GOP Not Offering Anything For The Power They Want: Joy Reid On GOP 1

GOP Not Offering Anything For The Power They Want: Joy Reid On GOP


Across the country at all levels of government republicans are continuing to spread “the big lie.” Joy says, “in a Trump dominated world, it's not clear what they stand for or what they're actually offering the American people in exchange for the one thing they clearly want: power for themselves.”
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    1. @Do no harm YOu must be paid trolls because NO reasonable person in America is supporting Biden’s dsstruction.

    2. @Trey Sharpe YOu mean the ones who SQUELCHED the voice of thier constituents by unilaterally changing election law to enable a leftist victory? Biden is NOT properly elected….the Senate records state so.

    3. @Heritage Karma 81 million support him. And his approval rating keeps going up. But when you reside in lala land and refuse to walk in reality I understand trumpie.

    4. @Heritage Karma haven’t you noticed that everyone else sees reality differently than you? You’re all alone on your fantasy island

    5. @Heritage Karma In fact, this is utter right wing drivel, and has been REPEATEDLY disproven.
      Even Bill Barr, trumpist slimeball that he is, acknowledged that Biden was fairly elected, and that there was zero evidence of rampant voter fraud.
      And, interestingly, the only REAL voter fraud that’s been found was perpetrated by Republicans.

    1. @eltorocal It’s a Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever. And yes, that’s an actual anime quote.

    2. @Dawn Johnson It’s mostly Americans that never learn their lesson. The rest of the civilized world has for the most part.

    3. About time the F word started becoming more prominent in describing the right wing of the US. You have to remember that they embraced German leadership in the 30s for a reason, after that global conflict, they rescued many in fascist leadership and made them part of the US system. They even deeply infected the CIA with their ideology, which made it acceptable for that organization to prevent democracies from developing without the burden of criminal regimes led by military strongmen. Latin America is a hot mess that anyone with a brain and courage is trying to escape because of the way the US has interfered in their politics.

    4. @7sArts The Republicans started to embrace fascism when Dubya decided to illegally invade Iraq in 2003.

    1. New Living Translation
      So now we can rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God because our Lord Jesus Christ has made us friends of God. Romans 5:11

    2. @Wholesaler Gal I used to have a plastic Jesus on my dashboard. I ran twenty red lights in his arms.

    1. The games the Demonrats are playing seem erily similar to the playbook around what Hitler actually fought against in his early days, made Germany fall in love with him, and the country rally behind him.. then the Communist came to town… All of the sudden If you are a patriot… Your painted as traitor (Jan.6th) … Use media… “propaganda” (CNN,abc,msnc) to convince people not to believe in patriotic beliefs/ ideas and to shut up and continually believe the “the Nazis are bad”…(orange man bad) narritave promoted by the “communist” (modern day American Socialist)… Label him as “authoritarian”, “fascist”, “racist”, (literally all the Demonrat media did for Trump’s 4 yrs) so more and more people feel guilty for associating with that person…oh yeah… They continually called him Hitler.. and his followers Nazis… Only communist and Demonrat f***wads say that.. Same playbook that has brought down many nations in history… Now the Demonrats are using the same tactics against America and American Patriots…Just remember Demonrats… The Patriots have far more firepower and have much better aim…

    2. @Longdong Johnson um, commercial break! so WHO is doing all those things you are railing about? or are you just counting on people being so stupid they believe your “accounting” of actual “facts”? You hope people don’t read up on the actual story, imho, as your narrative is so twisted…ah, a troll. got it. (joined dec26, which would be 27th for this guy)…yes, we do have a lot of idiots (so do you), but I choose to believe that most Americans recognize when they are being attacked. night, Troll…

  1. Maricopa County should sue every Arizona senator who voted for the bonkers cyber ninja fraudit to cover the cost of replacing all their voting machines. Perhaps they should include the judge who forced them to comply with this idiocy.

    1. @Karen Hammonds they won’t be paying, the citizens will. Hope all these wonderful trump cult members appreciate what he did for them.

    2. @Vicki Bertrand Yep, they will…what I meant was that the republiCON legislature will have to pay more out of the coffers themselves first, then charge it back (increased taxes) to the the tRump cultists, who will in turn, moan and complain to their republiCON legislature, and hopefully vote them out….if they finally ween themselves off of the tRump koolaid, that is. Either way, the tRump cultists will have the gall to blame Biden and the dems, of course.

  2. Of course the machines in Arizona have been tampered with. You can take that as a given.

    1. One group or another. But I’m betting on the cyber guys. Btw, those computers cannot be reused, according to homeland security.

  3. the GOP has one policy, to overthrow democracy and install a fascist regime, in 23 states they’ve gotten control over the vote, their conspiracy is almost complete. If congress, the judicial and executive branch’s don’t stop them, there will be no more democracy.

  4. You’re very right Joy on your reviews, at all times, I love your comments and comentores each day, Ted Cruz Mark Arubio and the governor in Florida, are all Hispanic descendants of Mexico and Cuba, they are Hispanic themselves, and hated their own people. It’s so sad .

    1. I hope that Charlie Crist wins the election for governor in Florida and remove DeSantis from office. We also need Val Demings to take Marco Rubio seat in the senate in 2022. We need Tim Ryan and John Fetterman in the senate.

  5. Clear and concise Joy. Sadly it will be lost on the conspiracy crew that don’t have enough IQ to understand the logic.

  6. Thank you for your reporting. The disgrace in Maricopa county should set the standard of corruption and conspiracy madness. How is the Arizona head of state still in office? Don’t they have confidence votes? It seems that the MacCarthy method just happens with a nod and a wink? Get rid of the nut jobs.

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