1. Thank God for NASA … The Biden administration’s quest to mobilize federal bureaucrats to help handle the rising tide of immigrants on the southern US border has now reached NASA, which has reportedly already been asked to lend a facility to the cause. Let’s thank NASA for the humanitarian cause.

    2. Jack Squat Kamala-Biden should tear down the wall and allow all Mexicans into the Country. Make American La Mexico 🙂

  1. The right wing is quick to get upset about “government overreach” unless the overreach is done by them; then it’s OK.

    1. @Bill Burgess do you know that if a transgender woman wins that’s OK? Or do you only support trans women losing?

    2. @Black River .None of the above. If that makes me a bigot in your eyes. “F” it. My trans nephew, is still a girl when it comes to sports, fishing, hunting. I love him for who he is. But you can construe it anyway you want. A 200lb man shouldn’t be allowed to compete against women. Can you understand my point now, skippy, or should I just chock it up as you’re a dumb@$$ ?

    3. @Black River I’m not talking the Olympics. I’m speaking in general. Man you’re a butthurt putz.

    4. @W Jones So we are only talking about trans-females who are on HRT, pre-puberty, being allowed to compete with cis-females, and no trans-females who are not on HRT?

    5. @mjoh090 There are hormone requirements for trans women in pro/Olympic sports, so we’re only talking about trans women and girls on HRT period.

  2. I’m getting tired of these culture arguments. Our countries infrastructure is crumbling and they are focusing on personal matters.

    1. @Bradyn Lotterman, Thank you for understanding. Stick with verifiable fact-based comments and clearly delineated opinions and you will not continue to be flagged.

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    3. @Geoffrey K Well thanks for saving the world! 😂
      Only.. Taking it upon yourself to police the internet, reporting opinions you disagree with in comments sections isn’t “fact checking.”
      Time to get a life (and a psychiatrist).

    4. @Anne Onymous, Just to clarify, I work with a fact check company, I’m not “taking it upon [myself] to police the Internet.” Moreover, I’m not flagging comments that I “disagree with”. The multi-tier fact check is applied uniformly to all comments and preliminarily flagged if all or part cannot be verified by fact, then a human fact checker reviews this report. If a comment is confirmed to fail as false and/or misleading, the fact checker markets it on the general public interface to alert all users on the thread and to create a digital footprint of the flag (that’s why you see the same “comment” repeatedly from fact checkers). We never flag opinions if they are presented as such in the comment. For example, if someone write “I think the sun is made of ice,” that would be preliminarily flagged by the algorithm because it is factually incorrect, but the fact checker would not flag it permanently because it is what the user “thinks”. I hope this explanation has been helpful. Stick with fact-based comments and clearly delineated opinions and you will be fine.

    5. @M Igorpan20 maybe she not depend on the government for help and “pull herself up by the bootstraps”. Work out harder.

    1. Yep. They are not afraid of people who still talk and act with reason, logic and common sense and who still value things like truth. All that is lacking with the fanatical Left in the US, which is very frightening indeed.

    2. Republicans and normal Americans don’t believe men pretending to be women should be allowed to dominate women’s sports. That’s common sense, not fear.

  3. When this is what the GOP has to offer voters in the future, (culture wars).. They can expect to lose again.

    1. @Michael Morningstar, There is nothing hypocritical about fact checking. Moreover, we have nothing to fear, as we are confident that our multi-tier fact check relies solely on verifiable evidence. On the contrary, it appears that you are concerned about being flagged for false and/or misleading comments. You are advised to stick with verifiable fact-based comments and clearly delineated opinions.

  4. They can give reasons, mostly to do with religion, but they just don’t want to because they know it’ll sound batshit crazy. Because it is.

    1. Yeh religion is so much more crazy than believing somebody can change their gender just because they believe they can. It’s easy to give a reason why a man who deludes himself he is a woman shouldn’t compete against women, death. What do you think is going to happen in contact sports like MMA and boxing when you have biological men fighting women?

    2. @Sel Ect Wow then you really are deluded. Men shouldn’t be competing against women in sports for the simple reason that men are naturally strong therefor have a big advantage. By simply saying you now identify as a woman doesn’t change the fact you were born a man and have male attributes

    3. @Sel Ect pignon just gave you several logical examples of why trans women competing in female sports is highly problematic and you don’t even have the grace to give a sensible reply.
      If you don’t have a sensible reply you could just acknowledge these are reasonable points and something to think about.
      None of this is to do with prejudice, religion or bigotry. Just biology, safety and fairness. The fact is, in the overwhelming majority of sports, being physically stronger or faster is an advantage. Even the more pedestrian sports such as golf.
      This isn’t about denying someone’s right to exist as a trans person in everyday life, it is particular to sport, where physique matters.

    4. @Sel Ect The NCAA awards “more than $2.9 billion in athletics scholarships annually to more than 150,000 student-athletes.”

  5. I guess the GOP is transitioning away from their “Less Government” screed. Kinda like the way they retreated from “Back The Badge” during the Insurrection.

    1. Dude this bill stops seveare child abuse. Do you think it’s big government that people aren’t allowed to have sex with their children?

    2. @Michael Morningstar With all due respect, your characterization of this bill having ANYTHING to do with pedophilia is purposely misleading, or ignorant.

    1. thats what they want. They want to take it to the courts so that the courts gives them the power to ban people.

    1. @Valley of the Rogue Indeed name call, play victim, the media, deep state and oh the left radicals are out to get them!

    2. @7X HARDER yeah and what if these children decide they wanna smoke cigarettes and drive a car and get married or have a job they should be able to do all these things at the age of 11 I don’t see why in 11 years old cannot fly a plane for American Airlines I certainly trust one bunch of idiots

    3. @lance demetro but… if I recall, an 11 year old can’t buy cigarettes, they don’t even have a job, can’t fly a plane (they need to make sure they can ride a bike in a straight line at least) and one deciding one’s own personal position gender wise has nothing to do with flying 60-200 passengers 325mph in the sky, or getting lung cancer. When’s the last time deciding a gender hurt someone in a way that wasn’t a violent reaction from someone else?

      Edit: or are you implying they need training and exposure before deciding on their own gender?

    4. Not at all the doctors don’t have to work in that state they can move on they have to follow the constitution of the state and the laws of the state that’s why not every doctor can give abortions in their back of their house in their back room while they’re playing doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde can we sing the song Imagine that imagine that.
      Some people remind me that they hang out with puff Puff the Magic Dragon who live by the Sea who dried out his own seaweed by that little mermaid tree.
      Watch out for the mermaids they got a nasty a** tail.

    1. @Shane Kasper And you want to talk about kids bro ? Okay we can definitely talk about that. Here’s an old saying. You never know what your child is doing when they’re out of your sight. Because you have a lot of females out here that are friends with transgenders. And on top of that you have a lot of dudes out here that are dating some of them too. And getting married to them and having kids with them. So if it doesn’t have anything to do with you don’t worry about it.

    2. @Shane Kasper I don’t have no problems with transgenders out here. They can live their life however they want. It’s bad enough that they get disowned by their families because of who they are. They don’t need clowns like you to be added into the fold. Like I said you’re ignorant. And you need to worry about yourself instead of worrying about another person’s lifestyle. Because it’s not your life so you shouldn’t care.

    3. @Evelyn Dawson Freedom of speech doesn’t have nothing to do with you being nosey and worrying about something that doesn’t have nothing to do with you.

    1. The doctors are overreaching here, and the government is correcting them. Mutilating the bodies of children to justify your political beliefs is sick.

    1. @The Cheese Factor when did Trump say not to take the vaccine? Be kind of funny since he touted the vaccine as his victory. There’s evidence or what most people believe as science that mask don’t help. There’s a lot of surprising science behind it. You can test out the mask yourself to see how much vapor gets out. The covid-19 vaccine isn’t technically a vaccine, so I’ll wait a year to see how many people get sick off of it. If you only watch left wing news, you’ll miss a lot of information and science.

  6. Nothing but solutions for problems we don’t actually have, and blocking any potential progress for society. History shall remember.

    1. No it won’t. Focus on individuals gender and sexuality for a society is a condition that’s happened in the past and oddly ends up with a great civilization falling. So clearly we have learned nothing

    2. Please help…what makes a trans woman….a at birth woman?….its confusing….. how is this possible….we are mammals like the other animals that have live babies…..I’ve never seen a Male lion…become a female lion…I don’t understand

    3. Well history needs to wright it down right is right and wrong is wrong leave the children alone let them make decisions as a adult and men stay in your lane

    4. @Joe Maleski Greetings. Indeed, the study of societal collapse is a truly interesting subject. Unfortunately, gender had little to do with the causation of the declines. History teaches us that most collapses occur after a period of an anti-science, anti-intellectualism movement, usually rooted in religious beliefs, and fear of society leaning away from any certain religious text.

  7. We can’t boycott Arkansas because nothing is made there. Bass boats is the only thing I can think of.

    1. @Chris_P_Bacon hey Chris, great news is that you don’t have to live here and we don’t want you.

    2. @Shane Kasper The only time I’ve been to Arkansas is when my teammates and I traveled to that shabby stadium in Fayetteville to issue a beatdown to your hapless Razorbacks. WTF happened to that program? They were at least respectable back in the day.

    3. @C. Cadon do you have any evidence or data supporting that it won’t happen? Obviously, people are opposed to this type legislation of this sort for a reason. And that reason is certainly not because it hasn’t happened. If you are going to take a position on something use your own words and thoughts. The media has already overplayed this evidence nonsense and it is a weak argument.

  8. Southern GOP Govs boasted about ‘stealing’ corporate jobs from high-tax/high regulation states. But, they are coming to realize that those blue state companies are bringing their cultural identity and their more liberal workforce with them.

    1. We’ll straighten that out. We the people didn’t invite the anti American agenda to our states.

  9. “If you judge a person that you don’t even know by the tattoos they have, the piercings they have, the way they dress or by how they look to you in general, YOU are the one with the issue, not them. Stop the hate. Live and let live” ~ Momma (comic strip; October 26, 1970 – July 10, 2016)

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