GOP Will Likely Stick By Trump After His Company Is Indicted 1

GOP Will Likely Stick By Trump After His Company Is Indicted


Republicans stuck by Trump through two impeachments and a re-election loss, so they will likely continue to stick with him after the indictments against his company and its CFO Allen Weisselberg. A.B. Stoddard of Real Clear Politics joins to discuss.
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    1. Democrats love to align themselves with Democrats so that the corruption never ends.

  1. He is their God, he’s everything they are, or want to be….Jan. 6th tells you everything you need to know about them….

    1. @Jim River in 2018, after tax reform, the top 0.1% paid more of the tax burden than the bottom 75% of taxpayers combined. Fact.

    2. @E Mo What a fun fantasy world you live in. Did you have to work on being that stupid or did it come naturally?

    3. What did Trump do for you. Let hundreds of thousands ppl die on his watch, secretly got vaccinated, by his vaccine he claims he made, but claimed it was fake and a hoax. Wanted to send anyone with the virus to an island. What if you’re relatives were made to go. He wanted to be a dictator, look at North Korea, you want to live like that!!!

  2. Hoping some of these Republicans will be cellmates w their homie, so they can talk about the old days of how corrupt they were!!

    1. @Doug Ohaver it’s gonna happen. Just you wait. Democrats have gone on to far with their lies and treasonous acts selling the US to the highest bidder. The war will come.

    2. If worst comes to worst, they’ll just switch parties and get the free pass for felonies and treason that all Democrats get.

  3. When a political party has a guy like Trump as their standard bearer, you know that party has been wallowing in the sh*t for way too long.

  4. No other country more closely illustrates the phrase, “a fool and his money are soon parted” than the United States of America.

    1. Hunter will be fine until his dad finally gets Article 25’d. Then he’ll retire and enjoy his stolen millions. I give him another five years or so after that until he ODs.

  5. Once you get caught up with Trump…you’re pretty much screwed. Just like the banks that loaned him money, had to KEEP lending him money, just to have a chance at getting their money back. And the folks that invested in his companies that went bankrupt believed his BS.The Republican party is no different.

    1. I hope every bank calls in its loans, every other bank shuts its doors to him and his family, every business pulls out, and every penny they have gets RICO’d. THEN the rats really will flee the sinking Trumptanic! THEN the ratting will begin, at every level.

    2. I think one of the reasons all the MSM fake-news shows are plummeting in ratings is that people are realizing Trump simply wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the Rachel Maddows and Stephen Colberts were screaming themselves blue in the face to make him out to be for the last five years (not to mention crying on air, etc.). Now that Trump is out of office, people are giving themselves some time to rest and regroup and take a little perspective. They’re realizing that, yes, Trump was far from perfect, but the hysterical, completely overblown media treatment he received was more like an unchecked group pathology or psychological breakdown in the face of an imaginary monster, than any kind of realistic reporting on a political figure and cultural personality.

      Basically, the MSM has spent the last five years behaving exactly like terrified children in an amusement park haunted house. People are starting to feel like they’ve been emotionally toyed with by irresponsible manipulators, and they don’t like the feeling.

  6. Well, duh. They are just as crooked as he is & he probably has the “dirt” to prove it. Even if he doesn’t, he’ll make some up & smear them with it, anyway.

    1. @Luke Monsensey Every time he overestimated his properties for the banks , every time he underestimated his properties for his taxes, every time he paid his women with campaign funds, every time he used charity money for his personal use should equal jail time .

    2. Sleepy Joe Biden is as crooked as Donald Trump. Now, if you want a discussion then, I can give one to you. But if this is just about disabling people, then hey, I’ll serve that up too.

    3. @mtronix Do Donald Trump is one of the most conservative presidents we have had in a while. And his stance on abortion is clear. Let’s reduce ourselves to name-calling and avoid any actual substance Joe Biden is a snuffer.

    4. and your favorite politician is a humble perfect angel honest person who does everything right

    1. Those Trump dogs wag their tails every time Trump throws them bones without asking whose bones are those.

  7. Fun Fact: Joe Biden received more than 81 million votes — the most of any presidential candidate in U.S. history.

    1. @John Smith Hahahaha. All your troll friends in the Russian warehouse would enjoy that show, Boris.

    2. @Donna Brockbank That’s the frightening part & should never be discounted.Conplacency is a dangerous thing & not worth the loss of our country. Always Vote!

    3. @John Smith What a spammer account you have! Pick any OTHER common joke names, like Richard Long for other groups?? Please.

    4. @Donna Brockbank He also LOST the popular vote TWICE, impeached TWICE, incited an insurrection because he lost an election and could not deal with it, made millions off the government with his own “family business”, did not concede when he lost the election, did not show up for the next Presidents inauguration and complained for 5 years that if he lost an election it would be because it was rigged against him.
      All more than any other President in history.

    1. Frank straight up predicted the trump fascism christian cult . So many clips from late 80s describing g current political state of GOP

  8. Who cares what they say. The GOP is imploding from inside whether the base likes it or not.

  9. The GOP will go just that little bit further down the rabbit hole, forgetting that its not a rabbit hole its an abyss.

  10. No one leaves the Trump train until it comes to a full and complete crash. His “I love the poorly educated”… and they keep proving why.

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