GOP official says Trump called him last week about overturning 2020 election

GOP official says Trump called him last week about overturning 2020 election 1


  1. Republicans “we aren’t going to talk about 01/06. Thats in the past and we’re looking into the future ”

    Also Republicans “so let’s talk about the 2020 election. “

    1. @Jason Blaha Never heard anybody mock her accent but they did mock her for plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech.

    1. @Patriotz Finder If you look at when they joined YT you may notice that it is the same date. I have a larger list than what you just posted. ✌

  2. If ever you’re feeling depressed, remember there are millions of Americans who worship Trump as God. … oh wait..

    1. Kristy Campbell, Kenia McGuire, Andrea Madden, NBA1, Mohamed Trevino 👈 spamming useless links at copy paste Trump racketeer speed.

  3. In an interview, Tony Schwartz, the journalist who wrote Trump’s “The Art of the Deal,” said of Trump “Lying is second nature to him, more than anyone else I have ever met. Trump has the ability to convince himself that whatever he is saying at any given moment is true, or sort of true, or at least ought to be true.”

    Schwartz:, “He lied strategically. He had a complete lack of conscience about it.” Since most people are “constrained by the truth,” Trump’s indifference to it “gave him a strange advantage.”

    Schwartz: ” When challenged about the facts, Trump would often double down, repeat himself, and grow belligerent.”

    Schwartz described a man constitutionally incapable of logic, moral reasoning or self-reflection.

    1. Schwartz also said something to the effect of, “Trump would be emperor of the world if he could.” That single statement is all you need to know about the mind of Donald Trump.

  4. Every single Democrat and every single Independent needs to vote like their life depends on it. SO sick of these people! 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

    1. @Bob Lister kept energy prices and inflation down for a start !!!!! Kept the first amendmemt intact for 2. Could go on and on. But let’s start with those 2

  5. these goons have no sense of honour, and don’t feel shame and have no boundaries…Creeps…Bigot creeps…and the GOP leaders have absolutely no balls to stop them..

    1. @Harold Moore Beem hearing for years that Trump is going to prison yet hasn’t happened. I love how anyone that knows it isn’t goingto happen is a clown lol. You know the thing I’m goingto end cancer

  6. Freedom of speech has a limit to when a person decides to oppose the US Constitution where the Rights itself was granted.

    1. Also against the right to privacy for women and little girls who could potentially get pregnant, & their families & doctors. And they’re also against the right to free travel between the states, for the same people. And those are just the start.

  7. The only way I would take any call from Trump is with the speaker on, my attorney present, and recording everything.

  8. He invited
    He incited
    They rioted
    Then he denied it
    Even though he’d implied it
    Now he MUST be indicted!

    1. @JR Porter I mean ima keep talking to ya. Cause I like punching bags. You see I use to be a bully 2 then I turned over a new leaf. That’s why I know your play book. Sooooo if you think we are done, we are not. Soon I’ll start commenting on some of the other videos your chatting. So more people can see what your made of. 😀 I can’t help it I get a hard on putting people in places. I’m just sooooo good at it. I can’t stop. Making you my 🐕 is always and I say ALWAYS a bonus

    2. @JR Porter enlighten me, what is unkempt? The oceans has fish, few and privileged are those who are here or swim by! 🏊‍♂ 😂😂👏👏🏝💋🌊🌊

    3. @Enough you don’t know what unkempt means but you were a teacher? Also the oceans “have” fish, not “has”. Are you pulling my leg about the teacher gig? 😂 Also, why would a teacher get banned from YT a year ago? Have you been naughty, Teach? 😂

    1. @Steven The abc and sometimes d I understand the frustration w/ Garland; however, he must have an air tight case against Trump to ensure conviction. There are just too many factors that make conviction (beyond a reasonable doubt is the thing) difficult. I suspect the strategy is to charge those around Trump, including the misguided men & women who stormed the Capitol, & leave Trump a constant pain in the electoral backside. Remember there were many convictions connected to Watergate; however, Richard Nixon was not brought to trial. The pardon was an admission of guilt; but conviction would have been just as difficult as it is now w/ Trump. The conviction of those involved is essential as is the isolation of every elected official in the country who does not clear state that anyone connected w/ an attempt to interfere w/ the peaceful transfer of governance should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
      If these Republicans cannot say, ‘Trump should have taken measures to deter & call off the men/women who acted illegally on Jan 6th in the Capitol”, they should be voted out of office. Make America great again……the world no longer sees America as great when it allows this foolish notion of the election being stolen to continue to have traction.

  9. While we are correct to be appalled by the call to Vos it should be understood that Vos was more than likely not the only one he called. Others that he attempted to corrupt probably rejected him but did not report it for fear that it would be possible political suicide. This is really sad for our country and the Republican Party.

    1. these Republicans need to read a book called Profiles In Courage by John F Kennedy which tells about politicians who did the right thing and stood up for the people the represented and did not worrie about their political future.

  10. These recordings of Tapper of CNN, must be played to the US public for the next 1000 years. The next generations, need to believe how these fools turned their backs on us. These broadcasts must be part of school curricullums all over the US and the world at large.

  11. Imagine a child asking for a do-over on last summer’s family vacation. “I’m sorry Donnie, we cannot now go the beach last summer; we already went to the mountains.” Then Donnie goes to school and complains how unfair his parents are. Then his friends accuse Donnie’s parents of being “parents in name only” – PINO’s. And, folks, that is where we stand as a nation. These are not “mid-terms” coming up. These next elections are for the survival of the nation. (D) for drive; (R) for reverse.

    1. @Preston Roberts You are in the wrong country then. Move to Saudi Arabia. You’ll feel right at home there.

  12. Rusty Bowers seems very credible and looks like he told the truth. He shouldn’t have been censured. That’s truly disgraceful

  13. When the party punishes you for obeying a subpoena, a legal requirement, why are you still a member of that party when you obey the law and they are lawless???

    1. @Paul Ranger beware of the loudest voices wrapped in the flag and wearing their religion on their sleeve

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