Gov. Abbott: 14 kids and teacher killed in Texas school shooting

Texas Governor Greg Abbott gives details about a deadly shooting at a Texas elementary school, which left 15 people dead.

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  1. Well this is just one of the 200 mass shootings this year in the States and its only May so… From Wikipedia 2022 United States mass shootings

    1. @Bill Riley I don’t think it was ever a model, some think it still is, it’s just your eyes and my eyes are open now.

  2. Predictably, the usual response will be: much hand wringing, words of condolences, vows of remedial actions and afterwards, business as usual. How tragic.

  3. This is not a law enforcement problem. It’s a problem with laws that do not exist to enforce. Have at it, folks, until you figure it out. Everything that can be done will be done? Really? Unless the laws change, you can’t ensure anything, and you will not be doing everything possible. Face reality, Governor.

    1. @dantonliam If you’re talking about the one from last year, it literally has nothing to do with gun purchases but yeah keep yapping thinking that you’re saying something intelligent.

    2. @General Giovanni Cresva Resurrected 🤦‍♂What it did do, was allow the 10’s of thousand who applied for a _Concealed Carry Permit_ and were denied, the ability to legally carry a firearm in a State that previously did not trusted them enough to do so.

  4. Tots and pears tots and pears. They’ll wring their hands, say that this isn’t the “time” for a discussion about any form of gun legislation no matter how small, wrap themselves in the flag, deflect about what about the other guy and do NOTHING. And it will all happen again. Children. In a school.

  5. really does not matter after the fact if it’s tolerable or not. it happened. he entered and took innocent lives. so why was he allowed to enter? a complete stranger allowed to walk in. where were all those guardian angels?

  6. And the cycle of offering “thoughts and prayers”, followed by no real action will continue.
    America has a serious problem.

  7. It’s time for every school to have some kind of armed security…2-3 more paid employees, can’t be that expensive… sucks for the extra cost, what’s ya goin’ do?

  8. I’m just wondering how ‘they’ will ensure safety in the schools or elsewhere when America has a proliferation of guns.

  9. These mass shootings are, unfortunately, becoming a weekly event. I’m so grateful to live in Canada. But, crime is also way up in the big cities.

    1. I don’t even feel safe as a Canadian citizen… do you know how many human traffickers roam the country?

  10. Our hearts go to the family and victims of these horrendous act of violence against children.

  11. It’s time to start suing the manufacturers
    And gun lobbyists
    Repeating over and over
    USA never learns when it goes to guns…
    Prayers do not bring back their children

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