1. Condolences to all the mothers, fathers and families who their loved ones in Ukraine.

    1. @Joboygbp Edwards right, trump was something, wasn’t he? He was a TRUE president of firsts. He was the first sitting president to downplay a pandemic until he couldn’t. He was the first sitting president to deny the reality of Constitutionally-accepted 50 state-certified election results.
      He was the first sitting president to send a goon squad to attempt to overturn the election that he lost. FIGHT LIKE HELL! He was the first president to cozy up to Vlad the murderer.
      He was the first sitting president to praise and envy authoritarian political adversaries and bully our long-time allies.
      He was the first sitting president to be impeached twice.
      He was the first sitting president to claim that he would release his tax records if elected, then didn’t.
      He was the first sitting president to attempt to strongarm a foreign country into investigating a political rival.
      He was the first sitting president to welcome the support of the American Nazi Party.
      He was the first sitting president to state there were “very fine people” on that side.
      He was the first sitting president to whom a former cabinet member referred to as “a f*cking idiot.”
      He was the first sitting president to send a hit squad after his vice president because the VP refused to lie for him.
      He was the first sitting president to refer to his former AG as a “swamp creature,” “afraid,” “weak,” “pathetic,” and a “disappointment in every sense of the word” because he refused to lie for him.
      He was the first sitting president to praise the virtues of Hitler to his Chief of Staff…
      But I get it. People with no sense of common G-D decency and NO moral code worship the same.

    2. @Bw Bacon Yes pork boy. Trump was something. https://youtu.be/_1dakLgi3UA Life was good under Trump. Now we are facing WWIII and possibly nuclear missiles. Inflation is growing at alarming rates and our Borders are being flooded by who and what no one knows. Thanx Joe Biden.

    3. @David Eby It’s sad that Trump and his voters made this all possible. Crazy hateful Qepublicans should never sleep well again,but we all know they have no conscience.

    1. @Tom R You should realize this man is not even gong to try for reelection, because by standing against the orange dupe, he tanked his chances of winning in the primary. He is not an enabler, but someone who put country over party, and his own political ambitions.

    2. @AddForm Putin said that he viewed sanctions as an act of war. If he were really ready to launch nuclear weapons, he’d already have done so. It’s a weak bluff.

    3. @Deborah Freedman you may look at how he voted on impeachment – He is an enabler . Dont be a fool the republicans always try to play victim when caught

  2. Thank you again, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, for being an American first, and a Republican second.

    1. @Thinking man If you think Ukraine is “floundering” you’re either a Russian troll or poorly named. 🤪

  3. Kinzinger, thanks for showing everyone how an honorable, honest republican thinks. Country before party. 🇺🇲

    1. Thanks for nothing crybaby. You are one of the reasons America is circling the drain. He’s as useless as a screen door on a submarine. Please quit electing these people.

    2. Ukraine is not our country and getting involved in this war is putting hundreds of millions of Americans in grave danger.

    3. @Matt Johnson not getting involved is putting your lives in danger. Putin has made clear that he won’t stop at Ukraine.

    4. @rise like lions after slumber.. He has not threatened to invade any other country. He’s made vague threats maybe, but that doesn’t mean he wants all out war. Russia’s relationship with Ukraine is far more complex than most people realize. If this war drags on and Ukraine doesn’t agree to the peace terms, you will die. I can’t make it any clearer than that. It will result in your death.

    5. @Matt Johnson no, Russia’s relationship with Ukraine is not particularly complex at all.
      Still, he only ever made vague threats for invading Ukraine. In fact until the day he invaded he stated he had no intention of entering – and still refuses to admit he’s at war with them. He has made serious speeches however, in regards to wanting to reunify the Soviet states, including what he believes to be his half of Germany. Just last year his foreign minister claimed that the reunification of Germany is illegal. The dude lies and lies, however he has made true many of his “vague threats.”
      Btw, a random dude claiming I’m going to die in doesn’t particularly frighten me.

  4. Lifelong Democrat and it is refreshing to hear this kind of honesty and patriotism from a Republican congressman and leader.

    1. Didn’t think there was such thing as Alice long democrat. Figured when your young and dumb / maybe in college / but still young you can be a democrat. Then when you actually get in the working world become real life educated. You become a republican

    2. @Nathan Hearn wow. Tell it like it is! 👏👏👏
      (but you may have used too many adult words for the MAGA crowd to understand)

    3. @Just Me Thanks. I was seriously getting depressed about our country.
      My whole family is military.
      I grew up in Massachusetts during the 1976 bicentennial.
      So our family is very patriotic tho we are in different parties at times.
      But America and its health always comes first. At least for me.

      So seriously thank you.


  5. I’m soo mad this guy isn’t running again for the senate. We need more true American patriots like Adam Kinzinger!

    1. He will be a candidate for the office of The Presidency. Adam and his wife just had a baby and he needs time off. He is a star compared to the rest of the GOP. Republican Party is in big trouble..Citizens will not vote for The GOP after January 6th and their refusal to condem Trump’s actions. They should save Kissinger to run for The Presidency. I think Hogan, Gov. of Maryland, Ruth Cheney and Adam Kissinger may run in 2024 for the sole purpose of blocking Donald Trump.

  6. I have never, and I mean never, agreed with a Republican this much. He is right. I would wholly support drawing a line in the sand and put it on Russia to cross it.

    1. @Niels Hoogeveen And what would your much firmer military stance look like? Red lines are poor tactical approaches. Think about how quickly things can escalate out of control and once the USA directly engages with Russian forces there is a much higher chance of all out nuclear war than I think any sane person should accept.

    2. @Niels Hoogeveen yea we tend to draw our lines with dry eraser markers. But we do always use the neon colors so they look good before they fade.

    3. @Glenn Davey I also dont think you understand what Putin means when he says its time for Self-Purification of his own citizens. Last time we heard that talk from a major power 11 million humans got wiped off the planet in furnaces. With freedom comes risk..if your stuck in a room with a maniac that has a gun constantly pointing at everyone. How long can you go without finally acting. In these scenarios he just shot someone and your still standing there with your gun in your holsters sayn..”So your okay if he shots you for walking over to give aid to that guy who is bleeding out” The moral answer is pull your damn gun out and go help the poor guy out, if the maniac points the gun at you, you do your damn best to kill the man. You may say back to me…its only land they had chance to get out. They didnt…there are elderly, disabled, infants, and sick still being blown up just for being in there own homes. Man id hate to be in trouble and scream for help and see you walk around the corner id be screwed.

    4. @Raven meyer I certainly agree. Now I know God is the biggest reason Russia has looked like keystone cops as much as they have. The Ukrainian people have been amazing and their military has had tremendous success again with Gods help. I’ve heard stories from Ukrainian pastors and military about can only be Gods intervention in situations. They themselves say that not me. I don’t know if they will be held accountable by the government’s of the world but war crimes have certainly been committed best I know. Admittedly I don’t understand why some things are war crimes and others are not. Russia will lose this and I can’t imagine putin will stay in power one way or the other.

    1. I’m not a Republican, but I do think it’s a shame he’s leaving government service. No comparison between him and some of the goons who represent the GOP today.

  7. It’s refreshing to hear some intelligent commentary by a republican on these issues. Kudos to Rep. Kinzinger for his honesty.

    1. Crybaby Kinzinger intelligent??? 🤣 Remember when he thought the meme about the Ukrainian Pilot shooting down 5 Russian jets was real? C’mon man. He’s one IQ point smarter than AOC.

    2. I’d vote for him, and I’m a registered Democrat. Wouldn’t be the first time I voted Republican though.

    3. @Jeanne Dorsey He’s way more of a Republican than Trump ever was. Trump is the biggest RINO of them all. Trump is Trump, a ‘me…me….me…..I…..I…..I” guy.

    4. @The Map Maker I wonder what all of you dems talked about before Trump? Cause y’all are still talking about him now…let’s hear something about sicko grandpa!!!

    5. He’s one of the good ones. One of the few. It’s sad to see how many Republicans of the 2020’s who literally couldn’t hold the Jock Strap of the Real Republicans of the 80s.
      They are ALL self – serving. None of them have the cause of the country, freedom, independence in mind.
      They ALL only care about what might get them re-elected. Soulless, except a very few.

  8. Adam Kinzinger is stating simple, straightforward, and realistic points. It scares me to think the rest of our government is making this more complicated than it should be. How are we not unified on these points is beyond me.

    1. I hope he won’t run for president and here’s why: We need sensible, intelligent people in all branches, people of any party who are capable of making valid points in any debate! As my Rep, I want him to stay in Congress, and as long as he can do intelligent and honest debate, Adam has my vote.

    1. @akmpolsen you’re right.,you know what Trump’s solution was to this crisis when interviewed last week: to rant about windmills. I laugh at people who call Biden senile when we had a wackadoo as the 45th President who says things like that.

    2. @RedondoBeach2 I respect your opinion, but clearly Biden and Blinken’s quiet diplomacy here has gotten reluctant nations squarely behind the right thing to do and he hasn’t bragged about it. People like Dan above a what’s wrong with politics in this country. You at least have some critical thinking instead of goosestepping behind Trump.

    3. @Biden is Garbage actually Kinzinger is a real Republican who knows a con man whern he sees one. He served our country, did you?

    4. @Robert Goldstein “….has gotten reluctant nations squarely behind the right thing to do.” Give me a break! He’s late on imposing sanctions. Late in providing military equipment. Late on responding BEFORE, BEFORE, BEFORE… children die. I do not mean to sound trite, but the loss of one child is an unacceptably high number. We all criticized Rump for watching and responding to TV. An appropriate criticism. However, Biden is behaving the same. Yesterday an image was shown of a step father desperately rushing his dying or dead stepson into a hospital while the panicked and crying young mother follows close behind. Tragically moving and makes me feel helpless other than the ability to make a donation to a supporting organization. However, it should not be an image that finally get’s US politicians to act. Ukraine’s president can care less about a 3 minute standing ovation from Congress. It’s 3 minutes of his precious time, wasted! He needs meaningful and impactful help… LAST WEEK. He can care less about being compared to Churchill. He needs artillery on target, hospital beds, doctors, food, water, blankets, generators, communications equipment, manpower and more. Tragically, if this goes on much longer, bullets and bandages will not matter anymore. If that happens then Poland, Czechia, Romania and the rest of Europe better sober up fast. This is no time for advertising how much funding and equipment are being pledged to Ukraine, it’s a time for demanding to know why that funding and equipment hasn’t arrived yet and what’s being done right now to get it there faster than FedEx. This response from Biden is disastrous. Imagine for a second if Zelinski did not have the ability to address Congress because communications were knocked out. Imagine how little support he would have as a result. Everyone in DC needs to collectively get their heads out of their ____ immediately. This is not a partisan issue to be discuss. It’s a desperate humanitarian plea. I say this as a Veteran. I have been in combat and it was never as bad as what civilians are experiencing in Ukraine right now. If you respond, do not say thanks for your service. Not interested. More interested in people reaching out to their elected officials and asking why they aren’t doing more, faster, for the people of Ukraine. Laser focus on the wellbeing of people of Ukraine.

    5. @RedondoBeach2 I agree with much of your reply, but the United States cannot be a lone actor. Do you know what it took to get Germany and Italy to go along at all with getting them to boot Russia from the SWIFT, for example. So many Trump supporters don’t see what he did to almost wreck our alliances. Of course Putin did not attack Ukraine while Trump was President because he knew the value of a useful idiot who was helping him accomplish what he wanted without a war he probably knew he could not ultimately win. The fact that we have people calling Kinzinger a RINO is such a joke. Yes, this is a humanitarian crisis. Whatever steps Biden took would be criticized by enemies.

  9. Refreshing to know there is a bright, honest and patriotic republican out there. Maybe there will be more someday if they have the guts to wear their big-boy pants and put their head where the sun shines.

  10. A republican I can see being a good friend is a sentence I didn’t think I’d say these days but it’s nice to see someone who appreciates nuance and reality

  11. Kinzinger said it best when he said anybody in their right mind can’t believe trump would have done a better job. People who aren’t in their right mind describes trumps base to a tee.

    1. Trump did the wrong thing throughout his 4 years in office. Only an idiot would think that would change now.

  12. One of the only politicians, regardless of interpolitical allegiance, that I can fully agree with.

    1. @David Hayes The Trump administration released 5,000 Taliban PoWs, he negotiated with the Taliban and *not* the Afghani government, Trump was a horrid excuse for a human. Trump, in Helsinki said he believed Putin over the US intelligence agencies, he blackmailed Ukraine in to fabricating evidence against Biden as a quid pro quo for military aid against the Russians.

      This would not have happened under Trump because he would not have fought against the Russians. He would not have supported the Ukraine, he would not have been able to maintain his May 1st deadline in Afghanistan, he was a fountain of empty promises and bigotries that he spread to his devout followers.

    2. @DeskKun Biden’s errors resulted in the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle. Biden owns it . It’s on his watch. Not Trump’s. Not one family member of the dead Marines blamed Trump for Biden’s botched withdrawal. And they wouldn’t by your perspective no more than you do.

    3. @David Hayes *sigh* and Trumps plan would have worked? Remember, he already pledged that we would have pulled out by May 1st. He also delayed the onboarding process for the Biden team by weeks, and replaced higherups in the armed forces with toadies.

      So, yeah, let me know how you think Trump would have solved the problem. If you do *not* have a solution, accept that Biden was handed a dog’s dinner and did what he thought he could with it. Was it perfect? No, could we have done things differently if Trump had not screwed everything up prior to being voted out? Yes.

    4. @David Hayes trumps withdrawal strategy was to withdraw 3 months sooner than Biden and release 5,000 fighters BEFORE the withdrawal.

      You have your nose so far up the “very stable geniuses” rear end that you can can probably smell Putin’s body wash. You know… because trumps head is in Putin’s lap.

    5. Tactical withdrawal is all that was needed . Not a fumbling uncalculated mess. This one’s on Jo. The Commander in chief was Biden. It’s on him. The pole numbers reflect this. Just like in Virginia gubernatorial race. All those Democrats voting for a Republican. People are fed up with Jo and Kamala

  13. I have a lot of respect for Rep. Adam Kinzinger. He is a man of integrity. I agree with what he said about how to deal with Russia.

  14. It is a really good change to see a politician of any side who is measured and thoughtful . Who has real input and suggestions rather than personal attacks and making everything a political game.

  15. Republicans or Democrats, as long as you stand with justice and defeat the evil 👿, we support you!

    1. Yes but the problem is 99% of Republicans do not stand with justice .! They will put party before people every single time. 👹

  16. Wow a republican that actually has an IQ and is smart with his speaking. This is what a person who loves their country looks like.

  17. “No one knew what Donald Trump was going to do but that’s because Donald Trump didn’t know what he was going to do. BUT that wasn’t a deterrent to Russia” Wow. We need this kind of candor in public discourse.

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