Gov. DeSantis Gives Update On Rescue Efforts After Condo Collapse 1

Gov. DeSantis Gives Update On Rescue Efforts After Condo Collapse


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says first responders ‘still hard at work’ after tragic condo collapse. He told reporters after touring the site that there is no immediate answer as to how the collapse occurred.
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    1. OK, who was the contractor that, while installing new A/C, placed heavy cranes on the roof? Because the building collapsed right under that equipment.

  1. De Slimus: It’s all the Democrats fault. Antifa did this. I’m going to send more police to Texas and southern Arizona. I accept all the credit for the OUTSTANDING RESCUE EFFORTS. And I am cutting the budget for public safety next year. Y’all need to step up and support my presidential campaign fund. Ain’t I doing a great job??????????

    1. FL have many corrupted officials from local to state period. They will spin and find pathetic poor excuse for Ron Deathsentence. SHAME. RIH GQP.

    2. Hey Trump is kinda there sometimes, maybe he can tutor Desantis a lil better, like on the job training.

  2. 1:41 I thought this potato sack hated educated people. Spoiler, 90% these engineers will be Liberals.

    1. @John Brown you doubt it based on what ? i know a lot of engineers
      how many do you know ?
      not one of them is a republican

    1. So does checking what load a roof can take, before placing heavy construction equipment on it.

  3. Florida needs to get rid of this Natzie type governor, he just passed a bill yesterday to make our university’s must now profile the students.

  4. DeSatan is in full on Prez campaign mode now, trying to keep the triggers of his base, tripped.

  5. We still have skyscraper buildings from the turn of that last century that haven’t collapsed like that.

  6. don’t worry florida, come on out to california our government actually acknowledges climate change

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