1. The virus originated in CHINA!!!!! Then it progressed to Europe, and from there to the USA!

  2. It’s pretty hilarious that if this opening schedule is based on your numbers than why aren’t you giving those numbers that is needed to be met to go to phase 2?

    You have the right to force the infected elderly back into a high risk environment . Your numbers aren’t great, there horrible.

  3. I don’t get this Nursing Home thing. We’re patients with or without symptoms brought immediately to them? Are they transported after the hospital? I thought all positive cases were brought and treated at the ICU in the hospital. It’s a little confusing!

    1. Kath Bowring I work in a nursing home. In the beginning, they were coming from the hospital untested with COVID. They also were coming from home. The people from the hospital were not quarantined nor were the ones from home. So, we saw people being transferred back to the hospital πŸ₯ and then told they were COVID positive. Some hospitals were overwhelmed and patients were sent back to the nursing home. Only then did they start isolating when told the patient had COVID. Some nursing homes shut down before. They were told. Others were very loose with following the rules. Hope this helps.

    2. Caramel RedheadNurse Thank you for the Correct Information! And thank you for your service. I am engaged to a VA nursing home nurse and they have a designated quarantine floor in a separate bldg.

    3. Kath Bowring You’re welcome. Thank you to your husband for his work. We are going through challenging times, it’s crazy. Please be safe

  4. What happens when American Law enforcement hires Alpha males and females, They kill American civilians out of rage of the job.

  5. cuomo is great! NYC TOUGH AND LOVING.if you don’t live here you don’t understand

  6. Thank you Gov.Cuomo for your excellent information and clear explanations and your leadership in this difficult time. I truly appreciate your efforts. An expat in the U.K. still paying my NYC property taxes.

  7. CGI margharita pizza and corona stay home and be come a giant yeast blob. Hoax, destroying all free equal trade3 as we knew it. They did this back during fiorello fireside and fdr fireside chats while they stole everyones gold. Suck it up

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