GOP senator chose Trump over the truth | Chris Cuomo

CNN's Chris Cuomo dissects Sen. John Kennedy's (R-LA) doubling down on his claim that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election, despite backtracking on his comments a week ago. #CNN #News


  1. “Thank God nobody is accusing us anymore of interfering in US elections. Now they’re accusing Ukraine. Well, let them sort this out among themselves.” -Putin on November 20th.
    The GOP is actively working for Putin.

    1. @Joseph Peeler I think the leftism is America is cooperating with Russia and China to overthrow the order of the world and America! Leftism is dangerous!

    2. @tangtang wang I am not that conspiratorial. I think the U.S., China and Russia distrust each other. I don’t see a cabal.

      I do see a partnership borne of a shared ideology between Democrats and establishment media. I think they are wrong headed on a great many things.

    3. @Ted Theodore Your comment has nothing to do with the the topic. What’s your point?
      Also half of the population is subsidized by the government, where are you facts regarding that? The government runs because of the taxes that the majority of the working people pay.

  2. “Before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality to their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of man who can fabricate it.”
    ― Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

    1. That sounds like commie talk to me. You need to go to church and get right before you get left mmhm.


  3. On the bright side, we know who to replace when the time comes. We can actually drain the swamp in the capital.

    1. Django … and my fellow citizens. Cheer up people! This impeachment farce is something that should put a smile on all our faces. Schiff’s police state tactics reek of desperation – the kind of desperation that is only found in the hearts of people who know they’ve failed. Failed with muh-Russia. Failed to entrap the President. Failed with obstruction of justice. Failed to stop Gorsuch. Failed to stop Kavanaugh. Failed to stop construction of the border wall. Failed to stop the rewriting of all the one sided rip off American Trade Agreements. Failed to stop the shredding of NAFTA and TPP. Failed to stop us from halting China. Failed to force a war with N Korea. Failed to keep President quagmired in the Bush and NObama wars. Failed to stop Deregulation, add 1 eliminate 2. Failed to stop us from becoming energy independent. Failed to stop President Trump from creating the greatest economy and lowest minority unemployment numbers in our history. Failed to stop the Stock Market from setting new records almost every month since he took office. And the mother of all face plants .. the impeachment circus .. starring .. Adumb Schitt !

      The current Dimm field has a ZERO percent chance in 2020 and Mr. Durham still hasn’t administered the enema that the DemocRAT party so desperately needs.

    1. @SE Morgan and I’m wasting my time on tribal people like yourself but you do understand this isn’t just about Trump right. This sets the bar after Trump ..

    2. @Mr Sausage please this isn’t about being liberal or being conservative this is about the right thing to do for god sakes there’s a life after Trump my God wake up grow up


    2. Robert Clawson Which President left office with a surplus and a balanced budget? President Clinton!!!! He got impeached and still did his job with fabulous results! I’m thinking the other guy is right, you do miss ur daddy!😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊See ya at the polls! I’ll be driving a bus load at a time!!!!!!


  4. Another stupifing Confederate Hillbilly, yucking it up again with “delusional old goat” enfeebled ideation. Frightening ignorance.

    1. @Ro G Joe Biden on camera saying he likes little kids feeling his hairy legs and loves kids sitting in his lap…………… and also TONS of videos of Biden feeling up pre-teen little girls. Biden also on camera committing quid pro quo in the most OBVIOUS manner possible.

      CNN: Orange man bad.

    2. Scrambled Eggs I will agree that for some reason, in America, being educated is seen by many as a “bad thing.” Just look at how republicans treat climate change or the history of racism – specifically people who have studied / learn about these things.

    3. @Ro G White on black racism is basically non-existent. Blacks, like Don Lemon are the biggest racists out there, however.

       Climate change? Really?? I’m guessing you’re between the age of 15 and 23.

  5. Roger Stone, Trump’s longtime adviser and partner in crime was convicted of obstructing a congressional investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

    The verdict makes Stone only the latest among a growing list of people once in Trump’s inner circle of goons who have been convicted on federal charges. Here is a list of others in Trump’s inner swamp circle convicted of federal crimes.

    Michael Cohen
    Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, Cohen pleaded guilty to bank fraud, tax fraud, and campaign violations involving hush-money payouts (for Trump) to two women – the adult film star Stormy Daniels, and former Playboy model Karen McDougal. Cohen was sentenced to 36 months in federal prison.

    Paul Manafort
    The lobbyist who worked as Trump’s campaign chairman was convicted in August 2018 of bank fraud, tax fraud and failing to disclose foreign bank accounts. The next month, Manafort admitted to conspiracy, such as money laundering and unregistered lobbying, as well as a second conspiracy count involving witness tampering. Manafort, who will spend about seven and a half years in prison for the federal cases, also faces state criminal charges in NY for fraud and conspiracy.

    While working as Trump’s campaign chairman, Manafort shared polling data on the 2016 election with a Russian man linked to Moscow’s intelligence agencies, according to special counsel Mueller.

    Michael Flynn
    Trump’s former national security adviser pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI over his communication with Russia amid the presidential transition in 2016. Flynn lied about his contact with Russia’s ambassador, such as urging Russia not to react to sanctions placed by Barack Obama.

    Rick Gates
    Manafort’s business partner pleaded guilty in February 2018 to conspiring to defraud the US and lying to the FBI. He also admitted to helping Manafort manipulate financial documents, conceal foreign income, cheat tax authorities and mislead banks for credit. Gates, who was also a Trump campaign official, cut a deal with Mueller – serving as a star witness against Manafort and Stone.

    George Papadopoulos
    In 2017, Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about the schedules of meetings with purported Russian intermediaries. Papadopoulos in March 2016 met with a Maltese professor in London, who claimed that the Russians had incriminating information on Trump’s then rival, Clinton – “thousands of emails”. Papadopoulos was sentenced to 14 days in prison.

    Alex van der Zwaan
    A Dutch lawyer who worked with Manafort, Van der Zwaan pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his communications with Gates and a person potentially linked to Russian intelligence. Van der Zwaan worked on a Manafort-commissioned report to defend ex-Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych from international scrutiny. He was incarcerated for 12 days.

    Richard Pinedo
    The online fraudster pleaded guilty after it was revealed that his business setting up US bank accounts, and then illegally peddling them over the internet, had enabled a Russian operation that utilized social media to meddle with the election. His cooperation enabled Mueller’s pursuit of Russian troll farms.

    Konstantin Kilimnik
    The Russian political operative and Manafort associate is charged with obstructing justice. He was swept up in Manafort’s plan to leverage his relationship with Trump to settle multimillion-dollar debts to an oligarch. Kilimnik, 48, trained at a university connected to Russia’s military intelligence agency, formerly known as the GRU, which spearheaded the Kremlin’s effort to disrupt the 2016 election. In the Mueller report, Kilimnik is described as “a former Russian intelligence officer with the GRU” by Rick Gates, Manafort’s deputy on the Trump campaign.

    Sam Patten
    Lobbyist Patten had ties to Kilimnik. He admitted to diverting $50,000 from a Ukrainian oligarch to Trump’s presidential inauguration committee. He pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with Mueller.

    1. Dude you need to watch for the IG report and also the Durham report and then you’ll have a different opinion. Read before you speak!

  6. Kennedy is trying to get to hang with the cool kids. He just doesn’t understand that the cool kid he wants to hang with never get to keep thier lunch money.

    1. alphatrion100 .. I also believe in helping US Citizens who need help .. and I support Tax money doing it. President Trump wants to work on Health Care .. but since neither the corrupt Establishment RepubliCONs or DemocRATs want him to dismantle what they have all been handsomely “paid off to construct” to the benefit of their Donors and Masters .. they do everything possible to obstruct

      They have no intention of doing ANYTHING significant for the People. You don’t actually believe it just “incompetence or accidental” that nothing of significance EVER GETS DONE .. do you ?

      Uh .. it’s by design. It’s all rigged. It’s a Big Club .. and we ain’t in it.

      Open your eyes a little .. THIS is WHY they ALL hate President Trump. He’s 🖕🏻 up everything they are doing .. everywhere .. China, Europe, Washington DC, Mexica, NAFTA, TPP, Commerce, Global Trade, Banking, the FED, United Nations, NATO, N Korea, Iran … HE EVEN is trying to GET OUT OF WARS. Oh geez .. that is a giant ATM right there !! He’s even exposing that THEY control the nwes / propaganda

    1. Oh he’s for real. My Louisiana senator. God help us. You should have seen and heard the idiot that recently ran for governor. He spewed so much Trump it was nauseating. Thankfully he lost, thanks to Trump’s endorsing him.

    1. Merrilou Neigenfind .. I answered you .. perhaps YOOTOobe shadow banned the post. Got to protect the snowflakes from too much 🌞

  7. These people have no shame. Traitors to the constitution,the people and the country. They must be voted out completely. VOTE BLUE 2020! 🌊🌊🌊

  8. “Useful idiot” isn’t just being used to insult Kennedy’s intelligence. That’s the term Russian intelligence for those who unwittingly help them by spreading their lies. WaPo wasn’t simply insulting Sen Kennedy, the writer was accusing him of doing the Kremlin’s dirty work

    1. derry667dingo. Guess what? Conservatives don’t care or think about Russia!! You’re the ones OBSESSED with Russia! Lmao #draintheswamp #KAG2020 #walkaway

    2. Every time the Democrats fail it is excuse after excuse. Hanging chads, swift boaters, Russians.. take the loss. Sore losers.

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