GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn Warns Taylor Swift Will Be Banned By Socialists 1

GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn Warns Taylor Swift Will Be Banned By Socialists


Sen. Marsha Blackburn is doing her best to fill the blank space of Republican ideas with culture war nonsense.
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    1. Blackburn, only I can ban Liberal women not the ” Socialist Regime ” that live in my moron mind.She envy her for many reason.

    2. They early do prey on the dumbest in society. Sad that somewhere someone is eating this crap up and can’t wait for a second helping.
      You can’t fix stupid!

  1. Sen. Botox Barbie should look up the definition of socialism. All the while she is embracing fascim.

    1. Indeed
      , the same people who can’t use there, their and they’re properly….
      can’t possibly know the difference between Socialism and Socialist.

    2. @Toyokazusan Gonzales Totally agree..
      Another Little Indian trying to keep the wet fire going while the camp is empty..

    1. She has zero problem with spreading conspiracy theories and making straw man arguments. It’s what got her from the House to the Senate.

    2. Fightback27 – “you and the other leftists routinely attack Christians and Jews.”

      Care to explain that?

    3. Republicans are still living in the cold war. It’s amazing how they can have any supporters especially young people. The US was built on capitalism the reason we have these millionaire artists, celebrities etc. Who are the socialists, Marxists they keep talking about? Just another dog whistle and culture wars, nothing else. They have no policies.

    1. Their Holy Water in Church is Leaded, *and* can catch fire… Like they say about the water in Springfield…”If it’s brown drink it down, if it’s black, send it back”.

  2. Well, in many respects Communists we’re more liberal than today’s GOP. Speaking from experience

  3. Everybody is rightfully pointing out how bafflingly ignorant she is but nobody’s mentioning how her constituents heard her and thought : “That’s the best person to represent us.” That is what is shocking.

  4. Democrats have always been supporters of the Arts, This woman is talking about dictatorships not Marxism.

    1. Yes but that don’t matter. Mississippi says they’re “saving the unborn” but rank highest in child poverty and lowest in education… it’s best to leave this logic to family trees that don’t fork… otherwise you’ll either go stupid or get a migraine.

    1. You are right on the money with that fact..
      Imagine if they had won..
      Resistance is why we had so many Great Bands and Music to entertain us.
      I was one of those Resisters and still am..
      Love,Peace and Joy to Everyone..
      We must put away the Hate in this world.
      We are His Keepers and We are all Decedent’s of Adam and Eve..
      You are my Brothers and Sisters..
      Throughout the World…

  5. Yeah, the liberals ban drinking, smoking, dancing, playing cards, …. Oh, wait a minute! That’s the Baptists, isn’t it?

  6. So this is a warning to America that Republicans will be going after women, musicians and entertainers…. that’s the most direct warning they’ve given. They have been showing it for years, screw the GOP!

    1. Think about how offended they get every time Cardi B or Megan Thee Stallion comes out with a new song, or how upset they were about JLo & Shakira’s halftime show.

  7. Helping people who need help is right, not socialism etc…, Blackburn’s I’d neither Republican or Democrat she is trump’s puppet, so sad,,,,

  8. The question is this: Did Republicans such as Marsha Blackburn lose their minds somewhere along the way, or did they ever have a mind to begin with?

    1. Trump and his Cronnies came up with a Storyline out of the blue and they live in it..
      What they don’t get is..
      That Storyline was poison to them all and their carriers..

    2. History will refuse to see them in a good light..
      They are labeled Traitors to America and Her Citizens Forever…

  9. Be warned when the GOP starts to say the “[insert scary adjective here] left” is going to do something. They constantly blame the left for what they are planning to do. This instance is very clear cut. This politician obviously has a target on Taylor Swift’s back.

  10. Blackburn right there was trying to silence Taylor Swift, so what does that make her? The extremely dishonest fear mongering is off the charts.

    1. She is clearly stupid. I’m a conservative from Tennessee, and I wish she would just go back home to Mississippi.

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