Gov. Cuomo Says NY Considering Quarantining Some Travelers | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Florida did quarantine Americans that were coming from NY…Florida is getting pounded right now with covid19! Gov. Ron DeSATAN is just after the tourist $, don’t care if he makes Florida sicker!

    1. luv Provida You said it!!!! I live in Fl. Do nothing Desantis could care less if ALL of Fl. dies. Just keep the money rolling in. It’s disgusting. I’ve shared my disgust many times in emails to Desantis .Never replied ONCE. Not even a generic automated response. I think we ought to kidnap Governor Cuomo. We’ll shove him in the back of a bright lime green doodle bug car so no one will suspect a thing!!! No we do not have the Governor of New York in the back seat. We’ll force him to Fl. and make him stay until our state becomes like NY. If he doesn’t comply we’ll have to use much stronger tactics. Comply or else you’ll be forced to sit for HOURS at a Trump rally Governor!!!! We thought you’d see things our way. Just joshing. But I have to laugh and make jokes or else I will cry. We are in a sad state of affairs it’s only getting worse and you nailed it.

  2. Mr. Cuomo did a great job even if some accused he made some mistakes at the initial stage. But he was serious and made all efforts to save NY.

    1. It really shows by the choice of words.
      Now that NY is doing better, Gov. Cuomo deserves to brag a bit but he always says “we” did this. “we” as he is sharing the success with his Citizens.
      In contrast, Trump says “I” did this.
      I banned the Chinese nationals from our country first. (which didn’t help stop the widespread). I am the best president for blacks. I created jobs. I created this great economy. It’s all about him. Despite none of those statements are true and some are group efforts, he takes all the credit but if things go wrong, it’s not his responsibility and someone else’s fault. For Covid it’s either Obama or China’s fault.

    2. @Mark Howard So? We knew they had many cases and it doesn’t cure overnight. We are talking NEW cases. He’s not blaming the other States but to prevent the spread NY, it is a good idea to ask visitors from States with a high # to self qurantine for 14days.
      State of HI did it and some European and Asian countries that prohibited out of State travelling are successful in keeping the #s down.

  3. Your wise to quarantine Governor Cuomo in NZ we have just got 9 new cases of covid and we had none,then someone got sloppy at our boarders.

  4. Americans needing to get to Alaska have been allowed to take the highway through Canada, with travel restrictions limiting interaction with Canadian residents. However…Americans hate being regulated so some are abusing Canada’s gesture, so when caught they are netting $1200 fines. Might as well make some money off of those arseholes!

    In Canada it was determined that the nursing home death rate is a result of care home workers doing shifts in more than one care facility, thereby spreading the infection to multiple homes.

    1. In Australia, the state of Victoria still has a medium sized community spread. New South Wales has a smaller spread. The other states have wiped community spread out and reopened borders selectively. Western Australia has no spread but still remains with tightly locked borders. However, restrictions on gatherings and movement within WA are almost zero. If you look at other countries, like Canada, New Zealand and Australia, you could learn a lot.
      BTW, that is AustrALia, not Austria.

    2. michael dowson did you see the news story where the lady from Texas whose family was forced to self isolate in Golden BC said she found it “intimidating” how Canadians follow the rules? Wow could be why we are averaging less than 400 cases a day. They should have larger fines and sent directly back to the States.

    3. michael dowson yes and that’s why a single site order was given to all workers in healthcare in BC and that slowed the infections down considerably. Also seniors with the corona virus in BC were given the option to be hospitalized or stay in the facility and even when they chose to stay with proper PPE and infection control in place the new cases were controlled and most are now Covid free.

  5. I watched him every night from Tasmania Australia and found he was the one of the few people who was completely honest. You GOV are my favourite NewYorker.

    1. Jane at Home he purposely killed thousands of elderly people. when it was getting noticed, he erased the order from the gov website. you are being lied to

  6. We have locked down our states in Australia, and it has been successful. Tough for us, but worth it. You gotta look at the big picture

    1. ken mullin I don’t think she is trying to be smug, I think she is pointing out the difference of good leadership in a pandemic! . In Australia 1st wave has already come and we have 102 deaths. Some of Australia has relaxed its laws and they just had 19 cases in Melbourne and unfortunately they are people who contracted it from overseas. Anyway they are now considering whether to go back to border closure. I am in NSW and we had really strict laws. They are starting to relax too. But the POINT is, our Govt is actually doing something about it and monitoring the virus not ignoring it for political gain.

    2. australia has geographical advantage. aus and nz both have done very well. but comes a great cost. you open air travel it is gonna bounce back. same goes to south korea. the virus is not going anywhere. it is hanging around. there is always somebody infected. to stop the virus there has to be total air-tight shut for 6 months. it is not possible to do to the whole world.
      So australia will be fighting to keep the rates down. so far so good!

    3. king_has_no_cloths kul 100% Agree. My father (from Prague) used to say one of Australia’s greatest advantages is its geographical location.

  7. The UAE, Bahrain, Luxembourg, Iceland, Monaco, and five small island countries have higher per capita test rates, but NY’s is very good.

  8. Given Trump’s White House has an infection rate of 3% (11 cases in 377 persons) when the country’s infection rate is less than 1% ( .72%) I think Cuomo should quarantine anyone from there, including Rosemary’s Baby Donald J. Trump.

    1. *^ yet another stupid shallow comment followed by a plethora of stupid shallow comments.stupid shallow must never get old for you people. stupid shallow is the norm for you folks, I guess.*

    2. @Crystal Giddens What differentiates YOUR COMMENT from the Ones Prior to Yours?
      I’m confused……………🤔?;?!

  9. A little inconvenience and/or sacrifice are ok to make if it is done in a way that doesn’t hurt people and prevents worst disaster’s. You can rebuild a country but not if everyone is sick and dead. Then it’s just a empty place. This isn’t a political thing, this is a human thing.

    1. @scott storey Wow…Go figure,huh? Guess they really did cut back on the tests….Thanks and #staysafe

  10. Quarantine from other states in Queensland Australia has been mandatory since the beginning of the pandemic and it’s been successful. Few deaths and spreading controlled and yes we have a female Premier

    1. MsJoknapp
      Australia is surrounded by water you one of the countries that got lucky that’s all
      Once people start travel again and if you open border open it will be different.

    2. @oskat 2005 Borders are not opening until early 2021 at best. We’ll be fine for a while and hopefully by next year the rest of the world will get a handle on the pandemic.

  11. It is so refreshing and encouraging to hear a rational, compassionate and determined politician speak about what we have learned and where we need to go next with it. There IS an opportunity for our country in this moment if we recognize it. Time to establish a New Deal, as President Roosevelt did to help our floundering country. Time to establish fair taxation where EVERYBODY pays their fair share. Time to establish a public health system that works for everyone.k Time to train our police forces as peace keepers rather than punishers. So much to do and it can be done if we had more people like Cuomo and less like Trump, Pence, and McConnell who are only concerned with accumulating wealth at the cost of lives. Thanks Gov. Cuomo! Wish you were my governor. By the way, don’t other countries have mandatory quarantines of 14 days for anyone coming into their countries from outside? I know New Zealand and Australia do.

    1. Well said blue dragonfly! Americans listen up! Canadians would like to be proud neighbours once again! Not possible right now. Vote with 20-20 vision in November!!!

    2. Thanks so much, John. Americans would like to be good neighbors again, too! We’re going to make this happen!😊

    3. Cuomo says it is important to REIMAGINE. Well, isn’t it what Trump does at least 30 times every day? .

  12. Does it look like Gov. Cuomo age like 5 years? He’s got to get some sleep, man’s working too hard.
    Meanwhile at the White House, Trump wakes up everyday feeling fresh as a daisy….

    1. Have you Strumpf lately 😉.. Walking and talking like a Deranged Whiner… Andrew Cuomo changed a lot idd. Like his brother. They lived in the real world and it shows🌊

    2. Dennis Fernandez, Cuomo is a REAL man, a REAL leader and should be the Dad of this nation. Cuomo has worked non stop to make sure those under his care are protected, safe, and taken care of. He faces problems head on. People everywhere are destroying many of our founding Fathers statues in our nation. It’s not just that black lives matter and we need change, ALL lives matter and we need REAL change REAL leadership for this country and I believe that’s Cuomo .NOT a founding Father. Not for TODAY’S issues.Times have changed. But a NEW Father for this nation for a NEW day for ALL humanity. You can sign the petition at for Andrew Cuomo for President.

    3. …fresh as a daisy… ready to play golf or watch tv… haha… maybe there is something to not giving a crap

    4. He wakes us relaxed and “fresh as a daisy” because he has nothing going on in that large orange head of his.

  13. I don’t like it when they press Coumo like that after all he’s done. He’s doing the best job out of anyone, and actually takes things seriously.

  14. Governor Cuomo, Trump must detest the admiration we have for you and the disgust over our so called president… May God bless you and keep you safe my good man!!?

  15. If Andrew Cuomo speaks about anything, I want to hear. I miss his daily corona virus explanations, actions, honesty, fact-based information. He is not only great to look at but is not afraid of anyone. He has won my heart and restored the truth in at least one of our Nation’s leaders. Thank you Gov. Cuomo‼️

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