1. gaiapj you may want to step up your game a bit dude, are you aware of who is financing you and how little patience he has, when ti comes to putting up w/ idiocy? the only one in the whole thread who is doing even worse than you is your buddy Alex, he really needs to reconsider his career path asap, you at least did ‘t even try to pass yourself off as a John Goodman or Alex Townsend

    1. @Andreas karlsson neither does america now, trump neglected to inform allies of his illegal act of war, trump told his golfing buddy graham, trump has earned the contempt of the world

    2. @John Freedman 100’s of ISIS members escaped when Trump handed Syria to Turkey. Your fake outrage is hilariously pathetic.

    3. @Meyaka Brown They DID NOT literally set the Embassy on fire,they never got near the main building,so stop trying to justify what the Orange Moron done

  1. Notice how the senator, like so many, will NOT answer a simple question with a yes or no. That’s the hallmark of an habitual liar.

    1. Roger Hornaday This guy is a decoy… Functioning as someone who calms the public – first really angry, everyone listens to him, then he says oh never mind, lets deescalate…

    2. These are anything but simple questions and he DID answer. Unlike Trump! Putin’s Trump! Poor Donnie, he wants to be like Putin sooo bad. Putin is actually behaving more diplomatic than Trump! Putin is a fake but he is a genius! Trump is a Box of Rocks!

    1. @Bosca Ceol When our forefathers wrote the constitution they had the right idea . They just made it to hard to remove a President that needs to be removed . And the idiot in the WH needs to be removed .

    2. @cj p Atleast with CNN , an adult mind can sift through everything and locate truth . The same can not be said of fox .

    1. @Scotty miller yes, that is what i’m saying, but yet, it is worth saying and has nothing to do with my head

    2. No, but, it means there will be less attacks planned by him, which favors many in that region. So, what would you have done with your infinite wisdom?

    3. @Danny Heim huh? they mistakenly shot down a plane!!! Trump will blow their military off the planet without hurting a single citizen wtf are you talking about? they are terrorists with poor military intelligence They have been terrorizing the world for too long! I m wondering who is next scum to be deleted

    4. @Bad Bird exactly ! DEMOCRATS backing terrorists wtf???? they want to hug them all and tell USA citizens that is foreign policy PATHETIC and WEAK

  2. First of all, you have to be intelligent to receive and understand ‘Intelligence’.
    I sure wish we had a intelligent President, instead of a “Stable Genius” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    1. @Hannah wells I see your point, and I didn’t mean to be disrespectful. It is a tragedy, I have mourned, and now I am hunting for the online details and caught up in the political situation.

    2. @Hannah wells So, you don’t think the US intelligence was accurate? You think it’s a ruse that there were plans against US troops in Iraq.

      See, I don’t know.

    3. @Joe Martin I think you should probably read world news sources. We do not have partisan news in any other country than the US. UK press is heavily regulated by the press complaints authority so far more accurate. Trump informed no allies of its aggressive plans that the UK government informed Washington was a declaration of war. The UK could have killed solemani in 2007 we didn’t so we could maintain diplomacy. The UK still has an embassy in Iran. British flags were burned by Iranians as we are considered US allies. The UK accepted that Iraq has every right to ask the UK to leave Trump threatened sanctions on Iraq.. The actions of Trump endangered our diplomats our people. France Switzerland all NATO Europeans middle eastern countries have desperately conducted diplomacy to stop a war.. after Trump declared war. Trump demands NATO must get involved in the middle east.. all NATO countries are there.. at the request of Iraq to train forces to combat ISIS. That is now suspended so ISIS can expand again. NATO is to defend a NATO member if one is attacked.. not to unilaterally declare WAR if one member has a leader who starts one and bully non members. We have to bury people that is the result. Canadians have to bury more.. NO thoughts of the impact.. and Trump bragging at a golf club prior… not having talks with allies who will 100% suffer the fall out.. This is the result of Trump nobody else is to blame. The UK has stuck by the Iran Nuclear deal so have all signatories including Iran… The US did not.. why would Iran or any nation ever believe that a US deal is worth the paper its written on ? I think you should understand that America no longer has any standing in the world.. No ability to strike a deal. No reason any allied nation can ever trust you… Think carefully who you elect in future.. they are the representation of America… and Trump makes you all look very very very bad. We love our American cousins… but this is a line that civilised nations cannot cross. If the UK started a conflict and the US paid the price ? I wouldn’t expect Americans to be impressed or support us… If you want an example of what solemani did in a context you can process. The Irish Republican Army or IRA as its known a terrorist organisation Bombed London for decades. Americans funded the IRA… claiming Britain should leave Northern Ireland part of the UK for centuries.. Most people from Northern Ireland wanted to remain in the UK.. Iran want America out of the middle east.. So from a British perspective Americans have funded terrorists to kill innocent non military personnel on our soil for most of my lifetime.. are you the good guys ? all about perspective isn’t it.

    1. @Steven You seem to be mistaken if you think liberals don’t know military people or have friends and family in the military. I do.
      You don’t have a corner on the market to access with former snipers and other skilled former military.
      Not all military sniff Trump butt. And not all former military are going to be able to protect you from orders to take you out.
      There will always be someone with fingers on buttons willing to do as they are told against anyone Uncle Sam has said is a danger to the democratic republic, foreign or DOMESTIC. But I guess you forgot that part of the oath a soldier takes, huh? Keep those fantasies going. Knowing where weapons grade uranium is and bragging about it online just put you on the FBI watch list.

    2. @none none there are great liberals, unfortunately the way that Society is changing, liberals will soon be true Democrats and true Republicans, even yesterday’s liberal crazies are sane nowadays, believe me there’s some batshit-crazy in Congress and the Senate right now, especially the ones from other countries and you know the ones I’m talking about

    3. @D I never mentioned any religion. By definition, if you follow the Bible, then you are a Christian, albeit, not a very good one. The Bible says “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. You must really hate yourself hugely, like bigly, as much hate and anger you have for other people. Hypocrite and unChristlike, that is you.

    4. @Steven I am independent. I don’t vote for parties. I vote for whoever is a rational person that wants to bring America together, not divide us further.
      I had zero options in 2016. Trump and Hillary? That was the best of the best this country has to offer? Hell no. They were the worst of the worst. Trump himself is actually a democrat. He gave money to the democratic party for decades and both Clintons, until he ran as a Republican.
      It has been a joke on Republicans, if you ask me. He has zero respect for the military, the way he has attacked former military and gold star families, so I have zero respect for him. He is garbage. The Dow and economy might be good, but Bill Clinton enjoyed a good economy and brought the national debt to zero. Doesn’t mean I supported everything that guy did. They are all puppets of some greater group, and I am not talking about the American people, and you know who I am talking about, too.

    5. The rest of the world think it’s pretty funny that America act like they don’t kill innocent people while raping and pillaging other nations too!


    2. @Benji don’t apologize to unindicted co-conspirator CRIMINAL, from WHITEHOUSE to BIG HOUSE is where this narcissistic moron pathological liar belongs IMPEACH REMOVE THE POISON BEFORE MORE DIE

    1. canadians are in iraq and iran, 3 rapid response members, rcmp are helping co-ordinate and ukraine is helping canada with investigations.

    2. @cj p trump failed to inform allies of trump’s illegal strike on soleimani, allies with troops in iran and iraq, trump has earned the scorn of the world for his actions.

    3. @cj p trump stood down on his aggression toward iran the day putin showed up in iran or did you miss that too? read a newspaper.

    4. @saabajoe trump supporters lack the intelligence to read a newspaper or think for themselves, trump has absolutely no intelligence or diplomacy and has now earned the contempt of the world for his actions.

    1. Arron M Lee’s or Trump’s? Yeah either way they’ve given him a talking-to. ‘That independent thinking is entirely inappropriate!’

  3. UP NETX: SENATE debates: “Is it constitutional to follow the constitution?”

    1. He killed an American contractor and ordered the embassy assault , I’m Canadian and I agree that if they kill one of your own you hit em back 100x’s harder

    2. 6IX CICHLIDS It’s called risk vs reward if everyone thought like you this world would be fucked and what embassy assault are you talking about?

    1. This guy is a decoy… Functioning as someone who calms the public – first really angry, everyone listens to him, then he says oh never mind, lets deescalate…

    2. @WORLD’S BEST I doubt it, in fact most of the GOP dont care about our constitution, you have to be really stupid if you haven’t noticed that…

    3. @Francisco Nava Not every Republican is the same just like not every Democrat is the same. Look at how someone votes.

    1. And he fell in line just like the rest of the,POS do! It’s disgusting, I’m sick of it! This gets worse everyday, we have a criminal in charge of this government, he doesn’t care about laws, norms, right/wrong, ethics, morality, our reputation in the world’s eyes!

    1. And he thinks he recalls an embassy being mentioned? Was it the Lunar Embassy or the Martian Embassy? Also, surely he “thinks he recalls” constitutes a double-negative?

  4. “But I don’t know how to Dump Trump!”
    “Well son, you’d better try.
    Because if you don’t, we’re gonna be Fried!”

    1. @Charles Young Actually the Iranians are now protesting for those lost in the plane crash. Don’t misread the purpose of their current protest.

  5. Did someone just sit on this guy or was the whole thing a ruse so that he could advertise his book on national television?

  6. CNN: “Is this color red or green?”
    Lee: “I don’t recall if the embassies had bottled water.”
    McConnell must have gotten to Lee. Where is his sense of right and wrong now?
    Oh, and don’t forget to buy his new book, not.

    1. CNN: “Is this color red or green?”
      CNN * *Holds up a brown sheet of paper.*

      CNN: Red or green? And don’t lie!

    2. @Low IQ Leftist I guess if you have a pen name like Low IQ Leftist, you would think it’s brown and you would need to see an example.

    3. @Andrew
      My name is satirical..
      And I do like facts and evidence before I just believe something..
      without facts and evidence you might believe Donald Trump conspired with Russia to win the election.
      Without facts and evidence you might believe Jessie Smollett was an actual victim.
      Without facts and evidence you might have actually believed the Covington high School kid was racist and a white supremacist, simply for smiling..
      Without facts and evidence CNN and other mainstream media really wanted people to believe that Brett kavanaugh actually raped a woman.

      I do like facts and evidence, I don’t believe fake news simply because I’m told to do so…

    4. CNN is very upset right now. Because the Iranian citizens are protesting against Iran and not against America anymore. And CNN MSNBC and the far-left Democrats will not talk about it. Because they don’t want to give Trump credit.. the only people that are upset that this evil General in Iran is dead is only half the Iranian Parliament all the Democrats officials in this country CNN and MSNBC and the far left Democrats in this country that’s getting smaller and smaller.

    5. @Low IQ Leftist yeah, Trump is so honest that: FACT: he asked China AND Russia, on national tv to investigate the Bidens. FACT he said tha Kim Jong-un “is a nice guy”, tells reporters, “sit down” and “shut up”, gives the finger and curses on tv – fine, outstanding presidential material. He is someone I want representing good wholesome American values. Not.
      I’m sorry if I missed when Obama brought up the Jonas Brothers, I was probably dealing with other priorities. I’m glad you caught what you thought was important though.
      Here is another FACT. Obama (after two terms (that means 8, eight, years) left office… so why are you (and Trump) so fixated on him?
      The Iranian’s ( and rightly so) are protesting against the Iranian government shooting down an airlinner and killing a bunch of innocent civilians. Even though it was an accident I doubt it would have happened if tensions weren’t so high. Dead generals and suprize drone attacks and smoldering bombs kinda have a tendency of raising blood pressure.

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