GOP-Led Panel To Review Fulton County’s Elections


  1. Stop voter suppression. 15th amendment. The right of citizens of the US. shall not be denied the right to vote. All citizen votes count.

    1. @C D Every change that makes voting more difficult, complicated or just time consuming is the means by which the GOP try to discourage voting and chip away at the numbers of voters they believe are likely to vote against them, and that’s without including the problem of gerrymandering. I’m sure you would understand all this if you were not determined to vote for a fascist America?

    2. @C D sure can, removal of polling sites, republicans have done this for years, removal of ballot boxes, reduced days to request and return a ballot, ballot drop boxes are placed in a government only accessible during working hours. Now if you can’t figure out why or research why just these few are voter suppression then you either don’t want to face the facts or you just to lazy to do the work.

    3. @C D The Klu Klux Klan said the same thing you have in the 1950s and 1960s. “Liberal” was “Yankee” back then, but it was the same disingenuous hate and legal/political tricks to disenfranchise a targeted fraction of voters.

  2. If at first you don’t succeed , Lie Lie again . The Pointy White Hats Party had a makeover after the Grand Wizard wore his Red M.A.G.A Hat (Made in Chy-na ! )

    1. @Osv Carbajal Did you read this before you hit reply? Dr King would cry if he saw the state of this country and it’s race relations especially CRT…….

    1. @C Dthere were NOT 30k of biden ballots jammed through machines all your stupid crap has been debunked, you follow lies by trump, QANON, 4 chan and the likes.

    2. @C D you’re easily manupilated, kid. The assertion that they jammed 30k “Biden” votes through the machines after hours is absurd. I guess you also know how many ballots can be processed, opened, and scanned per minute as well, right?

  3. Hmmm…Fulton County? I wonder why the GOP doesn’t like Fulton County? Who would they single that particular county out? I just don’t understand.

    1. Right? It’s just that one particular county that they want to look at. Just like Maricopa county in AZ. Something about those counties is just suspicious in the minds of Republicans.

    2. Hmmmm…what could it be? 🤔 I know! FAR too many people in Maricopa & Fulton counties are voting according to their OWN interests! How DARE they! It’s like they are paying attention! INCONCEIVABLE!!!

    1. I’m a white woman, Democrat, waited 3 1/2 hours to vote in TX, after my polling place was closed at the last minute.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis Did the limit the number of breaths a voter can take while they wait? That seems reasonable to me–if it is applied only to Black and Democratic areas.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis Which is much like the law in New York. Are you prevented from bringing a water bottle or food with you? I’m much more concerned with the idea of limiting drop boxes, or allowing the state legislature to change the vote.

    4. @Deborah Freedman I know right, removing those reallying hinders the voters, creating longer lines and harder to to acces ballot boxes with them being in government buildings.

    1. @Sask Sun seekers House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul have a net worth of at least $66.1 million and as much as $315.7 million, much of it tied up in real estate, according to her 2020 annual financial disclosure, filed on Aug. 13 by the Clerk of the House.

      However, Paul Pelosi also trades stocks in big tech Silicon Valley companies, which has helped make Nancy the sixth wealthiest member of Congress, according to a 2020 analysis

    2. @Chris Lasprogata so you are just going to ignore the fact that Pelosi comes from wealth and owns a very successful vineyard?

    3. @Helen Short On January 6th the FBI quietly released documents related to Nancy Pelosi’s father. Thomas D’Alesandro Jr was investigated by the FBI in 1961 per a request from President John F. Kennedy.

      The document drop was released while Big Media and the Democrats were busy approving a stolen election and pushing the narrative that Trump supporters are violent. Her family money was from crime and taking bribes. Just like today

  4. If some had to wait 6 hrs to vote in 2020 there will be a 24hr wait time in 2024. Get your camping gear ready.

  5. This past week, Nova Scotia, Canada elected a new government. The liberal government had been in office since 2009, but lost to the Progressive Conservative party. This was a surprise loss as the polls suggested the liberals would be victorious. In his post election speech the outgoing premier indicated the people of Nova Scotia voted and have made their choice known. He congratulated the incoming premier and relayed he would work with the incoming government to ensure a smooth transition. The incoming premier thanked the outgoing premier for his kind words and thanked him for everything the Liberal government did to protect Nova Scotians through this difficult time. There was no mention of voter fraud, no indication of any political interference or corruption. Why? Canada learned their lessens back in the 60’s. Gerrymandering, political interference and dark money was taking over. Their democracy was at risk. It was decided by the majority and all of the political parties that corruption and partisan interference was a disease that needed to end. What was the result. People no longer question the results of elections. Re-districting is set by an independent commission in each province. Standard voting practices are universal across the country and in each province and there is no dark money allowed. Elections are free and fair. Canada put an end to their election issues in the 60’s and he we are still dealing with something other countries corrected 50 plus years ago.

    1. And Republicans think that countries which use socialist programs are all miserable and corrupt. Miserable and corrupt describes Republicans.

  6. This is just f*cking bizarre. Taking over a county with ZERO evidence of fraud, all white GOP board, and best of all in THE COUNTY TRUMP IS BEING INVESTIGATED FOR INTERFERING IN THAT ELECTION! Nuts! Someone needs to take this to court.

    1. Wait until they pass the GOP voter suppression laws – they won’t need panels, the red state legislatures will just overturn the results if they lean Democratic. 🙄

    2. @Lisa Ortiz that’s exactly GOP plan, Lisa & Democracy & common decency is done in USA. GOP has already killed nearly 3/4million Americans with a preventable plague-what’s stopping them from installing autocratic, theocratic, Apartheid gov’t in USA?-GOP has proved they’re fascists & the idiots who vote for them think they’re stupid red hats will exempt them & their children from the horrors of fascism. GOP DESPOTS won’t need those idiots after they make USA like North Korea. GOP & Trump’s insane, despotic acts in last few years is evidence enough that if Americans don’t fight back-use what power we have left-we are in grave danger of losing all our rights. & fukinidiots think a paper mask violates their freedoms

  7. No one in Republican world can see the ” crazy ” and the ” racist ” in wanting to audit those areas that Biden won by 10 s of thousands of votes ……those areas won by Trump by much smaller numbers are somehow seen as ” fair ” and Legal ” I m a white guy , to suggest that whites don’t cheat is beyond stupid …

    1. What do Nazi white supremacists do? This is what they do they stir trouble they want Black folks waiting in line doesn’t matter if they are old sick, rich, poor if your black they don’t want you voting and if you keep raising up Abt it not being fair next they will send send a lynching mob to your neighborhood.

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