Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds news briefing in New York | USA TODAY

Gov. Andrew Cuomo provides updates at his daily briefing on the coronavirus pandemic in New York.

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The nation's leading infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said he’s “cautiously optimistic” a coronavirus vaccine will provide some protection, but is concerned about how long that protection could last. And when we finally do get a vaccine, experts say it'll likely require two shots, plus a booster years later.

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  1. Cuomo is the man. He calls out and corrects them patiently when reporters ask questions knowingly or unknowingly trying to misrepresent facts. This is the leadership and wisdom we need.

    1. Bravefart And you’re not gonna reply to any of this because you know it’s all true. In your deluded mind, the good people is Donald Trump and the bad people are the Dems. Have you ever considered, just perhaps, that there are bad people on both sides? I doubt you have, considering the responses you’ve made.

    2. he has put thousands of new yorkers out of work and lives now in poverty remove the demoncrat and elect only republicans

    3. Michael Nitsch he just announced more benefits to those unemployed to help offset their living costs

      maybe you would know that if you stopped listening to your biased news sources

    4. @Bravefart Stop calling them sheep. Get them to do their own research instead. It is important to be informed.

    1. Are you blind? Ask the families of the people who died in nursing home if he doing a good job . To much Fredo and Cnn. Trump 2020

  2. *USA TODAY* im gonna give you a shoutout in my next video so make sure you turn on them notifications !

  3. *USA TODAY* im gonna give you a shoutout in my next video so make sure you turn on them notifications !

  4. Ha..ha. He let that happened in New York state!!! Doing nothing!! You are right, we need new governer!!!

  5. I live in Texas. I watch Cuomo on YouTube and he uplifts my spirits. Thank you for your intelligence and humanity.

  6. ,_ BIDEN!,_Face of a seasoned Criminal!!. I’m tired seeing these Ads! 🙄 06/04/20.Thu.6:31PM.

  7. __You so calm, relaxed, no nonsense, to the point!!. I kind of like you!!. 🤔🙄🤪🤯!! 06/04/20.

  8. Cuomo’s parents must’ve been horrifically anti-American persons. How else could their two sons have become so evil.

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