GOP Lies About Election, Covid Threaten Democracy | MSNBC 1

GOP Lies About Election, Covid Threaten Democracy | MSNBC


NBC News reporter Ben Collins joins Ali Velshi to discuss how crazy conspiracy theories about election fraud and vaccine hesitancy are “dovetailing with the mainstream of the Republican Party” and how to confront the reality and the cynicism at the root of “one dog whistle that Donald Trump perfected.”

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  1. It QAnon, The My Pillow Guy, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Old Trump and the new GOP has democratised full blown crazy.

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 oh nice his post have been deleted i think finaly youtube have caught on to him and bane the pos. He’s been trolling here for a good while.

  2. Both problems are easy to fix. We need to give people the means to navigate misinformation and disinformation effectively. We need to incorporate logic and epistemology into the curriculum of primary education. Critical thought is learned. We are not born with it

    1. @Okay- -You’re right I couldn’t quite remember exactly what his middle name was its Neil degrasse Tyson.

    2. @wily wascal the curriculum of primary education do not currently contain logic and epistemology. I do not know the sort of education that you received, or how it led you to gain the relevant skill, or why it did not to other people. But critical thought requires being taught. It requieres logic and epistemology, if learned, then one becomes capable of critical thought.

      We teach maths at school, and we all learn maths even if proficiency levels vary. To say that some people may not be able to think critically, is akin to sayin that some people may not be able to learn math. Which is false. Everyone can.

      At some point in our history we deemed it necessary to teach people how to read. How to do math. To know our history. We are at a similar moment. With the advent of social media it has become painfully evident that the ignorance and ineptitude of people can affect us all. Decrease the quality of everyone’s life. We need to make our citizenry critically adept. That is the problem, it has been identified. People do not know how to tell apart truth from falsehood.

    3. @Venanzio Calise no. Nobody is. Just like nobody is born knowing how to do maths or read.

  3. Remember the first day of Trump’s Inauguration? He stated that he had more people at his inauguration than Obama, this is the same guy that thinks he had more votes than Biden. See a pattern?

    1. @Nic Moreno Antifa is a loosely knit, radical communist revolutionary group. Note that their symbol, with the two flags, is almost identical to the emblem of the German Communist Party from the early 1930s. They even use the same slogan – ‘Anti-Fascist Action’. Hitler was bad news. Antifa is bad news.

    2. @Nic Moreno No. I am American, born and bred. I chose the screen name out of respect for a Hindu saint who lived in the last century.

    3. @Maharajji NKB ROFL. Yes, of course you did. It was the secret photo only visible to Trump supporters. I believe shortly after you saw the photo a squadron of flying pigs flew over Washington. Or to put it another way: what a stupid liar you are.

    4. @Andrew Mitchell I found the photos in just a few seconds, searching on Bing. Type “high def photos of Trump inauguration”. But no. You people are too busy parroting the false narratives.

    5. @Maharajji NKB I did that search and it did not give enough to make any such comparison. But then I typed in the same but with Obama instead of Trump, and there’s a shot there which can be compared with one of the Trump photos. In the distance there’s some sort of obelisk thing. The Obama crowd reaches that obelisk, the Trump crowd does not.

    1. Agreed and we want to see accountability and justice for it that dark day in US history we will NEVER forget

    1. That’s right. Presidents and political parties help no one but their donors and themselves. They use politics to further steal money from their voters.

    2. @Creative Production Chairman/CEO Damien D-king You mean like trump taxing the poor an tax breaks to the rich. Enjoy

  4. You cannot discount religiosity in this conversation.
    People who believe fairy tales tend to believe fairy tales.

    1. Like balanced budgets? The benevolence of corporations and government’s?
      Face it, religion and government’s are, at least partially, counterweights. If my party of government does not produce, the other party grabs God, invokes Him, and beats me at the polls.
      Likewise, if some theocrat tries to get too strong, the political folks mention that one religious denomination will oppress others , unless secular civics is imposed. Also, that they can always be taxed, if they push it.

  5. Being a Republican doesn’t make you the worst person in the world, but if you’re the worst person in the world, you’re a Republican

    1. @Kishan Rao
      That is incorrect. I offered my ID when I voted and it was refused. All that I had to do was verbally state my name and address.

    2. @Ordinary Mo
      You could not have been my daddy. My father was a man. And further he did not about questions with childish behavior.
      I would have to have the slightest bit of respect for you, which I do not, for anything you say to have affect me at all.
      Time to mute you as you bore me at this point.

    3. @Kishan Rao Ca.,Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Masachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregan, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Wyoming. require no identifucation, many States require non- photo ID…as of yet we are waiting for a photo ID in all states to vote, but that is on hold cause the Democrats think 1/2 the US citizens are too stupid to get a photo ID….

  6. If you are NOT vaxed by tomorrow, NO HEALTHCARE for YOU if you get covid!! Enough is enough!! EFF em all!

    1. You may not know how right you are. A news channel reported a nurse shortage across the country. Frustrated nurese are retiring or just dropping out. They’re tired of the risks of dropping like flys because people refused to vaccinate.

    2. I’m a 64 year old Father of two adults who won’t get the vaccine. I have and will get the booster when its recommended. Both my kids are Veterans and both are great parents and both work hard and contribute to society so imagine my struggle with telling you that you are right.

    1. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Interesting to note that you are suggesting preventing people from expressing their views. Very Democratic of you.

    2. @GeneralPatton88 If Lincoln ran for President today, his views, beliefs and policies would align with liberal Democrats. Read what happened before the Civil War.

  7. Maybe electing a reality TV host who dodged the draft,
    is a compulsive liar,
    and cheats at golf
    was a bad idea.

    1. Has so many allegations of sexual assault against him Wikipedia has a separate page just to list them all.

    2. See … it’s the maybe part that has us in trouble. There’s NO doubt it was a bad idea. He was the most UN-qualified candidate I could think of.

      The lady in the pants suit WAS actually qualified for the job. She had THE most experience of perhaps ANY candidate ever for the job of President. Hilary would have made for a great President who would have maintained Democracy and Decency in America.

    3. FWIW, he loss by 3 million votes. This electoral college nonsense, which ignores the democratic process, put him in the Oval Office.

  8. Trump lies each time he opens his mouth. And the enablers belive him. What does it tells you about the enablers?

    1. Then why are you and MSNBC trying so hard to convince the 75% if Americans that is was nothing, get a life, not all convincing

    2. @J Wright 75% ??????? Where did you get that number?
      However, if you call presenting actual facts that Biden won and Trump lost, versus the right wing loonies just saying “Trust Me, the election was stolen” convincing people. Then, I guess yes, we are doing that. Of course Mike Lindell running off the stage when his lies were exposed, during the cyber symposium that HE SET UP, should be convincing enough.

  9. It is no coincidence this divorce from reason, science and reality is happening in the age of Facebook and twitter.

    1. Absolutely! The advent of social media will be seen (is being seen) as a seminal moment in the downfall of truth, science, research, investigative reporting, reason and just plain common sense. Right up there with agriculture and gunpowder in its virulently negative impact on human society. If we can’t figure out how to start teaching critical thinking again, we’re doomed.

  10. It’s a delicate situation. If anyone (especially the government) tries to confront these deluded people with facts, they will think they are being discriminated against (that having ideas imposed on them) and hold onto their delusions even harder. Or worst, they band together against a common enemy and do something violent.

  11. The worst Presidents we’ve had since America has existed have all understood the peaceful transfer of power. Trump is the first one not to. And here we are.

    1. There was actually a presidential election during the Civil War in 1864. It was not a sure thing that Lincoln was going to be re-elected. Would there have been a transfer of power if he had lost? Yes.

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