Gov. DeSantis: Possible Gusts in Surfside Area Due to Tropical Storm Elsa 1

Gov. DeSantis: Possible Gusts in Surfside Area Due to Tropical Storm Elsa


During a press conference, Florida Gov. DeSantis discussed the importance of demolishing the collapsed Surfside condo due to potential gusts from Tropical Storm Elsa, that could create "a really severe hazard."» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Gov. DeSantis: Possible Gusts in Surfside Area Due to Tropical Storm Elsa


    1. Plot twist – those are her words and he is the one interpreting her signs for the hearing folk!

  1. Well got to do what one has to at some point and that building has to come down and if they get a tropical storm that will really make things worse, sad as all of it may be but the recovery will definitely take a hit,

  2. A lot of those old buildings are structurally unsound- they have design flaws dating back to the original blueprints- combined with age and climate stress and the extreme weather caused by climate disruption..

    1. That is why even single story homes here have to have a 40 year inspection before being sold. We kind of got one in 1992 when ours was 14 years old as we had FEMA, the US Army Corps of Engineers, Allstate, Dade County Building and Zoning inspectors, and our contractor go over our house wanting to find out how a two story home could come thru a Cat 5 Hurricane better than some one story homes. And ours was dead center of the storm. We had at least two tornadoes on our property also. What they found was that our original building contractor had done was improve upon what the code had required and some of that ended up in the new code. Since Andrew, the house has been hardened even more and because of that, Irma didn’t get us a dime of insurance/FEMA money.

  3. I don’t know if the whole country feels this way but I live 30 mins away from this building and am absolutely devastated.

    1. I’m in nj and my heart goes out to all of the folks, who have suffered, from this horrific, tragedy. May God comfort and bless, each and every one of them.

    2. I’m in West Central FL on the coast, and I’m just gutted with every update. I can’t sleep, so I’ve had to limit how much I watch. I’m old and disabled, so I have to be careful about getting sleep. But, my prayers are with all of you.

    3. Of course those with empathy must be very emotional…The reason for the collapse is horrendous..The DS is trying very hard to see that their crimes continue…J. McAfee and the First Lady of Paraguay had units in this building and both were the targets for the destruction …


    1. If animals were in there, they’re gone. Hopefully in the arms of their owners…
      Who cares who pays…they’re just trying to get the job done.
      Give the families a chance to mourn…

    2. @Be Meek By contrast, trump lives in the state, won the state in the election and hasn’t even shown up to throw paper towels at folks.

    3. @Cindy Downing Animals were reportedly left in the part of the building left standing, people can’t go back in for animals or possessions

    4. @Emsley Wyatt I mean, he doesn’t have to visit. A Republican Governor has things well under control.

  5. Governor, help those move into a better living space. Don’t leave them to fend for themselves. Some were probably on the verge of losing everything due to COVUD, so help them transition into better living quarters, vouchers perhaps.

    1. @Ammo Seeker You’re right. I will do that. Those people need all the help we can give them. Thank you.

  6. If you delay the search and rescue your most likely to encounter hurricanes in the southern hemisphere.

    1. He’s going to have a better career as POTUS in 8 years. He’s about the only person left in government with any common sense.

  7. Acts 13:41
    [41]Behold, ye despisers, and wonder, and perish: for I work a work in your days, a work which ye shall in no wise believe, though a man declare it unto you.

  8. This is getting ridiculous people should be held accountable for what happened to those people. All this talk and no action is getting ridiculous: this is where governors are really tested.

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