1. He lost respect when he said the seditious insurrection was Un American and was against it until he came back from Florida with his tail tucked between his legs and was “corrected” by his master.

    1. @BidenHarris: MAD Magazine’s Person Of The Year Knock knock…who’s there?…Rep…..Rep who?….Reprehensible!

    2. @aaronrice780  go collect that free bag of groceries darlin’. I’m sure you are hungry. Hot Pockets only supply so much nutrition to your starving body and brain. Do you have enough gas to get there or are you going to have to walk?

    3. @spacelemur7955  only one pic of child porn needs to surface….we all know in love Democrats are in love with it along with human trafficking and their fentanyl. We know we don’t do any of it, so who does? Not too hard to guess.

    4. @sean7157  well, what makes you think the rest of the conservative world is in love with liberals? They hate the US because of you. CNN just won’t show you the constant “death to America” chants that happen across the continents.

    1. Not fast enough, unfortunately.
      But yeah, Repugnants are in a major clusterf**k of their own making..
      THAT does bring me great joy…. but worried about how much more damage n hate they will foster before it ends.

    1. And how long will Republicans continue to sweep Benghazi under the rug?! It’s been YEARS since they investigated THAT!

  2. It would be amusing to see what would happen if Kev can’t get the votes needed for the Speaker position.

    1. @Tom R <—Trump Hating Cultist Bot that suffers from what Psychiatrists call Trump Derangement Syndrome, obviously

    2. @Tom R What in the complete gibberish did you even attempt to say? Get back to me when you look at how many Democrat Senate seats were up for re-election in 2022, and how many are up for re-election in 2024…newb

    3. @Mark Well I knew you were not smart enough to understand, and youtube will not let me draw you a picture, put you on a stool and put your dunce hat on you and then explain it to you. Loser just going to lose – not your fault just in your DNA

    4. @Mark LOL =
      Trump Hating-Yep I hate criminals,
      Cutltist -No l I do not believe what one person says even when I can see its a lie. what ever the rest of that is -Being a person that fought for this country I dont really like traitors and clowns that support traitors – call it what you want most just call it “American”

    5. @jsean g You’ll have to excuse Mark, all he knows how to do is dribble a round orange ball, and drag his knuckles on the ground.

    1. @Brupe Boring Two words for ‘B’….Seditious Conspiracy.
      Notice how they have stopped squealing that ‘Nobody’s been charged….’

    2. @Antique Girl yes it is both funny and disturbing how they just go on to the next conspiracy theory when they are confronted with the facts

    1. @chuck granger Try again, kiddo; basketball allowed me to go to school for free, and get paid to travel the world. You, on the other hand 😆

    1. The irony is that he has almost no power. Everything he does is dictated to him by someone else who has more political chips than he does :/
      He’s too weak to kick inane people off committees or hold them accountable. He has to run every big decision by 45 even though he’s no POTUS anymore. People like MTG and Bumhurt have wayyyyy too much power over him. It’s sad :(.

    2. There’s no telling the kind of promises he’s making to the far right. He wants this waaay tooo much

  3. McCarthy is one of those guys whose practiced sincere tone fools no-one, but his team has to pretend that he is a wise sage.

    1. Totally agree! He looked like he was completely acting and it’s looks fake! Do his staffers tell him how bad he looks or do they just not care! Either way him and Mitch will forever be cowards after saying Trump is responsible for J6 then doing a 180 and saying “We love Donny again!!

    1. the dems need to reach out to the no so crazy folks in the republiclan party and let them pick a not so crazy speaker, McCarthy isnt a leader only a follower

  4. If McCarthy doesn’t get it I don’t see anyone else getting 218 votes, surely there are at least 5 sensible republicans that won’t let the extremists have it.

  5. What makes it even worse for the House GOP is that unlike last time this happened, they don’t have someone like Paul Ryan who can get support from everyone. Couple that with the very narrow margins and you have the recipe for utter chaos.

    1. Think they’ll exceed the record for most votes to defund the ACA? 😛
      It will be all smoke and mirrors and clickbait proclamations.

  6. Question: Is it possible under the rules that a more moderate Speaker comes forward that would get votes from moderate Democrats so that a centrist Speaker would emerge, leaving the more fringe elements of both parties to be sidelined? Has something like that ever happened before?

    If so, they might actually get something done. Like immigration reform.

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