GOP's Trump Loyalists Are Trying To Memory Hole Capitol Riot 1

GOP’s Trump Loyalists Are Trying To Memory Hole Capitol Riot


Save for a few outspoken critics, most Hill Republicans are actively trying to move on and not investigate the January 6th Capitol insurrection, worried about Trump's influence and the political effect a riot commission could have on the 2022 midterms. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Carol Leonnig and Chuck Rosenberg.
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  1. Moscow Mitch needs to come out and declare his loyalty to mother Russia. At least we can respect him for his loyalty to his master.


    2. China, he needs to declare his loyalty to China. Look into him and it will make sense immediately.

    3. soooooo…. the anti-cancel culture people are trying to cancel January 6th??? it would be ironic if it wasn’t so predictable. scary how Orwellian it is… remember ‘doublethink’?

    4. the coroner said sicknick died of natural causes the only murder that happened that day was an unarmed trump supporter who was murdered by a dc cop in cold blood…smh

  2. A commission should have been automatic after 1/6 , should never have gone to either the House or Senate, now it’s just turning into a circus, welcome to the America of today, the worlds joke

    1. Every Last magat who participated in Jan 6 insurection being arrested. Why isn’t their leader?

    2. historians will be looking at the ‘lost opportunity’ that was what used to be known as the United States of America

  3. Oh no sorry Mc turtle we need to expose all who participate members of Congress and find out who pay for all that.

    1. I mean, they have been paying people for the last 4 years to show up at rallies, what makes anyone think the very last rally would be any different? If Congress can’t get their act together, there are several other agencies that could step in and do investigations, considering the state and Military were both involved.

  4. 5 Americans died when the American Embassy in Benghazi Libya was attacked. The GOP majority in the House investigated that incident for four years. 5 Americans died and dozens were injured in the Capital Riots when “Patriotic Americans” attempted to overthrow the government…and the GOP won’t look into it. McConnell is a disgrace.

    1. @THE TRUTH IS OUT NOW! you wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face you Russian troll!

    2. @THE TRUTH IS OUT NOW! Look it’s a brainwashed fool! Believing that there’s these big scary “radical” left groups coming to burn down every American city. The media you watch is framing your mind into potatoes. Reported by Time said 93% of BLM protest were peaceful. There were thousands of protests, but these are not shown on the media channels you watch or read! They want you to be afraid and feel like a victim. People that fear something are easy to control. You sir are easy to control.

      Just for a bit of history. Police brutality go up……people riot…….then promises are made by politicians…….riots stop……10 years later, police brutality goes up……people riot……then promises are made by politicians…..riots stop……..10 years later.

      There is no radical left! We have an extreme fascist right party and centralist party! America has no radical left party.

    3. I’m so sick of these GQPers who do nothing but obstruct and divide with impunity – they are holding us all back, its disgusting and frustrating to be held hostage by a deplorable minority.

  5. I have to wonder what dirt Trump is blackmailing McConnell and McCarthy with to gain compliance

    1. @Pia Konstmann
      Very well put Pia. I share exactly the same view as probably millions of others globally. But, how can those views evolve into governmental policies when battling overwhelming MCNC (Massive Corruption & Capitalism) bent on total control & exploitation of the global population to financially benefit the few. This world will become one of “wealthy lords” overseeing the lives of the indebted & subservient “serfs & peasants”. (shades of the Roman Empire re-emerging on a global scale, from which there will be no escape).

    2. @Timothy Tew You are the first person to ever catch the Fabulous Furry Freak Brother’s reference hidden in that. Kudos to you my friend. That James Bond episode was my favorite episode too.

    3. @Pia Konstmann I wouldn’t frame my statement as an excuse – you interpreted it out of context. It’s my own personal opinion which I’m entitled to – just like you are – which may have at least a few kernels of possibility in there some where. You are misinterpreting it as something that just isn’t there my friend. Perhaps you should save your vitriol for someone who feels Trump is innocent and doesn’t agree with you otherwise (at least a few drops?).

    1. You got it Jid.
      Having said that, I’m not sure this as bad as it sounds, however potentially.
      Think back to the Benghazi and Hilary Clinton “investigations”. Those were all purely Republican endeavors. There was nothing bipartisan about them.
      So now the house Democrats can run their own investigation unimpeded by any roadblocks the Republicans would put up.
      Besides, who wants the people perpetrating the crime investigating it anyway?

    2. We don’t want to investigate the Jan 6 terrorist attacks , because they would interfere with our investigation of Hillary and bengauzie,

    3. The only silver lining to this is that Mitch probably only has a decade or so left and this festering problem he’s been propagating will be the last thing he sees in his miserable life.

    1. @THE TRUTH IS OUT NOW! 5¢ a post, eh. find a hobby or some kind of interest, this is pitiful

    2. @THE TRUTH IS OUT NOW! The ones currently going to prison are red hats, so it would appear i’m not the one with a problem with reality!

    3. @Now Now It’s a complex of at least 3 different groups. 1) The constituents who abandoned objective reality, who prever to believe what they want to believe and not what facts tell them and who stopped believing in democracy if elections turn out not as they want. 2) The enablers who to take advantage of this kind of constituents in order to gain power and who are not interested in any reasonable policy but simply power for the sake of power. 3) The followers, those who know better and who know that this development is bad for the country, but whose horizon doesn’t go further than the next primary, so they play this game and say that on January 6th these were tourists although they built barricades for their own protection themselves on this day.

    1. You “got” Saddam Hussein under false pretences and straight out lies. Not a shining example of American democracy at work.

    2. @A T Why? You hate the truth that much??? Hiding behind republiCON lies??? Take a look in the mirror, you’ve been fed lie after lie after lie.

      “you’re mentally maybe age 8. Anyone calling you ‘moron’ has wildly overassessed your intellectual growth potential.”

    2. @THE TRUTH IS OUT NOW! good joke bro, I guess some things just don’t transition to text very well. I bet that kills it face to face.

    3. @THE TRUTH IS OUT NOW! over 27 million blm protesters over several months. 26 dead, almost every one, a blm protester killed by the police. The exact thing being protested. Police violence.
      Only 2 were police.

      Trump insurrection: less than 10,000 people, 6 dead, 3 were cops…

      So that makes conservatives about 40,000 times more violent than blm…

  6. It’s easy for the GOP to stand against this commission. They don’t stand for anything at all.

  7. They investigated Benghazi 10 times but for only the second time in our country’s history our Capital Building was overtaken while congress was in session. But one party will not honor it’s oath to protect and defend our country. We need to vote them out there must be accountability.

    1. Over and over they prove that they don’t work for the American people. Astounding that they are able to get voted in anywhere at all.

    2. @evan doe That is the truth but most people will only see with one eye open and it’s Democrats or Republicans. Sad times for the country.

  8. “Arrest of those who did it.” Absolutely Mitch. Now let’s arrest the person who started it.

    1. “Clink Clink!” “Wha’? Ahhh didn’t mean me? Wait? Ahhh may have misspoken again?”
      You said it, Mitch, not us . . .

    2. @David Gray : The day they destroyed hundreds of people’s lives, was also a day they had PLANNED, and deliberately kept law enforcement out of the loop for. But, Jan 6th was only the start, and their Coup attempt has simply continued from there! Voter suppression and all their other anti-democratic schemes are going well, and no one seems able to stop them. Meanwhile, they just LITERALLY voted to DEFUND the DC Police! While they take the trumpist- Stalinist line of, “Don’t believe what you all witnessed on live TV, with your own faculties, even if you do! Because denial is an act of ‘loyalty’ to the cause.” Denial, Hypocrisy and flat out Perfidy are a way of life for fascists. Irony dogs them at every step, as it does ALL fascists. Their Nationalism KILLS Patriotism. And that’s the point. It’s not that they don’t care about those hundreds of ruined lives. It’s just that they intend to ruin MILLIONS. And nothing can be allowed to interfere with that plan. Especially when the only alternative for outed traitors is jail.

    3. …and those who enabled it. ….and those who are denying it happened. ….and those who are defending it. ….and those who are trying to deflect from it. …and those who are spinning BS about it.

  9. Joe Manchin is Mitch McConnell’s tool. Come on Democrats, go it alone, investigate (EVERYTHING) and report back to America for history, the world is watching.

  10. won’t happen this time…the GOP are guilty so they are blocking…simple as that. If you aren’t guilty why wouldn’t you want to investigate?

    1. @NiNi J : The Proud Boy members, hired by Roger Stone, and who were in communication with GOP members the whole time? They’re probably in the Maralago basement, or a different country by now? The ones with a real story to tell? Hiding out, with GOP cover. Has anyone checked Devin Nunes’s basement? . . .

    2. @Ash Roskell the inquiry into the Insurrection will not result in any one going to jail, unfortunately, but it could result in the prosecutor of Washington DC opening up a criminal investigation on the ones who are found guilty by Congress. Congress does not send people to prison, their inquiries are equated to a civil investigation… that’s the reason why dumpster Donnie did not take the impeachments serious, and interfered in them every way he could… only this is not considered a court case at all, therefore a prosecutor is still free to bring charges against him. He still couldn’t stop them from charging him though. If we’re wanting people to go to prison then there will have to be an investigation and an indictment by a prosecutor.

      And Devin Nunez has been awfully quiet for the last year, makes you wonder what he is hiding, I am confident enough that I would bet money that they’re going to find the same type of information about him as they did about Matt gaetz and dumpster Donnie. I hear that reporter is still ready to sue little donny, and she will still be able to get his DNA thru discovery….fun times ahead for us.

    3. @NiNi JThe thing is there is some suspicion that some of them may have had a private tour at a time when they were not supposed to be giving tours. Mitch is not just looking at the 2022 election but is also wanting to avoid possible criminalized actions by members of congress. Mitch seems to only say things that are Anti Trump only when he doesn’t have to do anything against him

    4. The political arm of any terrorist group. It is time to lock them out of the building and require each to publicly renounce violence and terrorism. They can’t do it.

  11. So a personal favor for Moscow Mitch is greater than the security needs of the USA? One will hope that the ordinary hardworking, sincere, and patriotic citizens will see the rot that has taken hold of the Republican party and get rid of them. Putin pulling all the strings and laughing all the way to the bank has made the US look like a banana republic.

    1. @Agboola Daniel Moscow Mitch McConnelinski is taking orders from Putin for sure! My fellow Americans its time we stand together as we did so many times before when our great nation was threatened, and remember that it wasn’t just Texas, New York, Montana, or any one of our other 50 states that took on the axis powers of Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, and the Empire of Japan, it was all 50 states united against tyranny. My late uncle was shot down on his 30th mission over Germany, so much for Hollywood’s fairy tales of 25 missions and you get to go home, and survived to tell the story. I guess T-rump would have considered my late uncle a “sucker of loser” or not a real hero because he was captured while serving our country, but he will always be a hero to me! So “private bone spurs” as retired U.S.M.C. General James Mattis called T-rump can just stuff a sock in it, if he can find one big enough to close up his pie hole, perhaps a sleeping bag?, because he and millions of his fellow Americans stood fast and fought for our freedom, our republic, our beloved United States Constitution, and our United States of America! RIP Uncle Dell.

  12. You keep calling it the Capital Riot, it was an Insurrection. It wasn’t a protest or a parade or square-dance…It was an Insurrection.

  13. Mitch complaining about relitigating is hilarious and hypocritical considering how many Benghazi hearings happened under his watch

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