1. Let them eat their own and ostracized themselves further. If they lose house and senate seats in the midterm, maybe that will be a wakeup call to their insane ideas and antidemocratic behavior.

    1. @Kojin MacJorn Dream Dream Dream it’s not gonna happen Americans are so tired of the trump cult gop

    2. if the republicans that are against the lie leave and form their own party, which looks like it’s being seriously considered…then the gop are literally TOAST.

    3. I’m worried about the effects of the Trump census on house seat apportionment. That could be a positive thing for the GOP.

  2. In the GOP, “the truth shall set you free” when the anti-cancel culture party cancels you from a leadership position.

    1. And let’s not pretend she isn’t willing to fight the nonexistent “socialism”. She is ONLY not willing to pretend Trump won.

  3. Just watched her speech in senate floor, wow very compelling if she gets voted out, there’s bigger problems there than you know, any sane person dem or reb can’t disagree with her

    1. @Jacinta Rooke….I Totally agree with you!! I’m Actually impressed by Liz Cheney standing up and saying what needs to be said. Why are people so Obsessed and Loyal to Traitor tRump??? He’s Not fit to be a Dog Catcher…..actually I can’t even picture him petting a dog….lol!! The Gop has lost their frickin minds!!

    1. I invite you to read Jodi Taylor’s book, Lies, Damned Lies and History, part of the Chronicles of St. Mary’s. (You might like the humor.)

  4. Just saw Liz on the Senate floor completely agree with her, that’s how crazy they’ve gone. Republicans aren’t running against Democrats they’re running against Americans and Democracy itself.

    1. @King Michael The Last Warrior Exactly what…we see! But, what they don’t understand? Is we know how to overcome and play this game better than any one else! We will be even more motivated to end this “bondage” they will regret using “Jim Crow” tactics against people who have been taught this method of oppression!

    2. @Nabor Sabor Maga is not fifty percent of Americans if it was trump wouldn’t have lost by over seven million votes

  5. “I don’t think T***p is lying” + “I don’t think this race has anything to do with January 6th” [Insurrection] indicates this MAGAt CPAC leader is clearly not in touch with reality.

    1. @Sam Clemmons “But, sir, they their registrations are clearly listed on this document, and we have location scans and data access tracking that indicating that they were a rebel craft with Princess Leia. There’s even video footage of them escaping to this planet in the direction that we tracked this landspeeder coming from.”

  6. He’s waffling so much that he makes me want to break out the butter, maple syrup, and bacon.

    1. We don’t need republicans at the wheel……..//the country is, once again, with Clean up on aisle 5…….u guys want to fk it up again…../

  7. Biden’s “radical socialist agenda”???? Bro, Biden is one of the most centrist Democrat presidents we have had in a long time. Some would even say Biden leans slightly right from the center.

    1. They don’t want tax payer’s to get their taxes for building the countries infrastructures & job’s , but they sure damm want tax breaks for their billionaires who pay 0 in taxes to get more billions of tax payer’s money. Damm the irony of hypocrisy with this BS GOPISS is strong.

    2. The rest of the world would agree with that. Only in America is it thought to be “radical” if you support the bottom 97 percent of your population with policy.

    3. @Mario Conzal The GOP is not giving Biden a dime for his socialist ”infrastructure plan”. Only a small percentage goes to infrastructure, the rest is a liberal wish list. The Government does not create jobs, the private sector does. Biden can sit in the WH and watch the clouds go by.

  8. The GOP is free to choose whoever they want to lead them. They are also free to make unpopular decisions and lose elections.

  9. The problem is you don’t vote for a person because she’s your friend you vote for a person because she stand for truth. God please help our American.

  10. “I don’t think this race has anything to do with January 6th…” Wrong, everything is now about Jan 6th until we get to the bottom of this with investigations.

  11. ‘Trump wasn’t lying’ … I was waiting for Ari to hit him with ‘so you believe Trump is telling the truth that the election was stolen?’

  12. If they’ll do this to Cheney, imagine how they’ll treat anyone else who doesn’t agree with them.

    1. I thought the same thing. Others that step out of the “BIG LIE” are going to be ostracized.

  13. Well he danced around every question you asked. Well he is not a coffee drinker he drinks kool-aid

  14. Their only agenda quote-unquote is to lie and I don’t blame Liz for not wanting to go along with that

  15. Matt Schlapp – “I don’t think Trump is lying.”…”I don’t think this race is about January 6th.” Translation – “I am a fascist.”

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