GOP May Have ‘Had Buyer’s Remorse’ After Not Supporting Jan. 6 Committee 1

GOP May Have ‘Had Buyer’s Remorse’ After Not Supporting Jan. 6 Committee

NBC's Leigh Ann Caldwell reports on misgivings from some Republicans for not supporting a nonpartisan Jan. 6th commission in the House. 

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    1. @A T – False comparison, apples & oranges. And everyone knows it!

      The peaceful protests were a direct result of public OUTRAGE at NEEDLESS & EXCESSIVE police violence. 99% of the acts of rioting were done by an opportunistic criminal element that took advantage of overwhelmed local police that were already trying to manage crowd control.

      Stop being a typical DISHONEST cult 45 troll and conflating the peaceful protesters w the small group of rioters.

      BLM is about protecting CIVIL RIGHTS.

      The armed cult 45 Jan 6th domestic TERRORISTS were attempting a coup to OVERTHROW A 100% LEGIT ELECTION!

    2. @A T
      Was killing George Floyd and Breonna Taylor a part of the police’s work? Also, 93% of the BLM protests were peaceful and again, most of the rioting were caused by the police and counterprotesters (according to usa today). Those are the ones who should be investigated.

    3. 5 Years? you must be awfully young….Same thing for at least 30 years if not 50. Remember the republicans have been losing base for at least 50 years and recruiting anyone they can get for that long too. This has led to the degradation of their party. It is time for the conservative party to die…let a new one spring up if they can.

    4. @Blue Perspective You just used the term cult. That trope is popular in far left regressive circles. They use it to describe Trump supporters. The unrest we saw on Jan 6 was a Political Justice Rally that some people took too far. A few hours on a single day. It’s small time compared to a year and a half of sustained terror, insurrection and extreme violence in cities all across the country. That’s our primary focus. That’s our main concern. We control the national discourse, framing and narrative. You don’t. Your side has been neutered of power in that regard.


  1. The GOP, by not offering to be part of the solution is definitely highlighting that they are part of the problem.

    1. They simply just don’t care. It’s fascism at its best. Those that don’t see it are blind.

    1. @Linda Wilkinson I agree. He’s as level headed as they get. He knew Trump was a Cretin all along and he did stand his ground. He has even said that his party is going down. Wish he’d change some of his values and jump the fence.

    2. @Jeremy Schissler please don’t tell me you’re comparing trump to Jesus. Because that would be worse than comparing Washington to Benedict Arnold. That right there, is why people say you’re in a cult.

    1. The objective is to make Pelosi look stupid, radical, undemocratic, and totalitarian. Mission accomplished.

    2. @dls951
      Trumpublicans made their bed and now they get to lay in it.
      You’re trying to equate this with the Russia Collusion investigation? You mean the investigation in Russian election interference that was started by Trump’s own DOJ? We still don’t know who was behind the attack on January 6th. We saw the Trump supporters storm the Capitol Building, but we don’t know who did things like limit the number of Capitol Police, who tore out the panic buttons in Democratic legislators’ offices, who led the “tours” of the Capitol Building in the days leading up to the attack, and basically who really masterminded the whole thing.
      The Republicans investigated the crap out of Benghazi and even admitted they did it to try to make Clinton look bad. The Republicans spent almost $100 million investigating pretty much everything Bill Clinton ever did looking for even the tiniest shred of dirt to use against him. If you’re going to accuse Democrats of doing investigations for purely partisan reasons, you might want to stop and think about all of the times where Republicans did exactly that before trying to accuse Democrats of doing it. Pot, kettle and all that kek.

    3. @Ethan Weeter … maybe a government investigation would help him find proof of who was there and what really happened? That should clear things up!

    4. @keir farnum-
      He managed to get Pelosi to rage and subvert democracy.
      Independent voters will be voting republican in 2022.
      Not smart? Bwahahahahaha!!

  2. He chose those people so he can have an excuse for pulling them all, so stupid of him, taking advice from TRUMP

    1. @Edwin Arnold Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) said today that he voted to cut funding for U.S. research….this was in 2012

    2. @Briank3977 Hey Einstien, Jan. 6 was worse because Your Buddies tried to over throw the U.S. Gov’t, and that’s just part of it. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between a Riot and an INSURRECUCTION attempt on the U.S. Government, and threatening the lives of Elected Officials>>>>>KAREN !

    3. @Cassandra Lord that’d be who I was referring 2, but I don’t think their memory goes back that far anyways lol

    4. @Briank3977 Are u for real? Umm let’s see they didn’t break and vandalize the capitol they didn’t attack police… should i go on?

    5. Very few times by civil protestors. Most of the damage & attacks on police & commercial buildings were done after dark by imported from outside the state RW provocateurs, according to their own IDs!!

    1. Remorse is not a word we should ever associate with the GOP. They might try to re-strategize to achieve some ends, but they’ve literally been selling the country to the highest dark money bidders for long enough now with no sign of stopping. They can’t see the future ahead in order to plan for it, they only worry about making a power and money grab for themselves in the now. Remorse isn’t the word here.

  3. You can’t support the attack on the Capitol, and investigating it. The Republicans made their choice way back in January.

    1. @Jeremy Schissler Haven’t you noticed how the troll and Republicans keep saying MSNBS and CNN are fake news? Have you also noticed that the Ex-president Donald J. Dump has invited journalists from these stations to Mara-log-go to sit down and interview him for hours upon hours, to write a book about him? So who’s actually being fake?

    2. @Casey smith No, it was not just “one guy”, it was also the the 139 Republican Representatives and 8 Republican Senators who voted to object to accepting the lawful vote for Joe Biden and by doing so provided aid and comfort to the insurrectionists.

    3. @Jeremy Schissler Hehe… I guess you don’t own a TV, huh, Jer? Because the rest of us out here actually saw the whole disgusting thing unfold right before our eyes – on our VERY OWN TV’s – on January 6th, and it wasn’t any “peaceful” protest. Not even close.

  4. McCarthy putting Jordan among his committee picks is like putting an abetter on the jury for a murder trial.

    1. The only reason McCarthy put Rep. Jim Jordan on the committee was to OBSTRUCT everything and to create a s**t show in a dumpster fire. McCarthy was putting Jordan on the committee to please his CULT Master Trump.

    2. @Charles Reid noun: abetter
      a person who encourages or assists someone to do something wrong, in particular to commit a crime.

    3. @David Bennett – All the Democrats on this committee are enablers! LOL!! You stepped in that one, didn’t you

    4. @Briank3977 wow !!! Patriot jim jordan and mat gaetz ???? jordan he is protected a OSU doctor that molested osu wrestlers and gaetz like sleeping with under age girl’s
      And that what a patriot is to you ????????? Than your must be swooning over mussolini stalin and hitler…

  5. Vote Democrat or INDEPENDENT if for no other reason to give this Administration’s DOJ time to investigate any and all Corruption in our political system. Regardless of party affiliation.

    1. @John Underwood If you are so smart then explain why minorities suffer the most in blue states and cities versus red ones? Look at the most dangerous cities in America and they are all Democrat run.

    2. If you’re talking about the Russia investigation, that didn’t come up with ‘0’. It resulted in convictions. Meanwhile, anything new with Obamagate?

    3. @The Sovereign lmfao. Who cares about profits? Blue state policies is what makes minorities suffer. Lmfao you bring up profits go look at San Francisco or New York city and tell me how profits are making those cities better.

    1. The GOP has pretty well done as they pleased since the Cold War ended without nearly enough pushback from the public. I’m sure they’re very confused about why we suddenly want answers.

  6. Republican Senator McCarthy was a fascist intent on destroying democracy and imposing tyranny. Seems this McCarthy is carrying on that one’s deplorable legacy.

  7. Of course every Republican wanted locked Commission that’s what you do when you’re complicit

    1. The Republicans want the Democrats to create another Kavanaugh-style hearing. It will send independent voters to the Republicans.

    2. @free thinker – Oh what a crock of BS!

      Trumpists have used that lame deepstate myth to excuse EVERYTHING their orange hobgoblin is held accountable for.

      45 is NOT above the law anymore than you and I, or any of our neighbors.

      Deepstate is as real as Pizzagate – FAKE NEWS probably made up by fake Qanon!

      Now go drink another toxic orange Kool-Aid lol!

    1. @strout899 I think that Edwin Arnold is just trying to confirm that old adage about how one can distinguish between a democrat and a republican:
      > a democrat is able to tell the difference between an argument and fact versus opinion and belief
      > a republican thinks opinion and belief constitutes argument and fact.

    2. @Edwin Arnold Your absolutely the prime example of self imposed ignorance and unparalleled stupidity. Continue to live in your fantasy reality along with the morally corrupt and spiritually dead that you serve.

    3. @Bella – we started an exchange program with Cuba. I sent your name. You will be there two weeks and then be screaming to come back

  8. Republicans have broken their oath of office in this. Talk about that and hold them to it.

    1. @Michelle Michon The federal Government is responsible for the security of our borders are u aware of that. When what day is it Joe put his hand on the bible he swore he would do so he Lied like a pony soldier. But I guess being a Dematard you think all is peachy at our southern border right.

    2. @Zennbubba Don’t fall for the spin. Politicians have been using it to distract for decades. Joe knows and is doing a fine job.

    3. @Michelle Michon The spin so I guess you have your head stuck wwwwwaaaa deep in the sand if you think what is going on at our southern border is some type of Fox spin??? We are in the highest numbers of illegal crossings in history the number of Fentanyl related deaths up 30% God only knows how many with covid have crossed 27,000 agents have been infected. Yep he is doing great .

    4. @Zennbubba No. My family happen to have settled South Texas and the border issue is as old as Texas itself. If you believe Fox, you need more help than I could ever give. Bless your heart.

    1. @Leonie Romanes hate properly directed and used is a powerful human emotion that gives us the strength and determination to win Battles……the left does not understand hate in its purest form and says don’t hate to weaken its victims and stop them from fighting back against their oppressors.

    2. @Ghost Little slow on the math there Ghost. If that were true Trump would still be President, and like the stock market Biden’s approval went up. I would bet no more than 50 million want him, which is why he gave us two seats in GA , the senate, and they are left trying to figure out how to still have a voice…like in this

    3. @Briand Beaudin LMAO ….Ghost says he no longer has anything in common with his old democratic party, trashes Biden , then hilariously claims 100 million want Trump. No wonder these clowns think Trump won, Biden’s approval has gone up like the stock market, and they think the voters miss Trumpy…LOL

  9. Lmfao watch McCarthy and the GOP still call it a sham and a witch-hunt. He lost all credibility by pulling his picks.

  10. The Republicans wants to have their cake and eat it too! They shouldn’t have a problem with Liz Cheney working with the Democrats. They don’t see anything wrong with Machine and Sinema working with them. They got a big laugh out of how they are blocking the Infrastructure bill. Karma is alive and well .

  11. McCarthy is probably involved in jan 6. he’s trying desperately to protect himself because he knows Trump wouldn’t protect him

    1. @Bren Lane I 100% that sentiment. I have not been impressed by the republican platform for decades ( even though I was born and raised republican), but I think her stance on the truth ( which may be nothing more then revenge, but so be it. It is at least legitimate revenge) is what is needed to heal our country. We need to expose the corruption to the air.

    2. @cc 1k I was giving McCarthy the benefit of the doubt, but who am I kidding, right? LOL, He added Jordan to the committee to disrupt the investigation and distract from Republican wrongdoing that will potential get revealed.

    3. ​@Dale Hartley I do believe she wants to preserve our democracy and I hope she follows her words with action. She could come out of this smelling like a rose and future GOP leader.

      P.S. I’m not big on revenge, however, I’m a huge Star Trek fan, so to quote, Khan Noonan Singh, “Revenge is a dish best served cold!” LOL

    4. @Bren Lane lol, I just finished watching the STNG series again, so I appreciate the comment ( even though that was not part of the NG series I have watched them all. I too am a fan… Of most sci fi actually)
      I only note that revenge is part of the legal system, and Liz was put in deadly jeopardy by the actions of some congressmen and trump. She is also a staunch conservative, so it is natural that she would want revenge.
      Personally I hope she gets it. I understand that violence begets violence ( I really like Gandhi’s thoughts), but Liz is not advocating for violence, but responsibility and holding perpetrators to their criminal misdeed.
      Pfft 😉 Ill step off my soap box… You have a good one.

    1. @Scott Harrison

      Go put you tin hat on & watch Fox, NewsMax or Oan. You apparently don’t have the intelligence for C-Span or anything else.

    2. @Donna – there are about 10 people who should be charged with felonies, but all the rest will be charged with misdemeanor trespassing.

    3. @eric brosofske Dude, you are so lost. Why don’t you educate yourself on how elections work. Your orange buffoon was voted out by 81,000,000 people. Not all voted for Biden, but all voted against Trump. Use your common sense, Dude. It is your friend!

    1. But we could get one of those things the Romans used to hurl boulders and see if that is far enough to trust him……..TRumps famous words “what do you got to lose” I hear they can fling a person 150 feet…lol

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