1. ?? Hypocrisy what lol… do you know what a family is??? U think they agree on everything hahahah

      Imagine a farther and son dissagee on how that son should live his life yet the father still loves his son and will attend his gay wedding even tho they dissagree…. wow… it’s almost like there a family or something……. so crazy

  1. With no consequences for criminality for the Trump crime family?
    — why would any Republican think mere hypocrisy is off limits?
    What bull💩.

    1. @ZMAN 420 The only thing that matters is ‘
      ” THUS SAYS THE LORD ” now repent you sinner.

    2. @jim perkins what if they make a law that ppl named jim need to pay an extra $10000 per year in taxes but ppl names gym don’t….

  2. He’s a hypocrite, that’s the true definition of a hypocrite, he should be ashamed of his decision to vote against gays marriage.

    1. I know right….. it’s like even tho they dissagree on the sons life they still love each other.. almost like there a family or something…. it’s just ming boggling… i hope you can feel the sarcasm

  3. Only a person with no moral compass, integrity, self esteem and loyalty could ever behave this way.

    1. @truth matters
      “Real Christians…”
      ROTFLMAO !!!!
      The good old dishonest “No true scottsman fallacy”.
      Good job Skippy, so far in this comment thread your batting a thousand, with every dishonest buybile thumping trope that you can muster.

  4. Understand that these GOP congressmen don’t care about hypocrisy. They wear it like a badge of honor and rejoice when accused of hypocrisy.

  5. If he were my father he defiantly wouldn’t get an invitation. A wedding is a happy affair where ‘everyone’ wishes the couple well. Having a family member so publicly opposed to gay marriage could only ‘sour’ the occasion. Anyone against ‘love’ between two human beings regardless of their sex is just hateful and probably not confident of their own sexuality. John Lennon said it best ‘Any love is good, there is too much hate in this world’ 👍👍👍

    1. @Jason Blaha having people in your business is the price paid to enter public life.
      and if you have a moral conviction, you should stand by it. goes to character.

    2. @Ross McAdie It’s entirely up to Jim and his son. It’s not up to you. I have differences of opinion to my friends and family but we don’t let that affect our relationships

    3. @Don a little bit of reading comprehension problem? Please read my original post. then my response.

  6. I’m with her. Even if it is a parent I wouldn’t welcome them under such circumstances.

    1. ‘I’m with her. Even if it is a parent I wouldn’t welcome them under such circumstances.’ Sane and moral people wouldn’t participate in a glamorized s0d0mite event to begin with.

    2. @CynJ Williams What happed to that “judge not lest ye be judged” ? Oh, that’s not your style though. 🤢

    1. @Don Newton no. What I mean is that some people thought they could change a definition of a word that has always been defined as a union between a man and a woman. Those people don’t have the authority to do that. Marriage can NOT be a union between people of the same sex.

    2. @Warren Goss As humans (the ones that invented language) we agree upon the meanings of words. There is no wizard somewhere who decides what words mean. And dictionaries record those “agreed upon” words and the definition that we’ve all agreed upon, as a society. But I guess you’re better than than us, so maybe we should all do what you want.

  7. He claimed it was a show vote. Then, why didn’t he show his support and vote yes? Who is he “showing off” to?

    You know what else disgusts me about conservatives is they only change their mind when they know someone who it affects personally. Are these people completely devoid of empathy for the other unknowns?

  8. What a back stabbing SOB!!
    It’s heart-breaking, really!!
    We had the fight, we marched in the marches, people voted and we (lesbians and gays) WON. It SHOULD BE a done deal!! Let us live our lives now and leave us alone…PLEASE!!!!

  9. I love when republican lawmakers say that this bill is unnecessary and just for show when dems should be dealing with real issues and then still vote no on anything dems put forward to deal with those same “real issues”. IDK why nobody calls them out on their BS.

  10. He put politics ahead of his son’s happiness, hoping that someone else would do something he couldn’t do. The hypocrisy is real.

    1. @Ryan Rickaby actually, I’m from a republican family and my uncles did not marry until they reached a point where it was smart for them to finally.

    2. @BigBadJerry Rogers it’s not hyporacy lol he does oppose gay marriage…. he also loves his son and will attend this gay wedding….. I don’t understand why you can’t grasp this lol…. it’s called family… it don’t matter if the disagreement is about wallpaper or life style….you guys know what nuance is right?

    3. He put politics ahead of his family, he’s country, and people. Politics is power and a paycheck for life.

  11. My first thought was “well i wouldn’t have invited my father” in that case but my second thought was that I would make damn sure he attended and then call the press to report the hypocrisy 👏👏

  12. To be clear, Marco Rubio is saying anyone who fits under that category is a “stupid waste of time” We are talking about human beings!!! They are Americans, who also deserve to have their rights protected.

    1. considering that “Gay Marriage” has existed for less time than Roe did I feel that the bill is not a waste of time since it would take less time to codify it now than fight to get back later. Roe is likely to result in women dying due to pregnancies that are not viable
      as well as bringing back all the deaths caused by back alley abortions.

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