1. He will do fine. Only a “Joe Everyman” could beat him. Dems are out of touch unfortunately. Too extreme left. Pushes centrists to the right.

    1. @Phantus00 Trump is a democrat. He put an (R) after his name because he knew he couldn’t beat Hillary in a primary. Now you clowns can’t get enough of him LMAO

    1. @Theron Ash Yes china may have the origin of the virus but even china had much much better efforts in stopping the spread of Covid-19 than Trump did, Trump has done nothing to stop the spread all you have to do is go outside and see that no one is wearing a mask and is doing no social distancing and he does nothing to enforce this rule. Now tell me am I wrong?

    2. @Evan Bush china lied and hid information about covid. Trump made decisions you disagree with. Huge difference.

    3. @Evan Bush and plus, the federal government does not have the power to tell individuals to socially distance. because that violates the constitution

    1. @Thepopcornator Probably bought it with our tax $$$. Same as his 6 million renovation costs on his summer cottage home. Tax $$$

  2. Remind me again about the what the so called “experts” predicted about the landslide by Hillary in 2016? We all know how that worked out. LOL

  3. Trump 2020, everything about the Dems is negative and you are a simpleton if you haven’t caught on to their corruption.

  4. The Americans feed trump’s megalomania by insisting on referring to him, as “the most powerful” – they do not have any ability to self-reflect – their arrogance & ignorance, their irresponsibility and lack of discipline is where they are stuck. They cannot see that it is their culture/society has created trump; because he is exactly like them.
    I hope Canada doesn’t follow this trend towards extreme conservative politics.
    And no. Trudeau cannot be compared to this Ignorant Narcissist.

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