GOP Stoking Vaccine Culture War At The Cost Of American Lives 1

GOP Stoking Vaccine Culture War At The Cost Of American Lives


“One political movement is trying to turn the vaccine into a culture war wedge so that their people don't get vaccinated—so they can stick up their middle finger at the other parts of America at the cost of American lives,” says Chris Hayes. 
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    1. @Gabe Dudley 600,000+ mostly deniers dead, but just getting started, millions more other lives shortened and debilitated. More than any of our war losses in the US. But, again, they are just getting started,

    1. Sadly it’ll also lead to a higher death rate among those who cannot take the vaccine due to other health issues. Their pigheadedness is going to cost not just their own worthless life’s but those of innocents.

    2. @Chris Smith this is a man made flue/fever and its harmless as the flue that kills 30,000-40,000 every year. The cdc said that 94% of covid related deaths had underlying health conditions contributed. I cant believe so many of you media lackeys exist when the facts have shown us how fake and how worthless this pandemic is to even care about

    3. @Mr Clean go ahead and stuff your head in the sand. I don’t care anymore if your ideology is more important to you than your health. Please try to comprehend that 600,000 thousand more people died last year than should have by the historical trends. That’s not politics that’s cold hard fact. I doubt anyone who dies doesn’t have some other underlying condition because it’s part of the human condition for our bodies to always be under attack by something at some level.
      It wasn’t man made. That’s the big BS lie that somehow justifies foolish behavior.

    4. @Mr Clean go look at what the CDC is reporting this morning. “The vast majority of COVID cases and deaths in the US at this time are among the unvaccinated population “.

    5. Alot of Trump supporters didnt even vote in the last election… It is not just Trump supporters who are at risk… children under 12 and those with immune problems are innocent and these antivaxers are a threat to these innocent people… not to mention the more the virus spreads the more it mutates and become resistant to the vaccine which threatens those of us who did vaccinate…

  1. Tucker Hannity telling people not to get vaccinated when they themselves got the shot.
    The ultimate in hypocrisy.

    1. It’s a personal choice here in America, comrade 🇺🇸. President Trump was one of the first to receive the vaccine. If I was old, fat and tired I’d consider it…….but my common sense and ability to READ and make my own DECISIONS…….tells me that anyone under the age of 60 years, who has the fitness level to lift their own body weight for multiple reps, has no underlying health issues or immune deficiency…..who jumps in line to receive an experimental vaccine for a virus with a 99plus% survival rate……is NOT an educated person……rather a sheep who drinks from the trough of MSM.

    2. @Ricky Bobby “rather a sheep who drinks from the trough” << Thanks for providing Putin with a laugh. You've been sucking down the dumbest propaganda that wouldn't fool any 8yo European kid.

    3. Party don’t make the person?? If you think about it if one side is right & the other side is wrong then we never get 100% from our congress!!!! Novel idea (work 2gether)!!!

    1. And these people are hitting themselves in the face with golf clubs repeatedly while chanting “Not a slave!” like the Monty Python Monks.

    2. Yahooooo!
      – Mario

      Quotes from fictional people can be interesting, but are never as powerful as you think.

    3. @DJAvren And you’re dismissing them entirely in the age of pop culture, internet and memes.

    1. As long as my state stays 82% Republican that’s fine with me. Maybe they can shutdown all your small business with the next flu

    2. @Derek S Trump had nothing to do with it? Keep watching CNN. Trump promised a vaccine in 8 months and he delivered it. You laughed when he said it. Just like you laughed when he said covid was developed in a lab. Trump right again

    3. @Tall Diana who cares lock yourself in your basement get vaccinated but don’t tell others what they have to do.

    4. I’m not going to lose sleep over it. Don’t want to wear a mask, social distance, or get vaccinated, let me introduce you to Karma.

    1. @cat videos listen to whoever you want. Just know that in june 99.2% of covid deaths was from unvaccinated people. Good luck with that.


    2. @Don Clayton Just think,the more abortions the less Democrats!!!! Guess there is a bright side!!

  2. Do these Trump supporters waving “No Vaccine” signs along side “Trump” signs know know Trump got the vaccine as soon as it was available.

    1. @REFORMATTED 2086
      Yeah, maybe you should go REFORMAT yourself! 🤣😃😀😁😆😅!!!!! Barrrrramp bamp!!!!!

    2. So silly . People actually think left or right that these elites are actually working for a better future .
      Wake up zombies ! Lol! These are distractions from the truth .

    3. @Glenn Morrell lol 600,000 people? Who are these people? You watch to much CNN. I Trump did have the vaccine in 8 months just like he promised. Remember you laughed and called him a liar when he said it. But yeah he did nothing. He gave people the right to make their own choice. You so dumb you need to be told what you have to do?

    1. ……and if you’re under 60 years old, can lift your own body weight, have no underlying health conditions and you jumped in line to take an experimental vaccine for a virus with a 99plus% survival rate ……….you my friend, are the definition of stupid.

    2. @Bryan at least we’re vaccinated. I guess you never got a flu shot or cared if a surgeon wore a mask operating on you or a loved one. I’m not sure where this 19th century attitude about medicine and science came from, but it definitely isn’t from intelligence or critical thinking.

    3. @Bryan Why not, Republicans believe whatever Don “The Con” Trump, and Faux News tells them. But that’s ok, they can continue not getting vaccinated and mother nature will continue cleansing the gene pool.

    4. @Ricky Bobby All the crap in the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat, and people are worried about a vaccination? THAT is the definition of stupid.

  3. When historians look at this decade they’ll undoubtedly conclude that the population in general was overcome by an inexplicable psychosis.

    1. Proof of Natural Selection, whatever can’t adapt to Nature gets swept away….not really rocket science.

    2. @Ricky Bobby You really believe that someone that says that watching Fox is the cure to the psychosis is the guy wearing masks? What’s funny is that 40% of the people are the Fox viewers. You’d almost need to reverse the numbers. What’s more funny is that you understand where he went wrong with the numbers, but you failed to understand he was on your side. That last fact means you know you’re not telling the truth.

  4. This is not surprising as the cult leader said “just stay calm and it will go away”. Meanwhile 600k Americans died horribly.

    1. Premeditated murder if we are honest. Early on trump admitted that he knew how deadly Covid19 was yet he didn’t endorse, push our fellow citizens to get vaccinated. As a healthcare provider I have never been one to get vaccines however I felt it was my duty-to get vaccinated because of the fear I may get Covid19 and unknowingly pass it on to someone who may actually die from Covid19. I didn’t want that thought in my brain. Can we all please get back to having each other’s backs. Unacceptable

    2. Yes, because he was stupid and Fauci was evil. So much for the vax choicers thinking Trump was going to save them. The only good that may come of it will be when Trump himself croaks from the shots he facilitated.

  5. Really Chris, you’re wasting your time talking about this. At this point, they should already know better, so let them make their choice, and let them die from Covid-19 without the big fanfare. It doesn’t make Biden look bad, it makes Republican leadership look stupid.

    1. @steve woodward the shot can keep you from getting it r if you do it’s not severe or life threatening/ no hospital or death! So just don’t get vaccinated dumbasses – see where it lands you

    2. @steve woodward thank you for your well wishes. It’s actually quite easy to track back peoples actions and the people they have interacted with. It’s like food poisoning, when a group of people in a certain location all get sick, they can trace the areas that they have all frequented lately narrowing down to one location, one particular food that they all ate. Many times, from baby foods to medication bottles that were tampered with or lettuce fields that were contaminated just to name a few times when contact tracing was used. Stay safe!

    3. @My opinions are secretly facts I’m middle age & healthy, working construction, and never missing work until the day after 2nd jab, got really sick then 5- days later went to emergency room for blood clot in my right leg, very very painfully, then clot moved into my lung, the CDC requested copy of vaccine card, then no more communication (true story)

    4. @Bruce Bridges I wasn’t talking about the same vaccine. They can change the vaccine as the virus mutates.

    5. @K B I get that but depending on the mutations it is not necessarily tweaking the current vaccine. They may need major changes and the approval and trails may need to restart

  6. I’m just an old man who’s been watching US politics since Nixon and is something of a centrist (pro-gun, pro-universal healthcare, etc).
    Every year the Left becomes more and more of a melting pot of Americans (rich, poor, black, white, etc) while I’m fairly certain the Right is just a few years away from being and handful of billionaires & shrieking apes throwing poo from the trees.

    1. On the world stage, the US “left” is a hair to the right of middle. Show how small one looks at this.

    2. @JLT Changeshifter aren’t you still locked down. Lol my Republican state has been 100% open for a year.

  7. This seems like a good way to fast track the GOP shrinking voting base. It’s the only thing I got

    1. I was thinking the same thing. The same party that is so against abortion (they claim to be prolife) are killing themselves and others in droves because they won’t get a couple of shots. We may not survive as a nation with so many of our citizens this profoundly stupid.

    1. That quote comes from “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, a Chinese general. And yes, Napoleon said the same thing. Whether he got it from Sun Tzu is not known.

    1. @Phill McCracken i don’t know what you’re smoking or listening to but Europe is staying locked down because delta is more transmissible, deadly, and has more severe after effects.
      Other countries whose leaders had their heads up their third points of contact are being decimated by delta. Talk about denial

    2. @Chris Smith free states like FL have been fully open for more than a year and are fairing just fine. If you want to remain double muzzled in your basement, more power to you.

    3. @Bryan Florida has not been open over a year. Since lifting their restrictions a quick Google finds a 42% surge in cases.

    4. @Phill McCracken the CDC currently says it may have a higher mortality rate but they can’t say with statistical certainty as yet. What they can say is the symptoms are worse, recovery is taking longer, and there are more lasting side effects with Delta.

  8. When you ask a conservative, if they’ve been vaccinated
    And they reply: “None of your business” or anything like that….
    It means “Yes I have, but I want to still sow mistrust about it, so I can win votes”

    1. Sooooooo are conservatives NOT supposed to get the vaccine? Are you that stupid that you believe conservatives in totality are anti-vax?? Or is it just the MSNBC brainwashing that make you think that?

    2. @Tio Swift no name and no picture and yes, the Republicans are running propaganda anti vaccine, and you know it and even you find it painful, your cognitive dissonance is hurting you, supporting a party that is really stupid when you believe yourselves to be smart. Did trump get it, yes, did he support others getting it, no!

    3. @Tio Swift hahahahahah its happening again.. give it a year we wont’ be able to find ONE conservatives who admits they were anti-vax…. TIO is just ashamed that he had to backtrack lol… you were anti-vax.. I remember your posts!!! OWNED!!

    4. no, we mean it’s literally none of your business. What I do with my own health is my business alone. You literally have no right to know if anyone you’re around is vaccinated or sick. That’s just the risk you take in life.

  9. I share Chris Hayes’ frustration, it just makes no sense. Those who don’t get vaccinated are keeping the Virus and its mutations alive. The Delta Variant is more aggressive, but what other Variant are we in store for if the unvaccinated remain so ignorant and obtuse?

    1. @TheHopetown Do you have polio, small pox, TB no you probably don’t did you ever wonder why. Its because your parent were smart enough to get you vaccinated.

    2. Check out Delta Plus and P1…both in America and are vax AND treatment resistant. Sources:WION, WHO, Jons-Hopkins, Mayo, Business Insider, Forbes

    3. So if the unvaccinated people are keeping the virus 🦠 and it’s mutations alive…& they are NOT sick…how deadly can this virus 🦠 really be???

  10. Imagine claiming pro-life and anti-vaxer status at the literal same time. This is how ignorant the American right is

    1. Imagine being under the age of 60 years, having the fitness level to lift your own body weight multiple reps, free of any underlying health conditions……and jumping in line to receive an experimental vaccine for a virus with a 99plus% survival rate…….if that’s you, you’re the definition of ignorance.

    2. Making a decision for yourself as an adult based on many different factors, to not get an experimental vaccine is not the same as murdering a baby that has no say of it’s own. Not at all the same.

  11. I can’t even comprehend the level of self-absorbed ignorance it takes to make people think that by not wearing masks, refusing vaccines, risking serious illness, or even death they are somehow making liberals look bad. If they want to risk death to “own the libs” even though I am just a half-assed liberal I say more power to them. Just think of it as nature culling the herd a bit. lol

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