is capable of having an open honest conversation. It’s sad that we are shocked by this instead of this being the norm.

    1. @Kay Bel With respect, kindly refrain from employing sweeping generalizations. Please do cease tarring a terribly large mass of people with the same brush, for doing so involves specious reasoning and flat-out stereotyping, an action that robs everyone that you’ve placed in the same category of their individuality. I am not part of “you people” and by reducing the situation to an “us versus them” scenario you greatly trivialize the gravity of the moment and add to the divisiveness: An “us versus them” dynamic posits that one side must win and the other lose. And that only leads to greater disharmony.

      As for Mr. Navarro, his circumstances have no bearing on the towering legal problems now facing ex-president Trump. Anyone who engages in “whataboutism”, as in “what about the treatment of Peter Navarro, or Steve Bannon, or Roger Stone”, is, wittingly or not, engaged in evasion and deflection. Such persons and their alleged mistreatment have nought to do with–and no legal bearing upon–the monumental issue of whether Mr. Trump violated federal statutes–first off, The Presidential Records Act– when more than two dozen boxes of documents, some highly classified, were transported from the White House to Mar A Lago–and not surrendered to representatives of the National Archives And Records Administration as required by law. And such an action should have occurred in a most timely manner so that they would not have to be seized some eighteen months after the Trumps vacated the White House.

      All Americans, whether they reside somewhere on the right, left, or smack in the center of the political spectrum, need to pay quite close attention to new developments as reported by sources considered as impartial as possible and not rely on posts on Facebook, Twitter, Truth Social, Reddit, etc. And citizens need to practice healthful skepticism: Even one’s favourite and trusted network will get things wrong in such tumultuous times, which means that people must dig deeper by consulting other sources, ones nrelied upon by “the other side”, as well as fact-checking organs and analysis from scholars in universities and/or nonpartisan “think-tanks”.

      This moment in time is as serious as it gets. America is in a place for which no historical precedents exist. This makes it incumbent upon all Americans to focus on the issues and not on distractions, or on circling the partisan wagons. And it makes it absolutely necessary that pols turn down the inflammatory, inciteful rhetoric in recognition of the reality that Democracy in America– and by extension, the rest of the democratized world–was already in considerable peril before the raid on Mar A Lago.

      Take care and stay safe.


    2. ​@Kay Bel: ‘Up to today, Hillary did not accept that trump beat her. Are these not extremist views?’ No, but as you have conventiently forgotten Trump too is in denial. Facts are facts and you can’t pick and choose what to believe according to which idol you venerate.

  6. We already know that they tried for months to get him to return the stuff and refused. That’s why they had to get the warrant.

    1. @M Nope, not going to let you off that easy. If you can’t give your sources of information, then we really can’t take you seriously. Next!

    2. @Heather Kingston I just told you lol. Months ago the lawyers told investigators they had handed over everything and anything they were asking for they didn’t have. Now I know you guys in the States meed to be fed information so you can form opinions as facts but try to keep up.

  7. “The GOP is the party of law and order “ right, certainly doesn’t look much like it at the moment does it?

  8. Holy crap, a Republican who isn’t totally insane? They’re really onto something, they should try finding more of these guys.

    1. @Oyekunbi Adams fair is fair I guess, a lot of us find you all in the exact same light. We’re accomplishing so much ✔️

  9. The greater concern is whether Trump already sold the contents of the classified documents to, say, Putin, or if he has made copies. The whistleblower who first contacted the DOJ might have knowledge of this.

  10. This guy reminds me of the good old days when political and legal discussion did not resemble a soap opera or reality tv show.Thank you sir.

    1. yeah I mean I totally disagree with him and his views but at least you’re able to have a reasonable conversation which is necessary to bring movement into different views

  11. Is Asa really a Republican? Wow, fooled me with his well spoken and intelligent answers and analysis

    1. @Jo Cantic II Sadly there is corruption in both sides and neither party is truly for the people unless it means lining their own pockets.

    2. @cowgirlrangerider Most certainly. That’s what happens when lobbying is legal and all of the big media companies are owned by the same people lobbying the government. We are putting emotions and money above facts and morals. It’s very sickening and sad to see. And most people believe that one side is still good and will make excuses for them until the day they die.

  12. I just feel the need to say this: “more live births” is not necessarily a good thing like he’s saying. If these births result in neglected children who have less opportunities, less access to good education, less access to health care, more children in foster care, etc., then I don’t see “more live births” as a good thing. We don’t have an underpopulation problem in this country.

    1. The unborn are an easy target. They don’t vote or cost anything to exploit. Someone else’s problem. Force them to deliver. Horrible.

    2. The reason the unborn don’t have any of that is because they literally are inside someone else’s body, who is fully born, sentient and with full rights to bodily autonomy. How many women walk past you daily do you forcefully examine to see if she might be harbouring any “unborn” you feel like “protecting”? God himself made it so that a pregnancy does not show until much later to ensure a woman’s privacy is intact and in that time she can make personal decisions whether to proceed or not. Keep your self-righteousness out of women’s bodies, you disgusting creeps.

  13. I feel like women don’t need an old man to “help them make the right choices”. They can do that on their own.

    1. @Kay Bel NO ONE advocates abortion up to 9 months or ever has. Abortion has always been regulated with a cut off point with exceptions to protect the life of the mother. Always.

  14. It gave me chills when at the very end he said:
    “We want to help the women make the “right” decisions”.
    Why does he get to be the arbiter of “right” and wrong when it comes to an individuals’ health and personal well being??
    This man feels he has the authority to decide what mental and physical health choices a woman can make.
    GOP – party of freedom- that’s their claim.
    If Hitler were alive he would be a proud Republican.

    1. The southern motto, Keep them barefoot and pregnant”……any male, and I mean any male, who has gotten pregnant with no intention of getting pregnant, can offer advice! Otherwise stick to guns, hunting and cards. 😝😝😝😝😝

  15. I think the pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income unfortunately having a job doesn’t mean security. Great video. Thanks for sharing

    1. @Vern Dubin Even with the right technique and assets some investors would still make more than others, as an investor, you should’ve known that by now, nothing beats experience and that’s final, personally I had to reach out to a market analyst for guidance which is how I was able to grow my account close to a million, withdraw my profit right before the correction and now I’m buying again

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    3. @Idella Meyer Thanks for sharing, just looked up the broker you mentioned on google and I’m super impressed with her credentials. I will be writing her an email shortly

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