GOP State Senator Searched For Election Fraud In 2020 And Found None 1

GOP State Senator Searched For Election Fraud In 2020 And Found None


In a new piece for The Atlantic, reporter Tim Alberta talks with Republican Michigan State Sen. Ed McBroom, who for eight months searched for election fraud and found none. Alberta joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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GOP State Senator Searched For Election Fraud In 2020 And Found None


    1. @Darcus Tayloryou can’t even put together educated sentences PROVE I’m right. You can’t even comply with YOUTUBE GUIDELINES 😂 you’re just a bigot and YOUTUBE smacked you for it. Stop being a BIGOT and YouTube won’t have an issue 🇺🇸

    2. @Darcus Taylor don’t be a bigot and YouTube won’t tell you how to obey. Off to my master bedroom… 😂

    3. @Romeo You mean, your MASTER’S bedroom! You don’t know what a bigot is… Fly, fly, MAGAT wannabe!😉

    4. @Romeo Dingbat, I have a question for you. Can you define bigot? Probably not, but answer anyway. You’re throwing words around out of context, so qualify your statement.

    1. @Romeo And your arguments / proof / evidence is?
      I don’t know if you noticed, but your hero, your great leader, your cult leader is the target of multiple criminal investigations (WITH evidence)? And a panel of experts (even a Pulitzer prize winner) created a ranking of US presidents, based on objective criteria and factual evidence, and they rated your cult leader as one of the worst in history. Did yo notice that, or did Sucker Carlson forget to mention that?
      I guess all that is fake news too, let me guess….

    2. @Romeo So you’re a BLM supporter too? Great! Nice to see trump cultists that have seen the light and disapprove of racism and oppression. Very hard to find.

    3. @Phaedra Degreef BLM is racist. You can’t make up your own FACTS.


  1. The two things the GOP fear most right now – The truth, and high voter participation. They are doing everything they can to quash both.


    2. @Romeo i never said they switched parties, second, you need to SCREAM just because you don’t like what I am saying, and the fact that the republican party and democratic party, changed their behaviour, is a Historical fact, and well documented, try reading a few books on USA history and politics, and you will understand what I am referring to…

    3. @Romeo so the thing is before you start screaming and call me a liar , you should read some stuff…

    4. @Romeo and yes people changed sides , as both parties changed their goals and modus operandi, get a grip mate, and learn the history of your country

    5. @João Nunes dude. Caps LOCK doesn’t mean I’m screaming 🤡 it’s freedom of speech. Nothing more. The fact that you try to look down at someone with more facts than you can comprehend doesn’t make them false. Republicans aren’t racist that’s a fact. Democrats keep making racist policy. That’s also a fact

  2. Of course there was no fraud. Every single one of these cases were thrown out of court and now this. Why suppress the vote on the big lie is beyond me. 🤷🏿‍♂️

    1. These are “the end justifies the means” people who support all kinds of tyrrany both communist and fascist. Honor, integrity, rule of law, morals, honesty, valuing truth are out the window for them. Right now we are 1933 Germany.

    2. @Suckass Dems

      They won one case and that case was purely about procedure. Nothing else. The very few cases that made it in front of a judge, barely lasted a day. There was never any evidence and they had to admit that in court.

    3. @Lourdes Jaramillo I only wish that could happen! Remember that unfortunately, SCOTUS is a lifetime appointment. I REALLY feel you on that one, though. .

  3. Nothing proves election fraud like getting laughed out of every court room in the country.

    1. @Will Payne ALL politicians lie homie. Pubs and dems alike. ‘But Democrats lie more’ is what you’re thinking…go ahead and say it. Every single politician on both sides have one goal, re-election.

    2. @Harold Moore Just because you hear crap on msnbc and cnn doesn’t make it true. Trumps cases were dismissed prior to the election due to lack of standing as the elections hadn’t taken place and no damages could be awarded. They were refiled after the election and dismissed as moot as the elections were over and damages could not be awarded. Sound fair to you?

    3. @Alvah Nomicron Honestly out of curiosity, people like you who are apparently convinced the election was 100 % legit, how do you explain the swing states all shutting down counting at around the same time with trump up hundred of thousands of votes, then restarting hours later with hundreds of thousands of votes dumped in for biden? Georgia’s proven fake ‘water leak, all poll watchers told to leave, and ballots pulled out hidden under tables and fed thru counters multiple times on camera? Which also happens to coincide with the georgia biden vote dump to bring the election close? I could go on but you guys seem to ignore alot of these odd ‘Irregularities’

  4. The fraud perpetrated here was by the GOP when they cried, ‘fraud’. Donald Trump’s modus operandi has been to commit the sin, then blame the other guy for doing it. That was their entire campaign from the moment he declared his run for presidency. Look at all the investigations going on now and contrast that with all the nothing found regarding Hillary. 🙄

    1. From new zealand 🇳🇿 personally I think stale white privilege didn’t think many people would turn out to vote for Obama (the public locking for change) and to have a women (Hillary)as a president after a man of colour was to much for the wealthy privilege to bare. I was proud of Americans voting in Obama as I didn’t ever think I see a man of color in the white house. I mean it was a important moment in nz history when I have got to ser three women primisters so far in my life here.

    2. @Vanessa Rae
      We appreciate your interest & support in our political affairs. The whole world is catching on to the hype.

    3. @Infinity Stepping Stone its because people care for the American people and hope the chaos will end and gets back on their feet again were people are proud of the country and peoples

  5. How can u find something wrong if it’s not there. Trump wants them to just make up some story that there was fraud. Then it has to be proven. So when they get caught telling lies about fraud then they’re in trouble and trump gets to sit back and say I dont know the guy I’ve just know about him.

  6. The GOP know they’re finished, that’s why they’re now taking elections out of the voters hands and choosing the “winners” themselves….That’s the purpose of all this legislation they’re ramming through…

    1. @Don Bianconi yeah, as i kid i always wondered why great empires fell from within. Now we are seeing why first hand.

    2. The real problem is even a small dog can become a fearsome fighter when backed into a corner, regardless if he did it to himself like the GQP

    3. This is why their are trying to make it harder to vote, so they don’t have to rely on votes to win, they will threaten people and put someone in every Dem state to try to take over the process.

    4. @Wilfried Hölscher The Confederate Army surrendered in 1865, but the Civil War never really ended. Confederates just changed their tactics.
      But they’ve overplayed their hand, have exposed themselves, and their sleeper cells can’t hide anymore.

  7. A Republican that tells the truth is attacked by the the Republican Party and threatened by Republican people that want to destroy this country. That is really all one needs to know about the Republican Party.

    1. @Scott Coleman I care what is called left. As a European I don’t see any reason why the US should define what “left” is. We have some much more political flavours than the US 2 party system has to offer. Progressive or conservative, left or right, capitalist or socialist, democracy or autocracy. They are all separate characteristics instead of just another word for Democrat or Republican.
      Kind regards from the Netherlands.

    2. @Pat Doyle not in a world of crazies, that’s a “fer dang sure”.
      keep your head down and powder dry (literally).

    3. Are you not watching the border the inflation an why is Biden not behind bars for treason.

    4. @Scott Coleman 😂😂😂😂😂 you say that while Liz Cheney is threatened with losing her committee seats because she “dares have an original thought.

      Hypocrisy much? 😂😂🤣🤣

      You RepubliKKKan moralists are a bunch of CLOWNS 🤡

    1. It’s the reason they feel the need. They always knew there was no fraud, and now their only recourse is to obstruct.

    2. Well, we all know that the voter suppression efforts were never actually about preserving the sanctity of voting and democratic participation…

  8. Remember, in a speech to American youths, former President Obama said: “If you want to change the future, go out and vote!”. And this is what the GOP fears most

    1. @David Pieper LOL, again,calling everyone a racist that has different opinions, different ideologies, different view points, DOES NOT MAKE THEM A RACIST. Can say it over and over, won’t change that fact. That card is so diluted, its amazing to me it keeps being used.

    2. @David Pieper I agree, there is some black people I dont like. Obama and Kamala are top of that list. Maxine Waters and Stacey Abrahms, two more I do not like. Granted I dont know them at a personel level, but their polices and left radical ideologies have divided the country more than half a century ago. For those reasons, I have no likeable assertmants towards.
      Maybe one could call you absurd? Delusional? Only way you could debate anything is with a race card defense?
      Enough of that, grow a brain, grow some information discord objectives, and actually try and rebute anything I criticise.


    3. No. When people have contact with entities that are hostile to the US(like Trump was doing), surveillance is not spying as per our law. And, they are in fact required by law to out the bad actors to law enforcement.

    4. @Max Power did trump do good or evil while he was president? your eyes..we can’t become communists..and that’s what Biden and piglosi want..ever lasting power..

  9. All of the blame goes to the retrumplicans- this ‘both parties’ bs really is disgusting.

    1. One thing I find hysterical is the hypocrisy of the @GOP goons on this thread. You take one word and make a big deal about it…meanwhile you complain people (democrats) are too “politically correct”. Pick a side hypocrites!!

    2. @Todd Rocket yes Docs and nurses are what kept the scamdemic alive, your tiny IQ Would never know that

    3. @MKultraInstinct WOW! I believe the men in white coats may be coming for you…you have a very disturbing point of view. Poisoning, “alternative facts” about the insurrection and 2020 secure election. You are the epitome of needing to step away from the Kool Aid

    4. @Todd Rocket I will find you Todd, bet on that, you will be exposed for being a ball less little freak when you get run up on.

      VPN always use one, you masked loser

    1. When? Prior to Trump. There was a GOP long before Trump, a life-long Democrat, ran as a Republican. I remember a time when the Republicans were much less corrupt and duplicitous than the Democrats. The slide, towards the bottom, started in 1980, but really wasn’t completed till very recently.

    2. Mitch McConnell first was Democrat senator and change to Republican senator after finding he can’t be a leader in senate.

  10. There’s something wrong with a person who says you deserve to die just because they didn’t get their way

  11. No. You don’t get to play the “both parties have responsibly” card. This is all Republican disinformation..

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