GOP Strategist: ‘McConnell Is A Disgrace’ For Not Condemning Trump Comments | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. A list of contacts identified as Epstein’s “Little Black Book” was published by the now-defunct webSite Gawker in 2015 and contains hundreds of names, including those of celebrities, politicians and other ­A-listers, with their phone numbers and email addresses blacked out.
    Notable entries include former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, actor Alec Baldwin, singer Jimmy Buffett, industrialist David Koch and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger…. The New York Post has reported:

  2. “Why. don’t. they. go. back. and. help. fix. the. totally. broken. and. crime. infested. places. from. which. they. came. Then. come. back. and. show. us. how. it. is. done. These. places. need. your. help badly, you. can’t. leave. fast. enough. I’m. sure. that. Nancy Pelosi/ would. be. very. happy. to. quickly. work. out free. travel. arrangements. ”     This is the “tweet ”    MSNBC   what is wrong with you ?

  3. LOl Every time the news tries to take Trump down with negative press it backfires give him a boost with his party now you have a whole group of people come up with a new Chat send her back

  4. Trump is a 1st generation immigrant too. Why didn’t he go back to where he came from while Obama was President?

  5. This is getting worse by the second it’s time for the People of the United States of America to take back our country I’m voting Blue in 2020

  6. The People of Kentucky need to take away ” Grim Mitch’s Senate 💺. His shady wife can be cell mates with Hope Hicks.

  7. Republican don’t care about what’s good for the Country, they don’t care about what’s good for Citizens, they don’t even care about what’s good for the Republican party, all they care about is what will “hurt a lib” and everything else be damned. This makes them a direct threat against America and a danger to everyone who doesn’t agree with them. They are terrorists waiting to attack, and the American people would do well to stand up and demand that these worthless evil mongers are rounded up and shipped off to some far away camp where they can not cause any further damage to our Country, Citizens, or Government.

  8. Good points Chris Lu, but it is not a new low, this is history trying to repeat itself and we see who is pushing for and the people who support them.

  9. Anyone might think that McConnell is a yellow-bellied pervert promoter. But I’m sure that its just because he’s dead from the neck up. Be great when the rest of his body catches up.

  10. If Victor Frankenstein could make a human-monster assembled entirely from human flaws – he would make current Republicans.🤪

  11. This is how I’ve seen the Repugnicunt party since I was a teenager, over 20 years… The greedy, bigoted, evil party. One good thing is: I found out that NOT EVERY Republican is a disgrace, or vile creature. There is some decency in party, but only maybr 1%.

  12. Start picketing Mitch’s Kentucky office until he allows legislation protecting 2020 vote to go forward. Do not fall for trump’s race baiting culture war diversion while he and Putin plot to fix election.

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