GOP state lawmaker praises pro-slavery compromise found in Constitution 1

GOP state lawmaker praises pro-slavery compromise found in Constitution


Republican state lawmaker Justin Lafferty made a false claim about the three-fifths compromise, a pro-slavery compromise that counted slaves as 3/5 of a person during the drafting of the Constitution, during a speech he made on the Tennessee House floor. CNN's Laura Jarrett reports.
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    1. @Marsha,Marsha,Marsha You and others FLUNKED remedial US history. Ha. So sad. It’s no wonder your claims are as false as a $3 bill. So, listen up! Here’s a US HISTORY LESSON.

      ––– In the 1860s, the South was Confederate, slave-owning, racist, and Democrat. Lincoln, was Union, and Republican. The South fought against Lincoln in the Civil War, and lost. Immediately after the Civil War, veterans of the Confederacy founded the KKK. Look that up. Slaves were given the right to vote in 1870, and for 100 years they voted Lincoln/Republican because Lincoln emancipated them. The South, now extremely pissed off, passed all kinds of anti-voting laws to suppress the Blacks vote, and so they could not hold elected office. Typical.

      ––– In the mid-1960s, the Civil Rights Acts and Voting Rights Acts were passed, and signed by a Democrat President Johnson. The South, still racist to the core, FLIPPED PARTY IDENTITY to Republican. As a region, both regional Democrats and Republicans in the South took the REPUBLICAN identity, dividing from the national Democrat Party.

      You can see this huge FLIP in the 1968 Presidential election, where before for 100 years, that entire region voted Democrat, but now, it voted Republican. GOOGLE: “Solid South” and scroll down that page to the RED/BLUE image of the Presidential voting map. Look at what happened in 1968.

      So, that’s why today, we have the RIDICULOUS situation of Republicans (supposedly Lincoln Republicans) protecting Confederate statues, protecting the Confederate flag, and protecting their Confederate heritage. Remember, Confederates are DEMOCRAT. The KEY is, after the mid-1960s, the PARTY’S FLIPPED IDENTITY.

      Today, 93 percent of Blacks vote Democrat. Not 1860-Democrat, but post-1960s, Democrat. Same goes for that oft, pulled out card, “Well, Senator Byrd was a Democrat.” Yeah, because he was born in 1917, post-Civil War, in racist North Carolina where they hung Blacks. Rev Martin Luther King Jr was born in 1929, in racist Georgia, and a Republican. A Lincoln/Republican. If alive today, what party do you think King would belong to?! Yeah, you guess right. Democrat.

      So, LEARN A LITTLE REMEDIAL U.S. HISTORY. Today’s Republicans are NOT the party of Lincoln. Their heritage and lineage is with the CONFEDERATES. The Democrats of 1860. They are traitors to the Constitution and traitors to this nation. They fought FOR slavery of human beings. They still hate Blacks. And hate Hispanics. And hate Jews. And hate anyone who isn’t White, Christian, and a bigot. Period.

    2. Where does that include equal opportunity for ALL people. He stated “No one was impugned by this”? Only if you’re racist and don’t see people come in different colors. Which is still relevant today and in America’s history. .

    3. The klan is dead. The confederacy however is still very much alive and thriving more than ever. Video clips like this one only supports this claim.

    4. @Fossil Draws this has been a democratic fight between the confederacy and the union since the physical fight over a hundred years ago. They are the cancer growing in this country for a hundred plus years.

  2. 0:25 “Yes you can and here’s why”
    I love it !
    She’s like, stop with the fake outrage. You know the GOP ain’t schtt

    1. @Millie Marbrey you’re talking in circles girlfriend. I am Leonaza8 and there is no other. My political opinions are evolving, that’s all baby

    2. @Millie Marbrey I appreciate the good word. I think Paul Simon may well have said it best: *_”Get these mutts away from me ….. I don’t find this stuff amusing anymore.”_*

      _(Hoping you took note of the missing lynx in my previous pontificating comment.)_

  3. I wonder what Tim Scott has to say about this? No racism in America, he doesn’t need to look beyond his party.

    1. @Aaron Neal That logic is laughable- Republicans in large, were against the civil rights act in the 60s and still are. As of this year they were actively trying to reverse John Lewis’s voting rights act. Groupthink is unattractive, truth seeking is get your facts straight. Not to mention that was more than 160 years ago those parties are unrecognizable as Republican and Democrat by today’s standards.

    2. @Aaron Neal
      “Aaron Neal
      9 hours ago
      Just remember that the Democrats were for slavery, while the Republicans freed the slaves. Therefore, anyone who votes Democrat, is for Slavery.”

      The Confederate Flag was the flag flown by those who WANTED to KEEP SLAVERY! That’s the flag that tRump supporters (of which Tim Scott is one) flew in the Capitol Building on Jan 6!

    3. @Dutch The Gawd the flaw in your logic is Biden is the most openly racist president EVER. Don’t forget his friend and mentor was the head of KKK

    4. @rich5817 you automatically immediately lose credibility because THAT award was just taken to Mar a Lago

    1. @Aypikapoleon Forever – I’m confused. What race or skin color should I hate? White people or non-white people. Or just black people? So confusing.

    2. @Bat Boy I’m confused why are you commenting to me about this, also what point are you trying to make, I’m just so confused about what your trying to say

    3. @wagner colbert – Let’s play my favorite game:


      Howard University. Racist or not racist?

    4. @Bat Boy as I humbly know of any university any race may attend no matter what primary does, unless its an all boys or girl school…true ir not?

    5. @Bat Boy May I disagree – there is nothing SADDER than whites who have such disdain for Blacks and non-whotes that they claim “not to see color”, (probably one of the most racist phrases in our language), signalling that any color other than theirs is so offensive that they pretend not to see it. Anyone who cannot look at all of me, and appreciate me and my DARK brown skin should stay as f AR away from me as possible, PLEASE.

    1. @damasviews Women weren’t full citizens either and they were counted as full people. It’s funny that the supposedly ‘anti racists” are backing the idea that black slaves weren’t people at all.

    2. @Michael Morningstar Non-citizens have also always been counted; Trump tried to illegally suppress the count of undocumented workers in the most recent census in order to reduce representation of Democratic states. The thing is that non-citizens are present of their own volition, and women were present in both slave and non-slave states.

      Counting slaves at all only benefited slave owners. If they had been fully counted, Abraham Lincoln would have lost his election.

    1. And we are glad your whole person is here! Even if some are to ignorant not to be. Stay safe, sweetheart.

    2. @Cowboy X are you talking about the Dixiecrats? The ones today that we would call Republicans?

    3. Jamal the parties aren’t the same as they were back then. The Republican Party was progressive and the Democratic Party was conservative. Their agendas and values changed over time and now the democrats are more progressive and the republicans are the conservatives. You’re making it sound like the parties stayed the same for centuries.

    4. To my WHITE BROTHAS AND SISTAS, we know that A LOT OF YOU aren’t racist…and I LOVE THAT

    1. @Gerald Haynes Jr
      The GOP is the party of hate and bigotry. Oh let’s not forget corruption.

    1. “We must believe in a future where color of skin is no more significant than color of hair” – Sam Harris

      Nothing is sadder than a person that views others, and themselves, through the distorted lens of race.

      Many Americans want to blame other races for their poverty or hardship in life. And both parties pander to this horrible idea, for votes and support.

      What is dividing us is a class struggle, which has been with us since the dawn of human civilization.

      Many Americans are buying into the notion of “systemic racism”, when the more insidious implicit (unconscious) bias is the likely cause. This gives rise to other bad ideas, such as Critical Race Theory.

    2. They just stop teaching history, and make up what they want it to be. That’s the 1776 project

    3. Republicans “don’t need no fancy book learnin’!”, remember? All they need is the “buybull” and the word of Trump.

  4. How can you sit in a room and hear this and still say they don’t know what they are saying?? How can you say you had a cordial conversation with this person?

    1. When you find out, please tell me. Being civil and reasonable with the uncivilized and unreasonable is a farce. Call them out and quit trying to understand and placate them in their nonsensical arguments. They are just biding time and distracting from the real issues.

    2. @Maxine Walters Reported for spam. Hopefully, this troll account will be silenced like the rest of the ones you faked.

    3. Because politics is sitting down with someone who wants to see you dead and being civil and respectful while trying to explain to others why you should live. If you refuse to engage at all you can’t educate and if you can’t educate you can’t slowly enact change.

    4. What?? Explain why I should live, it’s not in my nature to shrink to a bigot, but I would meet one on the level they understand.

    1. For God’s sake what do you expect? I’m sure their ancestors were the infamous ‘book burners’!

    2. @Libertarian Latiña
      What are you going to do when they come for your relatives and lock them in an abandoned Walmart in Texas?
      Does a person of an ethnic background myself, I’m Amazed by the naivete and stupidity of people like you!

    3. @Cameron Coats
      The KKK was started in Pulaski Tennessee in 1868 by a handful of loser Confederates that called themselves ‘The ‘Pulaski Five’ and about eight years later
      were absorbed by more powerful entities.
      You can identify them anyway you like,
      but they were YOUR people! Not to mention that for the last 70 years or more, – the majority of their existence- they have been a tool of the Republican Party. You also don’t need me to tell you this but regardless of party,
      The KKK was ALWAYS
      a right-wing operation
      and those”Democrats”
      that created it also just happened to be
      CONFEDERATES. The morons on the right have really been pushing this now insignificant technicality because they think everyone is as ignorant and uneducated as they are.

    4. @Cropper Copper
      Not to mention one of that freak branch’s major leaders was George Wallace the bigot who lost the candidacy to true Democrat George McGovern in1972.

  5. They should have some sort of real time fact checking and just mute their mic if they start to spew nonsense.

    1. @Maxine Walters All they did was run the tape of the racist spew lies against the Constitution and history itself. Facts you want cancelled because it exposes the anti-American sewerage you are.

  6. They don’t want to recognize the humanity of Black people. That’s all this can be boiled down to.

    1. @Nick Chimchal – And yet, every white supremacist in the USA voted Republican in the last election. You, like almost all modern Republicans, are ignorant of your own party’s history. When Lincoln was president, the R’s were the LIBERAL party – supporting abolition, a strong central government and preserving the union. The D’s were the CONSERVATIVE party – supporting the continuation of slavery, state’s rights, and secession. If you think of yourself as a conservative – your philosophical ancestors were D’s – and fought to KEEP slavery…

    2. @Libertarian Latiña – You realize that “Russian collusion” has been proven – right? And that the participants named -right? The Fake president’s campaign manager Paul Manafort (previous employer Vladimir Putin) was feeding campaign intel to Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian spy – who in turn transmitted it to Russia. Kilimnik is wanted by American authorities, is still at large, and is presumed in Russia. You’re welcome, cultist…

    3. @Bat Boy Yes, that’s it! Unconscious bias is the cause!!! Not the fact that there are some white people who refuse to acknowledge that their ancestors made a very conscious decision to enslave a whole population of people who were not considered human!!! Please miss me with your sentiment!!!

    4. @Leonaza8 You steal someones profile pic and name and masquerade as the real Leonaza. Thats low

    1. Am in the UK looking in, if you study history this has been the Republican way since losing the civil war. Almost the instant the war was lost confederate states began teaching in schools that they where the good guys and should have won. Republicans know they can only remain in power if the nation below them is uneducated, or just wrong. So they pass laws to control education and stop children from actually learning the truth.

      The most successful dictatorships do this, replublicans are just showing that Americans can do oppression better then anyone else.

    2. @Msshadylady21 Right! Tennessee is not the best place. But I go to school here and I’m about to go to college. We’re not all idiots.

  7. this has no words to even express how horrific this thinking of historic discrimination in this country. And what is even worse it is still going on Today !! History needs to be taught and taught
    honestly to ourselves and to our children !!

    1. Learn the history of who Margaret Sanger was and her political siding. The racism promoted today comes from those who agree with her on a lot, except what race she thought was supreme. She was evil, and yet people now who believe much of what she said and did was good are promoting evil against the race she thought was superior.

  8. His explanation of the 3/5 compromise shows how much critical race theory is necessary in schools

    1. Critical race theory doesnt mean teaching race. Infact its critical of the science and the origin of “race”

    2. @JM Negroni wow. There’s this thing , they call it “the internet” you can just search stuff . you should try it.

  9. Man it’s like dealing with an ex ….. just when you think they can’t go any lower…. they prove you wrong!

    1. @Liz Collinson To all the right wing media/idiots, CNN is a news channel that tells the TRUTH and they can’t accept this reality, that’s why they come out with stupid comments like this. Just ignore them especially when YOU know the truth.

    2. @Tony Sharpe Report them for spam or harassing. YT will put them down if they get enough complaints.

    3. Except at least with an ex you can turn off you phone and social media and ignore them

  10. They fight to keep the statues saying how we can’t erase our history but they don’t want to teach about parts of our history that go against their narrative.

    1. Yes! Can’t take down a statue of a General who fought _against_ the US that was put up decades after said General and his *5 year long* confederacy lost to the US… but ooh, don’t wanna talk about 400 or so years of slavery in name and actuality.
      The first because “Respect my history!!”, the second because “well, can’t sow division… hush now!” Puh-leeeze.

    2. These statues should be in museums with the WHOLE truth about them clearly set out under them. Not HALF truths, like what heroes they were or all the good things they did with their money (made from slavery) – but the WHOLE truth, including their cruelty and barbarity towards their fellow man. Half-truths are no good – they’re just the same as lies!

  11. Pretty soon history books in the south will just be copies of “Gone with the Wind”.

    1. Don’t forget the bible. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Republicans mashed the two together for their history classes.

    2. Keith Kendrick. That would be really sad but it is scary how many Americans would look on that period through the prism of a novel.

    3. I’m sure that book would be on the list of approved books by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. fairytales of the Southern way of life.

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