GOP Voting Restrictions May Hurt Disabled Voters The Most

Detroit Disability Power founding director Dessa Cosma discusses her conversation with Vice President Kamala Harris regarding how Republican voting restrictions will greatly hinder the ability of disabled Americans to access the polls.

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  1. I am a disabled veteran and I don’t care how bad they make the voting rules here in Texas, I will walk to my polling place if it’s within my ability and if it isn’t I will crawl there or I will call up my best friend who is a pastor and have him carry me there. If there is a will there is a way but these abominations that they call voting laws here in Texas go through then God help this entire country.

    1. You know you can get a vote in ballot right? You have to request it and send it with a copy of your identification. If you don’t do research then your just that stupid.

    2. Wow, you really think it would be illegal for his friend to drive him to the polls? Good grief, how about reading the bill before spouting off such ignorance?

    3. They’re not trying to supress your vote, sir. They’re trying to protect it. Thank you for your service.

    1. @Alundrinus Ordway mail in voting and absentee are different things, absentee ballots (which are requested) are not effected by this bill, mail in ballots (which are sent out indiscriminately) are, educate yourself.

  2. My crooked state of Illinois all they ask is my name. They provide my address and asked if it’s correct. Anyone can vote as me. I was also lucky enough to receive three mail in ballots.

  3. Handicap Americans have IDs and can still vote. I am disabled and still take responsibility to cast my vote and 76 other voters here will also vote.

    1. @Alundrinus Ordway No ones taking your accessibility away thats the thing. STOP listening to the propaganda.

  4. Lies. All they have to do is fill out a mail in ballot by using a ID or there social security number. And a person can also help them, they just have to verify their identity. Stop lying.

  5. So people can go through the red tape process of being legally documented as disabled (which requires an ID), but they can’t vote because..?

    1. @Let Freedom Ring BS, you just made that up or got it from right wing media— there is no evidence of thousands of people not being allowed to vote because someone else voted in their name.

    2. @Let Freedom Ring Really, then why hasn’t any court of law accepted that evidence? I think we know why- because it’s nothing but an urban legend. A conspiracy theory.

    3. @Mo Mo If by “right-wing media” you mean actual Senate hearings in which people gave their sworn testimony (which I watched), then okay.

  6. It’s hilarious and sickening at the same time just how desperate the domestic terrorist Democrats are being trying to disable free and fair elections. God save America from the Democrats.

    1. Republicommies won’t win another general election. The economy runs worse under republicommies, ie handouts and deficits. Not to mention they hate law enforcement and our troops who come home from war. So no thanks republicommies we don’t want communism so vote blue no matter who! 😁

    2. @Dark Knight except the opposite is true. Republicans will win and have won the last two elections. Especially with enhanced election integrity to prevent cheating in place. Dems had to cheat to get elected, and now they’re losing that. They’re done in most of the country

  7. We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics

    – Sniffy-in-Chief 10% Big Guy

  8. The MSM can’t seem to nail down who it affects the most lmao. Just keep throwing darts and hopefully one of them stick.

  9. There’s a world of difference between absentee ballots and mass mail in voting. Absentee ballots have always been available to those that actually need them… mass mail-in voting is little more than a (successful) scheme used to circumvent the security of in person voting. There’s little mystery as to why msDNC is spewing lies to promote it.

  10. Only the left would take a “may happen” story and run it to fit their agenda.

    This is yellow journalism.

  11. I’m disabled and I want secure and fair elections. I feel like, since the narrative that these new laws are racist has fallen apart, they are now concerned about the disabled voters, when they’ve ignored us for years. We only matter when we can be used for their purposes.

  12. They can request an absentee ballot if necessary. Many, if not all, polling places are disability accessible. It’s probably one of the requirements when choosing a polling place.

  13. How is the possible? 80 million mentally disabled people voting is how Biden got elected president. They obviously have no problems voting.

  14. You’ve accused minority communities of not being able to get IDs, unable to use the internet and now you’re going after those with disabilities! Hey normies, they’re calling you stupid!

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