GOP Silence On Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Holocaust-Mask Mandate Comparison 1

GOP Silence On Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Holocaust-Mask Mandate Comparison


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has received no rebuke from GOP leadership for comparing face mask mandates to the Holocaust and then later defending her remarks. MSNBC's Brian Williams discussed with Baratunde Thurston and Bill Kristol.
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  1. Intriguing message to the world! You can’t blame it on “one person” if half of the politicians and half of all the voters stand behind statements like this.

    1. @Paul Campbell
      Not sure if my initial reply was deleted, or if my phone is glitching.
      Anyway, thanks, and am “bookmarking” it for later when not so tired.

    2. @Xavier Medina These written works by German (as well as European authors that we failed to mention) may also represent a lack of creativity for the whole of the first third of the 20th century in Europe. This essentially created a void where a central, heroic figure needed to be, as these were all works in search of a hero.
      Somehow… our critical thinking is at a loss, as our comparisons and opinions often revolve around Marxism and fascism, or the biographies of past individuals who cannot fulfill the needs of the age we live in.
      Use the internet wisely, my friend.

    3. If “PEOPLE” continue to vote for clowns & allow this circus to roll around in their clown cars… Then it’s the “PEOPLE” not the senators or congress. THE “PEOPLE” keeps them under the circus tent

  2. How pathetic- the women are told go all out because these women are so needy they wind up the buffoon. What’s wrong with feminism … men? Rock and hard place lol

    1. @Lä Lä H. K. Well with Greene jawl line and mat geits nine head part Vulcan so maybe aliens are real with lasers

    1. I’m disgusted that your ancestors killed 66 million Christians in Russia. Why do your people love communism and hate Christ and all who follow Him?

  3. She’s a good distraction for the other crap they are trying to pull.

    1. @Ted Cruz 2024 did you enjoy it when Trump disparaged your candidate’s wife for all of twitter to see? Sorry, but we don’t need that crap in office

    2. You’re sure right I got SEVERAL ugly racist Comments related to George Floyd’s death, being a Black person, hon

  4. Marjorie Taylor green is a fine example of trump Kool-Aid should be considered an illegal drug

  5. As I was listening to this a song popped into my head that I hadn’t heard, or thought of for years. It just seems more relevant today than when it was first released. “The Eve of Destruction” by Barry McGuire.

    1. Not true, Gomert, Trump, and host of his sycophants got it from him, the question is how many suffered damage and lasting issues.

    2. “And marches alone can’t bring integration
      When human respect is disintegratin’
      This whole crazy world is just too frustratin”

    3. That song went through my mind couple Years Ago watching trump making a Stupid Fool of himself on TV and ALL his GOON SQUAD Boyz going around acting tuff….so FUNNY!!

    4. Kalani AKI, not funny anymore, just prophetic. “Hate your next door neighbor, but don’t forget to say grace”.

  6. If that was a Dem the GQP would have been screaming at pelosi to kick them out of the house!

    1. And if a Democrat said something like “on 911 some people did something” Democrats wouldn’t say anything. Oh wait

  7. Go ahead Margie, keep up with your stupidity and you’ll have the entire Jewish community voting Democratic.

    1. I can’t explain it but they pretty much already do. Do you think all the left wing anti semite democrats in office may push them the other way?

    2. @bob smith Since I haven’t heard any anti- semitism from the left, I have no answer for you.

    3. @bob smith criticizing the Israeli government is not anti-semitic. Anti-semitism concerns hostility or prejudice against Jewish people.

  8. Greene will continue to speed her poison and McCarthy will make some impudent statements condemning her. She will still be in his gang as long as she has her fallowing. Greene should be expelled from office.

  9. Mrs. Majorie Taylor Greene also once said that she would NEVER topple a statue of Adolf Hitler, not even a statue of Satan. She would use these monuments to explain the deeds of these beings to her children.
    That may be so, but …. why are Republicans (including Ms. Greene) so vehemently opposed to teaching history in American schools that exposes slavery?

  10. MTG, “. . this is *exactly* the type of abuse Nancy Pelosi is talking about . .”
    Internet, “. . MTG is *exactly* the type of venomous harpy we are calling out . .”

  11. Greene is the weak link in the Republican party that will be the party’s demise. Void of integrity!

  12. LOL Listening to her I now see what they mean about where the term “Honky” comes from. 🙂

  13. Yeah because when i was watching schindlers list i was thinking to myself, well wearing a mask at walmart is just as bad.

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