GOP Senators Don't Want To Touch Qualified Immunity In Police Reform Talks 1

GOP Senators Don’t Want To Touch Qualified Immunity In Police Reform Talks


Rep. Mondaire Jones says it’s “unfortunate” qualified immunity is a sticking point in the effort to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act in the Senate: “What is going to deter officers in a meaningful way from engaging in the misconduct that is on the public conscience right now?”
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  1. Of course they don’t. They love the taxpayers paying out while the “bad” pigs keep collecting checks.

    Bad is in quotes because the Bunch is Spoiled. They are all bad

  2. Qualified immunity is a judicial doctrine that shields public officials from civil liability. It does not protect against criminal prosecutions. No one should be above the law.

    1. But because most criminal trials against cops often fail they end up in civil courts that our tax dollars goes to when the victim wins.

  3. The silence of good cops is just as destructive as the violence of bad cops..
    Gotta love how the Law is above the Law…

  4. Hoping police reform will get repugnant officers to quit as many have threatened to slack off and not respond. See ya. Courageous officers with integrity will stay and more will apply!

  5. Qualified immunity is nothing more than a permanent “Get out of jail free” card issued to every police officer to enable whatever criminal behavior happens to be the whim of the moment, making nearly every cop in America ABOVE THE LAW.

  6. Ronald Greene – ONE MORE REASON that we must pass the Justice in Policing – ACT, and to do a FULL Investigation of Jan. 6! AND, pass the Voting Rights Bills – they are ALL part and parcel of Stopping in their TRACKS, the repugs white supremacy attempts for full onslaught!!!!

  7. The Police want us to consider and qualify their job as a “profession” just like we would Doctor’s, Nurses, Teachers etc. But, unlike Doctors and other professionals, they don’t want to take accountability of their professional practice and hold mulpractice or public liability insurance like other professions.
    Instead, the Police want us to continue qualifying their practices BOTH GOOD AND BAD PRACTICES, and immunise them from consequences of their bad practice.
    We were stuck-on stupid before, but are we going to allow the madness to continue?

  8. This would place in jeopardy part of the power and control those holding it live in fear of it coming to fruition.

  9. I think the biggest issue in America today is honestly that our elected representatives think they can ignore us. This is no negotiation, we want it gone. NOW!! You have no choice, this isn’t a question, or a request, do your job. Do as we demand.

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