GOP Green Lights Right-Wing Extremism Within Halls Of Congress

Politico’s White House reporter Eugene Daniels and former FBI special agent Clint Watts discuss House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy declining to punish Rep. Paul Gosar for his connection to right-wing extremist groups.

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  1. The majority of Americans won’t vote for anyone connected to 45 I don’t think they realize that!!!!! blue 💙💙💙💙 💙💙💙💙💙!!

    1. @Aaron
      Job creation numbers are at an all time high since the 1980s. Vacation is going brilliantly
      The Economy is really picking up. World confidence in America is back. So what’s your problem. Do you miss fascism

    2. @TheWolfdoctor Too much trouble!
      Never mind.
      Dictatorships can’t be as bad as standing in line a little while.

    3. @J Austin I get what you’re saying, but I guarantee a sizable percentage of voters won’t stand in line that long, which is what the fascist GOP is counting on. BTW, I think Georgia’s new voting law will close the doors at a certain time and it won’t matter if you’ve been standing in line for hours – you won’t be able to vote.

    1. @Paul Machowski
      I know & he’s got a pretty large family…yet not one has anything good to say about him! I believe them, just like I believed Mary Trump…she hasn’t been wrong about the Donald even once!!!

    2. @Don Clayton If you look at which states have Republican control there are more north of the Mason-Dixon line than south of it. There are more Republican Senators in the north than to south. There are too many Reps to count, but you get my point.

    3. @Don Clayton Just the republican ones…something to do with the manufacturer’s dye in the red hats.

  2. The only reason that McCarthy has not expunged the extreme right from the GOP is that they are the only reason that he is the House Leader of the Republican party. Without them his position would be untenable!

    1. What strain of self-delusion leads McCarthy to assume that his caucus, should they retake the House, will vote to retain him as their leader?

    2. @Yanski Arbuckle Do you own it now, mate? Must be that your fellow citizens missed that bit of information.

    3. @KesArt its the definition of stupidity at this point… why would ANY of the republicans vote for him for majority leader?… they know his word and his ideals are worth nothing to him and he has zero interest in helping them achieve anything..

  3. Rep Gosar was a primary planner of Jan 6…he is trying to avoid accountability… his own family has disowned him. The Party of Lincoln is now the Party of Fascism and White Nationalism .

    1. @TheWolfdoctor absolutely, and the funny thing is, if that were to happen, they would definitely take away citizens GUNS.
      Does anyone believe they would allow the chance of an armed uprising?

    2. You are the Party of Fascism. You may get White Nationalism as a self defense response though. Very well may get exactly that in SELF DEFENSE TRASH!

  4. I gotta re-post this;
    “Never mind what I said yesterday, listen to what I’m telling you now.”
    “I know I’m lying, but hear me out.” – the party formerly known as Republicans

    1. The GOP is dying,
      Republicans know it and most are implementing scorched-earth policy.
      Millions walked away from the GOP after trump ignored Covid, millions walked away after the pathetic “false election” claim,
      millions more walked away after the Capital Insurrection.

      And they’re still losing….

    2. @John Wilharm Yeah but the ones that are leftover are the craziest ones. That’s all they have so it’s fine with them, finally supporters that share the same thing, American Fascism.

    3. @Yasuke And if they stick together, they’re the largest unified voting bloc in this country. A nihilistic, fascistic minority that, through its domination of the judiciary, is going to dictate the future of this country for at least thirty years

    4. the GOP isnt evil per se….but it stood idly by when extremists and corruption took hold and they simply allow those factors to rampage through the senate and the house. The GOP needs to reinvent itself but by tying themselves to trump they really have no future. The only thing that ll come from their current course is more violence, more crazyness and I assume more people going to get hurt needlessly

  5. My God look at that face on that thing MTG. Smug, self appreciation, proud for one reason herself standing there

  6. The Republicans party of family values Prominent spokesman Paul Gosart, His family hates his guts!

  7. They aren’t going to criticize him because they need his voters. They can’t broadcast it too openly but you flirt with them like Trump did to get their votes

    1. It’s a loosing strategy, because most people aren’t uneducated racists… oh…. wait, what?

    2. You have to get past that myth. That’s exactly what the GOP wants you to think. The truth is, the GOP ARE the Fascists. They pretend they’re held hostage by the base, so we don’t call them out, but they keep lifting their petticoats a little higher to reveal their Swastikas on their stockings, just to push it as far as the public will allow. The GOP ARE the KKK. Time we woke up to that. ✌️

    3. Southern Strategy still alive and well, but now distributed further amongst the Mid and Southwest

    1. @Jello It’s Republicans living in the past, denying climate change, promoting White Nationalism and they probably want a few more Benghazi investigations.

    2. The GOP’s notion of freedom is only in the right of the already wealthy to make an opportunistic buck at the cost of anything and anyone before not paying taxes on it. Period. They have no other agenda, and they’ll happily burn the place down to keep it that way.

    3. @Jello Hahaha, I think El Ram was was just being sarcastic, but I certainly hope we stay on your good side. Lol

  8. McCarthy likes to play ignorant. When the stories started breaking about Gaetz, he said he hadn’t been made aware of the allegations of the Rep. showing lewd photos on the house floor ect. but the former Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan says he was aware and talked to Gaetz about acting “professionally” on the floor. I find it hard to believe that McCarthy was totally in the dark the whole time that these things were going on.

    1. @A. Barker So Ryan never clued him in before leaving? Please! Gaetz was showing the lewd pics on the house floor, everybody knew.

    2. @A. Barker I’m guessing you don’t believe he talked to Trump on Jan. 6th either telling him it was his supporters doing the insurrection.

    1. Kevin McQarthy continues to prove he is unworthy as a leader. He will never become Speaker of the House of Representatives, no one trusts him, even in his own party. 🤦

    2. Exactly, the main thing anyone needs to know about Paul Gosar is that his ENTIRE family hates him enough to do their own campaign commercial for his OPPONENT!

    3. Because the only things that support those Swamp Creatures are things that is as Hateful and disgusting as they are! Rules for the top are freaking nonexistent😪

  9. Let’s make sure McCarthy never gets that speaker position. Vote Dem 2022.
    McCarthyism never again

    1. @Victor Johnson It depends on what racial taxonomy you rely on: If his antecedents can be traced back to Spain, then he can tick off the box “White.”

      But race aside, he poses a clear and present danger to American democracy and should be treated thusly.

  10. Even his own blood realities disown him because he is such a terrible person – I’m sure his white supremacy is one of many flaws he has if truth were known

  11. The fascist recently elected officials got their oxygen. From their Trump..

    Too sad

    Bad destination to all of us

  12. GOOSESAR promotes extremists and McCarth is the overseer to get “VOTES,” by any unethical means for the GQP.

    1. They don’t give a FLIP about being right or wrong, as long as they’re on top when the entire system goes under!!!

  13. “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” John Stuart Mill

    1. “For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing.” ~ Simon Wiesenthal
      (Weisenthal, an Austrian Jew, survived five Nazi concentration camps and a death march, afterwards becoming a Nazi hunter and writer.)

      However, Wiesenthal is not the originator of this quote:

      _Edmund Burke died in 1797, and John Stuart Mill died in 1873. Both produced apothegms that are loosely similar to the quotation under investigation but are unmistakably distinct. The earliest known citation showing a strong similarity to the modern quote appeared in October of 1916. The researcher J. L. Bell found this important instance. The maxim appeared in a quotation from a speech by the Reverend Charles F. Aked who was calling for restrictions on the use of alcohol:_

      “It has been said that for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing.”

      _The earliest attribution of the modern saying to Edmund Burke was found by top researcher Barry Popik. In July of 1920 a man named Sir R. Murray Hyslop delivered an address at a Congregational church conference that included the following:_

      “Burke once said: ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.’”

      The actual quotes of Burke and Mill:

      “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” ~ Edmund Burke, 1770
      “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” ~ John Stuart Mill, 1867

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