1. I find it interesting the justice system does nothing about any of this garbage. Too many people have died. When’s it end?

  1. In any half-sane country Greg Abbott would be in prison on charges varying from high treason to multiple culpable homicide … quite likely, he would never get out.

    1. Yep but since he just got diagnosed with Covid yesterday after his standing room only 600 person no mask affair I bet a LOT of districts begin to defy his ignorance😁
      That affair also Blatantly shows the Hypocrisy of the GOP given their fits and big deal over Obama’s birthday party that he scaled way back but Abbott just had to get those donors $s!!

    2. Agreed he is a waste of time tand a disgrace that should step down and really be charged and locked up for his negligence in the loss of lives in handling the Covid 19 deadly virus in his state

    3. not really, masks are not banned and the parents are the ones who sent kids out without masks. It’s not illegal to give bad advice or to NOT force people to comply even if a rule saves lives, because people can still follow it on their own.

      calm down and vote him out if you feel he is doing a bad job. Stop talking crazy! of yeah… El Loco…. got it!


  2. I wonder how many governors have purchased stock in a company that makes Regeneron? At what cost to our lives will they profit?

    1. I also agree. FL governor takes no preventive measures , but sure is into regeneron for all
      In fact opening a stadium to provide the drug. Kills me that anti vax and mask will probably have no issues taking this, but won’t get a vaccine

  3. Number of children saved from murderous pedophiles by QAnon numbers: 0
    Number of children murdered by Q anon members: 4

  4. “Being safe and not sorry” will pay off every time. If you love your child, make them wear a mask, the life saved just might be theirs.

  5. If I had a kid, I couldn’t imagine sending him or her to school without a mask. Only crazy people are defying mask mandate.

  6. The national news should broadcast a walk-through tour of the pediatric units nightly. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  7. There is no way on God’s green earth I am sending my children to school where other kids are not wearing masks. Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis are literally putting our children in harm’s way trying to score political points with the Trump lunatics.

  8. …but he looks “tough” right? Bigly manly? Donnie must be proud…what’s a few children if it means Ron DeathSentence gets to try to be pretend President?

  9. Years ago we trusted science and had a distrust in politicians. WHY has this been flipped?
    Just crazy to dismiss the world you was born into that was built on science and learning.

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