GOP lawmaker accused of giving 'reconnaissance' tour prior to Capitol riot 1

GOP lawmaker accused of giving ‘reconnaissance’ tour prior to Capitol riot


Investigators are looking into tours members of Congress gave of the US Capitol prior to the insurrection on January 6. CNN's Manu Raju reports.
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    1. @M T I dont know you would have to ask her. Not interested in some confirmation biases theory. I want actual facts! When even CNN is saying there is no evidence to back these claims.. Not even saying she is innocent. I don’t know a damn thing about her. What I do know is people that hate Trump say one thing while people who like him say another. We should quit with the opinions and request an actual investigation!

    2. @Truthisfreedom light OK I thought I was reasoning with a sane individual but I see you’re on a whole other level…I’ll keep you in my prayers…try to take care

    1. A non-seditious rocket scientist. But I’ll bet she’s pissed.
      “Treason? Now why didn’t I think of that!?!” – Sarah Palin.

    2. @Joe Smith “I’m not asking for much maybe just a wise old teacher, fireman or some other public servant just something like that” problem is these people need to *want* to run for office first, but most don’t have the financial security and/or notoriety to quit their job and run a campaign. Nowadays most people running for office don’t actually care about people, they’re doing it to gain power and social status under the guise of helping people. They’re charismatic, good looking, and virtual signal every chance they get. Politicians like Bernie or AOC are a rare breed unfortunately.

    3. So now you have alibi why Veggie inauguration had no audience: the tens of thousands of security guards were freightening. Just like Covid was the alibi why there were no Veggie campaign rally goers.

    4. @Anthony Italiano yeah your not wrong besides the fact that I wouldn’t exactly call a lot of them good looking

    1. Of course she is going to denied, what do you expect, have you seen any Republican, Trump allies tell the truth.

    2. michael staten rational people don’t give tours when they should be, especially during the Covid. Has she or her mother been tested ?

  1. Paying for a pardon is questionable?
    If not, then it should be. He’s being
    inpeached for the 2nd time. He shouldn’t be able to pardon anyone!!!

    1. Law is normally not retrospective except in the case of the ” opportunity zones” socialism for property developers who invested or will invest in certain areas often referred to as black neighborhood’s but the states got to choose these low income or near low income areas. Backdating when the scheme started so that it was retrospective was open corruption and nobody batted an eyelid and seemed to have Democrat support. The president’s pardon power is absolute and nobody questions this, could a future government create a law that imprisoned those people that had been pardoned, they could but it would be subject to constitutional challenge and my guess is the pardons would stand because those people had been legally pardoned.

    2. It’s amazing I think he could be tied to hiring people to take others out and the Trumpies would still like the guy. Remember WWII, people walked with Hitler off the cliff?

    3. @Yuming Lu No one man should have that power.

      There is more than one person in parole board and more than one person to convict you, there should be more than one person required to issue a pardon.

    1. Just like the Mayor of DC, and the Capital police for being unprepared ! After all Kamala Harris said the riots should not stop !!

    2. IF is where we should all be at this point, rather than looking at consequences. I’m a liberal, but I still see that this could easily be considered a smear campaign from an objective perspective, and must be investigated and proven before conclusions are drawn. I dislike Boebert, I oppose Trump and the cultish segment of his supporters, as well as the actions of some of the most extreme “patriots” on the 6th. But, fair is fair – put away the pitchforks until these accusations are proven or disproven. The potential consequences should be obvious enough.

  2. Why isn’t she in custody. She should have absolutely no entrance to the Capitol, no access to anything that deals with the peoples business.

    1. @Leilani Kake Only the Dems do that. Hillary’s emails, destruction of servers…shall I go on

      All politicians are dirty!

    2. @Charles Ritter That cliche is older than I am. How about making up your own material. The Dems spent the last 4 years doing just that!

  3. It’s weird but I can’t really take the word of a qanon cult member seriously. Investigate thoroughly.

    1. @MagaLuther King Admit it, you can’t read. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be spouting such disprovable BS. There WAS collusion AND obstruction. But the FBI couldn’t prove conspiracy to defraud the U.S., because Trump and crew OBSTRUCTED their investigation.

    2. @Margot Gulliford You shouldn’t expect any better from people like him. He takes his example from the shining turd in the Oval Office (soon to be evicted).

    1. Most of us in Colorado hate her. She’s just a bar girl that got knocked up. She didn’t even graduate high school.

    1. CNN’s Manu Raju is under investigation for fondling young boys and has disturbing pictures of young boys on his laptop

    1. Forget the resigning. If in fact she is found to have aided, she must be prosecuted and 5 dead Americans including a capitol police officer should be part of the case.

    2. This is an attack on her own country. This can go as far as her being labelled as leading a group of domestic terrorists and conspiracy to murder lawmakers

  4. Ah yes, the would be Mafia don is filling his pockets on his last day in office. Is anyone really surprised by this?

    1. @mrbbell Are you laughing at people shooting Congressmen? or at Pelosi’s father being invested by the FBI? or at 74 million people being killed and having their children taken away? which is it that you think is funniest?

    2. @S D individuals like you are shameless. No backbone to even accept responsibility for the BS you do. When all else fails blame the black people. How pathetic is that? And no, it’s not a trick question!

  5. The word “patriot” actually used to be important and meaningful until Trump supporters created a new definition for it: “violently berating anyone who isn’t a Republican”

    1. Not even being a Republican. Being a Trump simp. Anyone who goes against him on literally anything is a “RINO”

    2. Trump supporters using the word “patriot” is like Trump supporters using words like “socialist” or “communist”…they actually mean the exact opposite, but they already drank the orange kool-aid, so it’s too late for them…

    3. @je snake no it’s not. I know your being sarcastic, but I just want to let you know that liberals, like me, did not support that.

  6. This lady already is a criminal with a rap sheet . Don’t even know how she got into the position in the first place

    1. CNN’s Manu Raju is under investigation for fondling young boys and has disturbing pictures of young boys on his laptop

    1. @Nomad Gatewood pretty sure her trying to tell military officials to not listen to their commander in chief is illegal. But okay

    2. @Robert Juzefski Oh, so that was Pelosi/Biden/Harris/Dems/Rinos who ramcharged themselves into the capitol carrying Confederate flags and Trump flags and trying to commit murder? That’s quite clever.

    3. @Nomad Gatewood This is exactly how delusional these nuts are. Don’t believe your own eyes and ears, believe their fantasies and fairy tales.

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