1. @CJoe 1111 Proof? How about the suit he lost for prejudicial (racial) profiling potential renters so he wouldn’t have to rent to blacks. Proven in court. He’s a bona fide racist, just like his daddy the kkk member.

    2. @Martin Streets you are getting roasted,get out of here man no good,no good.

    3. @Martin Streets Then you need to learn what a nazi is and what “antifa” means. We were anti-fascist during WWII, the whole nation. And we beat the nazis. Do we need to do it again?

    4. @Martin Streets No democrat has called for the killing of Jews. Your delusions are not proof. Look it up. For real. Your right wing sites are lying to you. Find out what is real, for once.

    1. If CNN says somebody made a racist comment that probably means they were telling the truth.

    2. Young people should be given more opportunities to lead because most of them seem to have a sense of fairness that surpass many of the old dead heads that have us in today’s mess.

    1. Fox collects hand me down and rejects all the time , he’ll just fit right on in with sean he seems lonely.

    1. They say white privilege is real, but everytime I turn on the news there’s a black person saying racist things and it’s completely fine. When a white person says something racist they get fired, so who really is privileged? πŸ˜‚πŸ€”πŸ€”

    2. @Christopher Pugh What’s false? Fox news agenda is to sew division and hate, they are the ones attacking the very politicians who pursue social justice. Fox news looks the other way or defend creeps like Steve King.

  1. One down, many more to go and most importantly, obviously the “Dotard” in the people’s house.

  2. King – the college drop out – can now to return to what he was most qualified to do. – SLOP THE HOGS on his farm.

    1. Why can’t a single one of these Trump MAGA-Tards finish college and get a degree — Hannity is so stupid he dropped out of community college LOL


    1. Yes sirπŸ‘! Boot all republicans. Disinfect all three branches of government. Vote blue all the way.

    2. Not all Republicans are racist and not all Democrats are for minority people… But I get what you’re saying!! I feel that for things to change my generation on down who are in politics should start running for office… Rather they be Republican or Democrat. It’s our time to step up and take over.

    3. @Daniel Ortega Why would anyone vote Blue when every single blue state is in debt and have the worst Covid 19 numbers and looting. Are you from China ? We dont want communism

    4. @NDFOOTBALL dear ndfootball stop spreading false hoods, are you a putin troll? Looks to me he is the only one that likes con-man trump.

  4. tRUMP: WHO IS STEVE KING….(LOL) Maybe the White Nationalist will give him a Position… B Y E ! ! !

    1. I was going to say, he might be out of THIS race but he’s not going fade into the sunset!!!

    1. TEMPLETON wasn’t on the ballot this time. The best way to expose and get rid of him will be RASPUTIN McCONNELL being voted out. TEMPLETON will not have anyone to hide behind.

    2. Been lost needs to take his character boss advice and drink a few bottles of lysol , let’s see his reaction to the cure.

    3. Soon, their kinds will increase. Time for the GOP/Reps to clean up afraid they’ll lose the seats but it’s too late. Three years in sky high with their master.

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