GOP's Gaetz In Free Fall: Sought Trump Pardon Before Bombshell Sex Probe Exposed 1

GOP’s Gaetz In Free Fall: Sought Trump Pardon Before Bombshell Sex Probe Exposed


The New York Times reporting Rep. Matt Gaetz privately asked for a blanket pre-emptive pardon during Trump’s final days in office, but was rebuffed by the White House. The Times quotes "two people told of the discussions." Gaetz is currently facing allegations ranging from possibly paying for sex to possible sex with a 17-year-old, claims he denies. Trump released a tepid statement saying Gaetz never asked him for a pardon. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 04/07/2021.
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GOP's Gaetz In Free Fall: Sought Trump Pardon Before Bombshell Sex Probe Exposed


    1. @Donnie BunkerBoi I haven’t heard 11 women come out yet and say he inappropriately touched them or made them feel uncomfortable like someone else I know named Cuomo

    2. @Sonya J do it got all kinds of traction you’re just not paying attention. If social media was honest it would have cost you abide in the election. And it says everything about Joe Biden’s relationship with China

    3. @Admiral General Aladeen don’t forget the biggest fake shitshow of all-time russiagate. Talk about conspiracy theories

    1. There’s no such thing it’s something that they made up. Just like all of the other lies and policies that they try to implement that aren’t real. Republicans in Georgia want to make it a crime to give people water while standing in line to vote. Dumbasses.

    2. @Bill Billson creepy Cuomo wasn’t asking for a blanket to hide under. He just had a sheet of denial

    3. @Brandy Courvoisier if the cocaine reference was towards Mike (my pillow guy…) Then that was not just uncalled for but slanderous. That man got his life together and is a man of God and proud of it. Hes turned his life around and
      Idc who is being talked about holding their past against them basically accusing him to still be the man he used to be… Is so judgemental and slanderous. Just wrong on every level. He lives his life 100% for greater things now and proudly gives God credit for his finding his way out of the darkness he once lived. Only Gods judgement counts in the end, as I see it. Maybe I misunderstood in which case I apologize & I’m sorry but just hit me wrong. God bless… stay safe and stay well

    4. Right??? We have to change this pardon thing. Blanket pardon? Oh… The police didn’t find the dead people decaying in my crawl space yet, so just pardon me now so I’ll never go to jail? Presidents aren’t Gods… I think Republicans have forgotten that with Trump.

  1. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Look at Matt Gaetz. The man looks like a villain from a Pixar film…

    1. Yes but he gave up on trying to murder the Incredibles and concentrated on dating the Saturday morning matinee audience instead.

    2. @Bill Billson
      Roy Moore, Alan Dershowitz, Count Loony Giuliani, Pizza Gaetz, Rapey, Brat Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas and Trumpenstein’s orange monster. Do you really want to go continue going down this route Bill?

    3. @Bill Billson sure there are failures in the process, but you cannot, in any legally fair sense, claim that Republicans have been more aggressive in holding their own accountable.
      Just admit that truth and we can move forward to make all politicians more accountable and make sure they all face equal justice and real consequences beyond “voters will vote them out”.
      Surely you can admit that for the greater good. You made a good point and I can concede that was as you say. Can you do the same?

    4. @Darth Wheazius — as long as you continue to have double standards i’d be more than happy to continue.

      Again, what was kennedy charged with for driving that girl off that bridge and letting her drown while he hid from police? And dems reelected him, continuously. Let her lay down in that car at the bottom of a lake in the middle of the night, suffocating. If i’m not mistaken she lived for a while and was able to breath air in a pocket that was trapped but out go the lights. The kennedy’s and their wonderland of “camelot” as the press used to call it shining stars..

      Clinton, Cuomo, a slew of kennedys and plenty of others.
      Tell me more about your selective outrage.

  2. Wait for it. Gaetz will drive his car into the Everglades over this, drunk and high at the same time.

    1. Can’t be any worse than a democrat like kennedy or cuomo.
      Ole drunk kennedy drove his car into a lake and let a girl drown.. how old was she? And what was his sentence again?

    2. @Michael Johnson LOL, you know where to stick it bud, or maybe you can’t find it. Only clown is you bud.

    1. @Ian Williams That’s not completely true. Legally a pardon can relieve you of the legal punishments but it can still show up on your record. That’s what I’ve read. It’s more looked at as an admission of guilt if you accept a pardon.

    1. @Bill Billson Like I said…it will NEVER be enough. If it was, you wouldn’t be a Trump supporter.

    2. @Bill Billson Chappaquiddick was YEARS ago. It is weird that you keep quoting that tragedy, but it is and always should be “What is good for the goose is good for the gander.”

      All violaters of America’s laws should be treated the same with the same consequences for the law that is broken, however, in the class society Money talks and the BS walks. That, my friend, is bipartisan.

      Get off your soap box about the “Liberals” and shout at the institutions who keep allowing the insanity on both sides of the aisle in our government. Quit appropriating Fox News’ culture war!

  3. When former AG Barr tells his aides to ‘keep Gaetz away from me’ and ‘make sure I’m not in any photos with him’ then there is something seriously wrong.

    1. @Neal Stafford You’re the guy who talks about Idi Amin when watching a doc on Charles Manson.

    2. @Justice Matters says the little boy, who lives with momma. Don’t forget to take out the trash loser . Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha

    3. @R Sihl
      It’s a Troll Cage. I place in a dozen Russian Internet Trolls, one fork, and then seal it up.

  4. Ari is hilarious! The “Drop it like it’s hot” reference went right over Katie’s head. Lol! Cute.

  5. Gaetz has faced accusations of disturbing sexual conduct before. In January 2020 Chris Latvala, a Republican congressman, tweeted that Gaetz “created a game where members of the FL House got ‘points’ for sleeping with aides, interns, lobbyists, and married legislators”.

    1. @Bill Billson And this is why we are becoming divided.
      Once we retort in such a way, we lose. It deflects from the current wrong doing.
      Money and power is what likely got Kennedy off and it was wrong.
      If Matt is guilty of what is being alleged, he is wrong and should be punished.

    2. @Joy Simpson Got some proof of that? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence….in my 57 years I’ve never seen anything that comes anywhere near that burden.

  6. The reference “Drop it like is hot” went over the British lady’s head. In the other hand, the other lady in the panel got it and smiled 🙂

    1. @Treez 93 she said “Drooop It Like It’s Hooot Pootatoo”.
      He heard ” drop it like it’s hot.”
      USA: Did you came to die ?!
      UK : No, I came yesterday.

    2. @Treez 93 Yeah but It was meant to be funny and she missed out on it because she did not know what he was referring to. It was funny after all in conjunction with the slight awkwardness and it made me laugh.

    3. @WebCrawler Yeah, she’s a brit like me, she’s smart, I know what a ‘hot potato’ metaphor is but didn’t get Ari’s drop.

    4. @Bob Jones He was referencing to the lyrics of a popular American song. Of course, I am not faulting her for not knowing. It’s just the whole thing was amusing to me.

    5. @WebCrawler
      I came here just to see the response. Ari always slipping in hip hop references and it always makes me laugh whether the guest are or are not with it. He is actually better at it than a lot of hip hop djs in conjunction with the weight of the subjects and levity of the shows.

  7. My face when the British lady didn’t get the “Drop it like it’s hot” reference .
    Glad the other two panelist knew what was up

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