GOP State Sen. Warns Against Vaccine Misinformation On Social Media 1

GOP State Sen. Warns Against Vaccine Misinformation On Social Media


“There’s a lot of misinformation being spread around about this vaccine,” says Missouri GOP State Senator Lincoln Hough. “I would ask, and maybe strongly encourage, that we shy away from just looking at social media.”
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    1. @Hat Bpto That’s rather crass. He is our president. He just has no idea what he is doing and seems like he is trying to do even worse than Obama or Trump’s flaws combined.

    2. @Sarah F. 4.2 How many accounts do you have? Ngl, you’re the creepiest person I’ve ever encountered on YT.

  1. took the vaccine, yet tells people don’t take it. Now take it, people dying for his pocket being filled, shame on you.

    1. You must be referring to Biden and Camela who said they don’t trust the vaccine while Trump was President. Yet it’s the same vaccine used today.

    2. @Bryan it was also reported under trump alot of his staff were worried that he would of tried to get vaccines out faster by bypassing the testing the FDA does in order to get it out before election…this story has come in several of the books recently released…it also fits into why he kept telling people there would be a vaccine before election

    1. Right. The same people spreading misinformation all of a sudden had a change of heart? BARF! They saw stocks tumbling several days ago and decided to encourage people to get vaccinated just so they don’t lose money.

    2. @Bryan misinformation like your pushing….Jim crow 2.0 came out from democrats who left Texas and were threatened with arrest for missing their special session….the facebook thing was from people who are posting misinformation related to vaccine hesitancy….alot of misinformation is what your doing I’ve seen you posting all thru the comments section…my guess is you get off on this and really don’t have a life….

  2. It will all come out now the delta variants becoming more aggressive especially look at Missouri, that the GOP’s mostly all vaccinated senators and those who questioned its validity, are all going to be held accountable and will face possible legal charges for using their powers of office to spread misinformation

    1. @Mother Hen 5 minutes of research would have told you that this domain has been redirected to HHS since January of 2006 and is currently offline.
      Have you actually used the site and read through the data yourself?

    2. @habirton  Read then I agree, request form, symptoms, vaccine, Vaers ID, adverse events, covid 19, all locations, death, 2021 for all, show totals, click send and make sure you only have 2021 selected not all dates.

    3. Lol ok comrade don’t want to be spreading the misinformation. Who decides if it is misinformation?

  3. I guess better late than never works. Although it all rings a little hollow since for the last year they have been down playing the covid.

    1. Has Hough been spreading disinformation? Maybe he shouldn’t have waited to say this, but he hasn’t been spreading BS, unlike jerks like Rand Paul.

  4. A big problem with the “talk to your trusted health care provided” is many emancipated young people and minority individuals do not have a healthcare provider.

    1. @Michael Voy PLEASE NOTE: There are many “Community Healthcare Clinics” that would be happy to give you “FREE” Covid and/or Vaccine information…not having a private physician is NOT an excuse. Just check with your local city Health Authorities…their only a phone call away…

    2. @Paul Ferrante , You and I know that. Those who do not know that and later find out about it may not trust a health service they have never used. Remember we are talking about trust not availability.

  5. When Granny and little Hans are under oxygen tents trying to breathe, will you still be thinking about politics?

    1. The biggest contributor to covid is the border crisis. But you prob didn’t know that since MSDNC refuses to cover it for political reasons.

  6. *knock knock* I pray that I am wrong here.

    Things are ticking up again, particularly in red states. School is about to start again. Delta is more harsh to kids.

    I am afraid that it will take this hitting children who CANNOT GET THE VACCINE! before any of these people realize their civic duty to protect others.

    Again, I hope this comment fades away and is never seen. Let’s hope we’re not too late.

    1. Jesus so far has had almost near perfect record of disappointing his followers though. Maybe the solution is to stop praying and start talking to those around you who still hesitate to get vaccinated.

    1. @Borvo Those are not facts they are fraudulent numbers from non-credible sources Takes more than reading and religion to understand facts.

    2. @Alexander Hewett So, reading is a little tough for you?
      Are you waiting for the CDC and the State of Florida to come out with an illustrated version before you believe?

    3. @Bom Randers You need to catch-up.
      We no longer have a clown as president; – – – our clown president was replaced on January 20th with an actual competent president!

  7. MY MATE Rudy and I won’t need the jab because we are moving to the Venezuelian space station on
    the moon .

  8. It’s just too bad that when they get the virus it doesn’t leave a sign that says I lied look at me now

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