1. North Korea has not killed hundreds of American soldiers like Iran has, your Obama love for Iran proves he does indeed love terrorists who kill our soldiers and many innocent people…you Democrats can talk til you run out of breath about President Trump but he has done more for America than any other President and you don’t like it, suck it up and move to a Commie country or better yet you bleeding hearts for Iran, go stake a claim in their country….good luck with that….maybe your terrorist loving Obama can get you in safe..

    1. MrHackerman 001 he’s hurt cause his Trump man milk mustache is getting crusty and he can’t lick his lips fast enough to keep it moist!

    2. @Randall Bryant I can’t believe that he is a pastor. He has came on TV and lied every single time. I wonder what his followers think about him. Don’t he know that Trump actions I indirectly led to the death of 176 people. God please bless and watch over their families.

  1. Liz Cheney has no credibility what so ever. Can’t believe how a daughter of a war criminal gets elected in America.

    1. ynotttt , your point is mute 🤐 Your Mr Collins just apologize for making such incendiary comment with out facts , and said it was stupid of him to have said it “we are all Americans promoting American principal just different ways to get there . “ so if he says he wasn’t right , neither are you .🤪

  2. Collins hasn’t apologised; he’s slipped a mealy-mouthed ‘oops’, on a Postit note, under the door and the hypocrite is clearly hoping that God didn’t notice.

    1. @Marco A Not what a man would do. The anology of shoving a quickly scribbled message on a postit under a door is perfect. Do it on air you mealy-mouthed coward.

    2. None of them seriously believe any of that judgement day/afterlife twaddle or they wouldn’t behave they way they do … Collins is an actual pastor which says something about the state of Christianity

  3. When the Democrat lady said “I left my body parts in Iraq”, it really got me. 😥

    She lost both her legs (google).🙀 . Omg.

    Dammmmm. My respect to her for still being strong and moving on with a smile and love for life and for America.

  4. Stupid angry semi-educated hillbilly. Let’s get this straight. Collins is “sorry” this has been given so much attention. That’s the true apology.

  5. “Neat” thing about blatant political lies–it takes seconds to make them, sometimes years to prove they were a lie. Damage done.

    1. You can’t believe anything that any pastor says… any person who preaches a religion is either ignorant or a willing liar.

  6. America, your “president” now has the blood of innocent civilians on his hands. When will you stand up and stop this madness?

    1. @Not my President not mine either, lock them both up for all the conspiracy theories, all the money spent when our poor could use

    1. Hillary Obama have you not had ENOUGH BULLSHIT already. STOP SMOKING meth and crack you LIBERALS need help. Go to REHAB SOON. PLEASE DEMOCRATS.👍💣💥

    2. And Putin, and Duterte, and Erdogan, and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and any other dictator in the known World.

    3. Doug Carter Actually, the meth and opioid epidemics have hit rural America and red states the hardest. Stick with the facts, please.

  7. “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” – George Orwell.

  8. Collins deserves no credit for anything. He made his statement in front of the cameras for the whole world to see. He apologized in a tweet. He’s a damn coward.

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