Gov. DeSantis: Monitoring Hurricane Elsa Amid Building Rescue Efforts 1

Gov. DeSantis: Monitoring Hurricane Elsa Amid Building Rescue Efforts


Gov. Ron DeSantis says Florida is starting preparations for a state of emergency as Hurricane Elsa approaches, and assures that he will prioritize the protection of search and rescue efforts at the collapsed building site in Surfside.
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  1. *What does Donald Trumps’ first wife, second wife, third wife and a Hurricane have in common*

    They’ll take a house when they leave

  2. Smartest within Kentucky; So you still haven’t gone on a European trip? Not a good idea to use words when you don’t know what they mean .

    1. Was that big water, ocean water? With statements like these you, can really tell that his uncle was a bigly genius

  3. “We’re actively monitoring the situation and we have a truckload of paper towels for anyone who needs them.”

  4. Incredible to see that DeSantis actually knows how to put politics aside and be the Gov of all Floridians.

  5. Waste of time watching this video, they are preparing for a hurricane just like the other countries in it’s path.

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