1. Stay safe everyone, never underestimate Mother Nature. And never underestimate the stupidity of your Governor. 🙂

  2. Not willing to take any cues from DeSantis. Probably will suggest everyone to pack into shelters without masks.

    1. @S R sweetie pie, there’s no need to be sour just because I pointed out your understanding of virology is over 150 years out of date. Kisses. Xx

    2. @Ignoranceisbliss I know this thread is a bit stale but I think SR should take a different name, similar to yours but more near the truth maybe: Ignorance is Invincible.

  3. Amazing that you have to tell adults that live in hurricane zones to take a hurricane ” seriously ” altho it’s not surprising when you consider the Covid response .

    1. I lived in Florida my entire life. I’m no fan of DeSantis, but Cat. 1s are nothing to take seriously lol. But it’s just ironic how he treats this hurricane this way, but his COVID response is not even close to the same seriousness.

    1. TheInternet0987 If you have a violent criminal record or diagnosed mental illness, you don’t need a gun.

  4. Ron DeSantis is lying and hiding the truth from citizens for his own benefit. Their death and suffering means nothing to him… Flori-DUH..When the ICU is becoming now IOU..☹️

    1. Right on brother! I drive my car without a seat belt and brakes to fight the nanny state government! Freedom!!

    1. S R He shut down the flights 3 months after the outbreak in China. Nothing like closing the gate after the horses got out.🍄🖕🏻☠️

    2. Well the Hungarian word for hurricane is “Soros.” Makes you think, but not Republicans. Will Republicans celebrate death and destruction from a hurricane like they celebrate Covid deaths and mass unemployment?

  5. Isn’t this the same governor that was against wearing masks and saying Covid-19 wasn’t that big of deal?

  6. Just like he wants Floridians to take the COVID-19 seriously and wearing masks, right?

    1. @S R You should go to Miami-Dade County, where Covid has camped out big time.
      Over 115,000 folks there have Covid.
      And Covid can leave permanent damaging effects on kidneys, lungs, hearts, and even brains.

    2. @S R the fact that things might be fine in your corner of Florida doesn’t mean that things are fine in the State of Florida.

  7. Governor DeSantis Want Florida People to Take Hurricane Isaias Seriously But Not Coronavirus Hoax Outbreak Seriously 🤷‍♀️

    1. @Scott Baxendale
      The democrats are demon rats, serpent bloodline and all their AI and bots.. You’re just a noob, a wee little noobie clown, squeek for us noobster, squeek squeek squeek..

    2. @Dianna Wilson That’s what happens when you mix Trump and “Dr” Stella Immanuel together. It’s a whole new level of crazy.

    1. Why does DeSantis act like he cares when he really doesn’t. His bottom line is how can he please Trump.

  8. desantis must surely know that hurricanes are a “hoax”. what a piece of garbage governor i hate that he narrowly won and is soooo incompetent for the job and his role as a “leader” 😠

    1. His opponent turned out to have a drug problem, he still would have done a better job than DeSantis

  9. Ron DeSantis is blaming the spread of coronavirus in Florida on young people.

    Erm, you were the one who told them it was safe to go out! You were the one who reopened the bars too early! You are the one who’s responsible for your state having 256 deaths yesterday, more than the whole of the EU combined!

    1. The hurricane is a hoax ask gas mask wearing Matt Gaetz who mocked the corona virus and its severity. No need to protect yourself in Florida from any danger, just make sure you keep those bars and restaurants open.

    2. Also my sharpie says the hurricane hits Colorado and not Florida … crying about wolf when there is non , when there really is one , no one will listen to you Ron DeRacist .

    1. @Walter Bo
      You cant even get around Michelle Obamas 10 inch chalupa, flyboy, you’re a tragic embarrassment

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