GOP Senator: A ‘Watershed Moment’ On Police Reform | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. Uncle Ed …Trump was in fact impeached….and will remain impeached forever …no matter how many of you knuckle dragging mouth breathers cry…moron

  1. People are protesting because they can. If we had had 20% unemployment a long time ago we could have had police reform a long time ago.

  2. This E O will make things WORSE!!!. good thing it takes months for an E Order to start. He needs to be out of our white house asap!!. or lose on nov 3 2020. if he doesn’t postpone or just shutdown the election altogether!!!!.

    1. yeah. republicans stopped the clock in 2019 before 20 million people lost their jobs because trump didnt want to be bothered by a stupid plague.
      theyre just frozen there in time, six months ago… crossing their fingers and hoping nobody notices they lost their job.
      lets all join em and remember how awesome everything was just six short months ago. back when we had jobs and stuff. ahh the good ol days. trump 2020. trump and heroin.

  3. The medical examiners office aided & abetted Chauvin’s murder.Interview them!
    If MSNBC wants CHANGE, interview THEM! NOT entertainers!

  4. Mary Trumps tell all book will confirm trump is a serial child
    Romeo Alpha Papa India Sierra Tango

  5. A cops job is dangerous because they make it dangerous . Police are quick to escalate situations that requires nothing more than patience , fix this bully / forceful mentality and policing will 65% less dangerous .

  6. To sign “Cop Reform Executive Order” . . . POTUS used same Sharpie Pen ✍️💨💨 he AMENDED the Hurricane Dorian Map with at The Resolute desk in Sept 2019 🌀🗺️

  7. “They lay their life on the line every time they suit up.” I hear that a lot. Where is the data on cops losing their lives?

    1. That’s the Nature of the Job when you put on that Uniform,But your Captain tell’s them be Careful out there!! If you’re a good Cop)but you also have the one’s that put their Black Cloves on looking for trouble like if they get out of line! They get what’s Coming to them! Like laguan McDonald Cop drive’s up 6 Seconds later laguan McDonald is Shot 17 times 17 times And he had a 4inch knife did he think when he Came out that morning he would be dead by Night??? Go figure

  8. If the GOP bill includes more funding for military-style weapons, increased blanket immunity, and a codification of internal investigations with protected disclosure….I’d be like, “what, no 3 murders and then we’ll maybe reprimand you clause?” 🙄 🙃

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